February 24, 2015

USA: Obama's 'Countering Violent Extremism Summit' - What You Missed Will Shock You!

This lady is great! Love her. :) We are totally on the same page. She nails it. Must listen to her commentary as she breaks it down. Definitely worth your time. Grab a glass of wine or beer. :) The speech and her spot on analysis is too long for me to type a transcipt for you right now. I'll try to type one for you later.

Evangelist Anita Fuentes wrote, "You ever heard of a victim helping a rapist who raped and then threatened her life and that of her kids and even killed a few family members say she has to help the rapist feel like he has a voice to speak, a platform to be heard, and an outlet to be seen as more than just a rapist, the whole time never calling the rapist 'a rapist?'


On 2.18.15 Countering Violent Extremism was not about Radical Islam or fighting Islamic Extremists, but making sure we, you and me, do not see Islam and Muslims as bad while empowering Muslims to have a louder and more established platform in the U.S.

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