August 10, 2014

Aquarius Full Moon 8-10-14 Is A Supermoon by Kelley Rosano

written by Kelley Rosano at
[source: Crystal Wind]

The Aquarius Full Moon on August 10 is a Aquarius Moon is a Supermoon Super Moon. It is one in a series of five Supermoons this year. This makes the Full Moon extra potent and powerful being so close to the Earth. Full Moons bring to your conscious awareness what has laid hidden. What we may have overlooked or not known can become crystal clear. This Full Moon could be an emotional roller coaster ride. It is an opportunity to stand in your truth and rise above the drama. Ground yourself daily. Do what balances you. Step back and do not react when curve balls are thrown at you. Be proactive and not reactive. This will empower you to be effective. You have no control over what other people say or do. Your point of power lies in what you think and do. Own you power. Your power is in the present in this moment.
  • What do you need to change?
  • What have you been tolerating?
  • What supports your balance?
Both Saturn and Uranus are the rulers of Aquarius. On the one hand, you have Uranus in harmony with the Aquarius Full Moon. This aspect invites creativity and courage. On the other hand, Saturn is challenging both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) This can bring into play fear and caution. This is a weird energy. One says stop. The other says go. Also, Saturn and Uranus are in a tense awkward angle. This energy can create tension in your body. One part of you wants to be free to change. The other part of you can be scared to take action. The result is discord. Practice Extreme Self Care. Take good care of you. This is a good time to get a massage. Do what releases your stress. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
  • What are your real responsibilities?
  • What tasks can you eliminate?
  • What are you doing to reduce stress?
The Sun is in creative Leo. Leo reminds you that you are a unique individual. You have come to Earth at this momentous time to share your special gifts with the world. You are here to shine your light. Be your authentic self. Be love. Share your essence. You are to demonstrate your creative self-expression. Aquarius is your need for community. The group you feel is your soul family. Often, people are born to karmic families. For instance, family who taught you that love is pain. Love is conditional. None of this is love. This is fear. Many people find their soul family in the friends. Aquarius reminds you that we are all family. You do not earn or deserve love. Love just is. Love flows to you daily from Creator. You are loved. All Are One.

Venus struts into Leo on August 12. Venus is the Goddess of Love. Venus in Leo encourages both true love and romance. You are to express your love in high style. This energy invites love, beauty and creativity into your life. You could be in love with love. Love you.

Mercury is made stronger when he enters his home sign Virgo on August 15. This will sharpen your mind. It will help to ground your energy. Study the details and do your homework. This will empower you to act effectively. You can work with precision on any task.

Venus and Jupiter unite on August 18. This aspect could open your heart with optimism and inspiration. This is a brilliant astrological event. This also brings the opportunity to increase your prosperity and abundance. Mark your calendar. This is one of the best events of the year. Wherever Leo lands in your natal birth chart is where you are being blessed with love, abundance and expansion.

The Sun brings us back down to earth when it enters Virgo on August 23. All the thinking big you did in Leo can now be put to the test in Virgo. Virgo is the sign of integration and wholeness. Virgo empowers you to apply yourself in practical approaches to your dreams.
  • What would you dare to do if you knew you could not fail?
  • What action steps can you take to make your goal work?
  • What is holding you back?
The Aquarius SuperMoon message is to take good care of you. These are crazy days. You don’t know what to expect next. It is easy to get off balance. Do what supports your balance. Use your intuition. Trust your gut instincts. Love you more than the need for approval. Strengthen your boundaries. Do not walk away from yourself. Accept the real you. Don’t hide your light. Shine your light. Love you more than the need for others to support you. You support you. Goddess will support you. God has unlimited abundance. What you need is inside of you. Go to Goddess for your abundance. Accept who you are. Accept other people for who they are. Merge with your Soul Self and you will be successful. Be creative. Be wise as the serpent and harmless as the dove. Get daily physical exercise. This will help to release your tension and anxiety. This is not the astrology for being sedentary. You want to be building your strength. Go outdoors. Breathe the fresh air. Allow Mother Nature to nurture you. She can heal you. Release what no longer serves you. Align yourself with what you want. Don’t allow anyone including you to get in your way. Be unstoppable. Use the Personal Path Program and you will improve your life.

“Child of mine, I will never do for you that which I know you can do for yourself. I will never rob you of an opportunity to show yourself your ability and talent. I will see you at all times as the capable, effective, powerful creator that you’ve come forth to be. And I will stand back as your most avid cheer-leading section. But I will not do for you that which you have intended to do for yourself. Anything you need from me, ask. I’m always here to compliment or assist. I am here to encourage your growth, not to justify my experience through you.” — Abraham

Love and Peace,
Kelley Rosano

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