July 13, 2014

The Limits Of Playfulness

written by Bernard De Koven at DeepFun.com
[source: A Playful Path]

There are times when it seems even your playfulness isn’t enough. For a time, that is. Times when you are struck by the everywhere anger, by the boundaryless fear, the unstoppable hurt, the pervasive pain of things. You are burned by the burning world, by the pain of the world, pain that people inflict on each other, on themselves. Times when you just can’t watch the news, can’t read the posts, the tweets, the reports, the cries for help, for sanity, when have to look away from the photos, the videos, when you grow so outraged by the pettiness of politics, the endless greed, the bigotry, the short-sighted selfishness…

And you just can’t get yourself away from it enough to sense the play of it. You can’t find the perspective that lets you see it in any other context.

And then, your dog does something stupid. Your kid says something funny. Your partner touches you, just touches you. And it all comes back. Life. Love. The wider wonder, the deeper truth. And you find yourself once again in play, in play once again.

And it seems almost that all that pain you let in was something you were only playing with. Something you were reaching out to, so you could touch it, so you could bring it closer. And that you are playing better now for it, that your play is richer, more mature, more masterly, wiser, embracing, compassionate. You had reached what you thought were the limits of playfulness. You touched the heat of the world. And you came back more deeply playful, more certain; willing, once again, to celebrate the moment, to welcome the broad reach of life.

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