July 13, 2014

BREAK TIME: Frostie The Dancing Cockatoo!

Hahahaha! Here is a LIGHT HEARTED video to give you a break from all of the nonsense! Frostie sure knows how to "Get his GROOVE on!" L☺L ;)

For those of you who feel like my Facebook friend Josh, "I'm just having a hard time finding the time to keep up with everything they are doing, let alone fight it."

To which I replied, "I know what you mean. I've been feeling the same lately. It feels like everything has accelerated at a super rate and we're being hit from all sides. This is what I do to stay centered: stay in the know, share what I have learned ie; news, events etc and make sure to take care of me ie; watch something light hearted like cartoons or comedy, listen to feel good music, read inspirational uplifting books or articles. We MUST remain centered. So when you start to feel tilted to that uneasy extreme immediately step away and pull yourself back to the center by doing whatever makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face."

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