August 10, 2014

Super Full Moon Sunday August 10th by Lena Stevens At Powerpath

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Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at
[source: Crystal Wind]

Dear Friends,

Full Moon is Sunday, August 10 at 12:09 PM MDT (M​ountain Daylight Time)

Work with the sun on this day. With conscious focus bring that energy into yourself and embrace the fullness of the masculine and all its qualities. Be receptive to any shifting or healing or clearing of any old patterns around the negative masculine that is possible for you at this time.

This is also a good day to work with fire as a representative of the sun. Light a candle or build a ceremonial fire. Ask the spirit of fire to help you clear out what is not useful in your life regarding old patterns of the masculine. Ask the spirit of fire to kindle that strength and power within you to shine with more chi in your life. Take some kind of action during this time that represents a bigger way of stepping out and being seen.


Astrological Notes:

Full Moon
Sun in Leo - Moon in Aquarius 18º
Sun and Moon in Leo 3º
Sunday, August 10, 12:09 PM Mountain Time
(Sunday, August 10, 6:09 PM Greenwich Time)

How does the Leo Sun cycle express at its fullest? Through its polar opposite – Aquarius! Both are masculine, yang, fixed signs, Leo of the fire element and Aquarius of the air, they call us through their fixed nature to consolidate our power and manifest in the outer world. Leo wants expression; Aquarius wants freedom.

As a universal sign, Aquarius’ influence is out beyond the personal realms. Here lies the intellectual ability for lightning fast intuition, spontaneous invention and original solutions. Though detached at the personal level, their loving attention comes out in their broader concern for the welfare of the whole group. Our humanitarians and revolutionaries are Aquarians; their compassion is aroused by their connection to a bigger, intuitive picture of the human dilemma.

Uranus rules Aquarius in modern astrology, and Saturn is the former ruler in traditional astrology. Some Aquarians are more Saturnine, more serious, focused and more of the ruthless taskmaster and administrator, while the Uranian Aquarians tend toward the eccentric, unpredictable, platonic, rebellious types. Bottom line, Aquarians value their individuality and freedom and their Saturn influence can keep them from going too far into their chaotic, loner, genius persona. Uranus rules the ankles where we gain flexibility and the electrical impulses in the body where they can be prone to flash illnesses from exhaustion and not listening to their body and emotional cues.

Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, is all about change – it’s called The Awakener – for good reason. Uranian style is not subtle. It’s sudden, unexpected, and ‘out of the blue’, a lightning bolt. About the time Uranus was discovered many major political revolutions were taking place seeking more democratic values, i.e. the American and French revolutions, electricity was discovered, the Industrial Revolution revamped our agrarian cultures, and the world was set on a new course. The last time (1931-1935) Uranus was in Aries as it is now and was also in exact square with Pluto as it is now, was in the Great Depression. They experienced a closing square at that time and we are now graced with an opening square. It is a time of being birthed into a new awakening. Chaotic? Yes. Highly technological? Yes, reflecting another aspect of the Aquarian/Uranus influence. At this time though, it appears that the Pluto in Capricorn forces (power building by big corporate interests, financial control of democracy) are wielding the biggest influence. Progressive ideas are alive and well in the underground but not yet receiving mainstream, collective support. The last exact Pluto/Uranus square in April brought us the eruption of wars in Ukraine and in the Middle East. We still have exact squares in December and next March 2015 to complete this awakening birth. Use Uranus’ visionary, liberator energies to visualize and anchor at Full Moon how you want your life at the personal, community and collective levels to manifest.

In this Full Moon chart, one ruler, Uranus, trining the Sun supports you in shattering your rut, habits and mental ceiling by turning towards inspiration and independence and touching that sheer exhilaration of expressing your divine uniqueness.

And Saturn, the traditional ruler, in a T-square with the Sun and Moon, all three in fixed signs, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, challenges us collectively to look to our deepest patterns of fanaticism and antisocial and detached power use.

Conformity, hierarchy, and authority may present some taunt situations under this Moon. Get clear about where you are abdicating your power to others’ needs and why. Your wild side, rebel, and individual ‘chispa de la vida’ may need some expressing. Strengthen those areas of your life where you express yourself without regard for approval. Aquarius/Uranus has rulership over goals so kick up your clarity and focus, visualize the outcome and eliminate what distracts you from your purpose.

Your friends are one of your most valuable assets and Aquarius rules your friendships. Need some guidance and advice with integrity and groundedness? Seek out your Aquarian friend. Allow some time to appreciate and celebrate (with) your friends as you honor the peak of this Moon cycle!

08/22 Sun enters Virgo 10:45 PM Mountain Time
08/25 Virgo New Moon 2º, 8:13 AM Mountain Time
Mars conjunct Saturn 17º Scorpio
09/08 Pisces Full Moon 16º 7:38 PM Mountain Time

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