February 22, 2015

87th Annual Academy Awards

It's that time of year again... The OSCARS! Okay, let's see do I have everything I need? chips and dip (CHECK), tub of Red Vines (CHECK), pizza is on the way (CHECK) and Samuel Adams beer in hand (CHECK) Now it's time for me to kick up my feet and enjoy the show... Woot! :D

Have a great night everybody! Love you...♥

UPDATE: 2/24/2015 I totally enjoyed the entire show until this spectacle. I need to share my reaction to speech given at The Oscars. Yes, I know they have a right to use their platform to publicize a cause that is dear to their hearts. I have a right to speak my mind through my platform too. This is America, NOT a Socialist, Communist, Monarchy, or Islamic nation. I will share the news in a separate post following this one.

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