May 21, 2016

“A Time To Let It Go" - A Double Dose Of Sagittarius (Full Moon In May And June 2016)

A Double Dose Of Sagittarius
(Full Moon In May And June 2016)
written by Starlight Coach

We follow a Western calendar but we fail to ask why. This year in particular highlights the importance of moon cycles and how we should also recognize the value that Mother Nature has bestowed on us by starting and ending our month with a new and full moon. Moon cycles are important, whether we tune into the moon through a spiritual practice or more of a scientific method, it helps provide us with emotional and intuitive insights for our lives. The moon is historically associated with feminine attributes such as emotions, intuition and healing. It is also an excellent process to assess our wellbeing. A New Moon is a time to set new goals, wishes and dreams. The Full Moon is about letting go of anything that no longer serves us. It is a very practical skill to review, tune in and release every month in order to better understand where we are on a deep intuitive level. Regardless whether or not we choose to delve into our spiritual side – the moon cycles are great reminders to check in every month with our soul.

The month of May and June both have Full Moons in Sagittarius. This energy provides us a double dose of emotional and intuitive insights in Sagittarian matters. During these cycles we can improve our lives by expanding our awareness and seeing the bigger picture by using Sagittarian themes like seeking higher truths, faith, education and philosophy. The Full Moon in Sagittarius this May 21/22, 2016 is also a rare Blue Moon which is asking us to see the bigger picture and to check into our beliefs and ‘Let Go’ of perspectives that may be hindering us from expanding our consciousness to universal views. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is about expanding our awareness and also by Saturn which is asking us to ‘Let Go’ of all that hinders our ability to follow our truth and higher awareness. Saturn can be a restricting sign by cautioning us in ways we think is unfair, but really this time around it will be revealing to us (in a very beneficial way) everything that hinders us from living at a higher level of consciousness whether it be relationships, careers or home life.

That being said, the themes for these Full Moons are definitely a call from the universe saying “Let it go!” There may be literal or figurative quantum entanglements happening in our lives at this time. Where our home life is impacting our ability to choose a career we love or vice-versa. So let go of whatever is holding you back and trust that the universe has your back if you choose to live your truth, with a sense of adventure in mind and faith – as a Sagittarian would.

The Full Moon in May is aspected by the Mars (which is in Retrograde) and will be in opposition to the Sun in Venus. Mars is a fiery energy that may be steaming things up for you inside and because Mars is also in retrograde it is asking us to use this energy to tap into both our emotional and intuitive nature. What is it that really inspires you? What truly makes your heart burn with passion? Are your beliefs or perspectives aligned to these higher truths inside you? What is holding you back from truth and love? Venus when in the Sun will make harmonious aspects for us in our physical lives, but there may be some passions stirring deep within us yearning for something more.

Communication and mental agility is also a theme for June. Mercury will be moving direct on May 22, 2016 so our communication will speed back up. We may feel we are communicating more with others over the next month. Also, people will generally be more able to share and understand Sagittarian philosophical perspectives because Gemini, known to have a quick mind, is able to grasp these ideas quickly. In particular, this can impact our love lives, our goals and wishes and areas of our lives that require business partners and open communication channels. For instance, the Sun is in Gemini from May 20, 2016, Venus moves into Gemini on May 24, 2016, the New Moon is in Gemini on June 5th and Mercury moves into Gemini on June 12th, 2016.

The pivotal point of the whole year lands on the choices and wishes we vocalize to or with others around the time of the New Moon on June 4th, 2016. Gemini is a mutable and playful sign but it can have a dual nature (sign of the twins) so this energy may be looking for us to pair up with someone, like twins, in order to make our dreams a reality whether it be in business or in love. Also, during this time there is a pivotal Grand Cross in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius). The energy of this Cross is one that highlights our whole year and is asking us to be flexible in our choices and our thinking. This is another highlight of the Sagittarian Full Moon theme.

The Grand Cross is symbolic of an Ezekiel prophesy and in Kabalistic literature the planets are symbolically related to the following: Jupiter in the lion, Saturn in the eagle, Neptune in the man & the sun, moon & Venus in the bull. This is symbolically alluded to by the prophet Ezekiel “…as for the likeness of their faces they four had a face of a man, a face of a lion, on the right side & they four had a face of an Ox on the left side they also had a face of an eagle.” Basically, what this Grand Cross or Ezekiel may have been depicting here is that we may be stretched in many areas of our lives and we are to expect major life changes during this time which can impact our own life path, our relationships, our domestic life and career. So whatever event or decision comes up for us around this time, it is best to use both an adventurous mindset (Sagittarius) and Gemini (partner-up) approach. Later on June 13th, 2016 Neptune, the planet that rules dreams and fantasy, goes retrograde so it will be a time to stop dreaming but actually living our reality because the “Grand Cross” changes are happening to help us finally make our dreams into reality. And by the Full Moon on June 20th, 2016 we can see some of our dreams coming true.

We can all thank the moon on this one – because as they say. It only happens once in a blue moon!

Many blessings,
Starlight Coach

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