March 16, 2014

THE COSMIC STORY: VIRGO FULL MOON 2014 Beautiful Message...♥

written by Cathy Lynn Pagano, M.A.
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[source: Crystal Wind]


Perhaps you’ve been lost in the dark watery depths amidst strangely glowing nightmare creatures or swimming fast and free with a pod of dolphins or breaching with a family of whales. Perhaps you’ve gotten stuck in stagnate seas of weeds and grass or finally been tumbled to distant shores. If you’ve flowed with Pisces’ watery energies, you might feel like your life is dissolving into a new unity of spirit; if you’ve struggled against the tides you might find yourself lost at sea. But wherever you find yourself on Full Moon night, take this magical moonlight into your heart. Listen to and look at what’s there.

The Virgo Full Moon tells us, “You belong to yourself. As much as you are part of a whole, you are also a unique drop in the ocean of consciousness. What do you want to do with your drop? What does your drop want to do with you?”

We are all here on Earth for the specific reason that’s encoded within our soul, just as our physical body is encoded by our DNA. Each of us has a destiny—each destiny is unique and yet part of the whole. Are you re-birthing the archetype of the Mother, because our society needs nurturing, love and comfort; are you transforming the archetypal image of Father into the wise guide, the caring protector and the truthful judge? Our world certainly needs more of these people. Do you find yourself incarnating the archetypal energy of the Warrior, the Healer, the Artist, the Bard, the Leader, the Priestess or Priest? How about the conscious Merchant, the courageous Scout? Uranus in Aries opens us to these archetypal identities just as we are challenged to re-create the society that Pluto in Capricorn is tearing down. If we are truly one universe, then our instructions are clear—be your unique Self. Who do you want to be?

Virgo is the sign of the Virgin, the one who knows seeks self-knowledge, to know oneself, both light and shadows. Our Christian era has re-defined Virgin to only mean its physical sexual aspect; in ancient times, a virgin was a woman who belonged to no man, who was a woman in her own right. She belonged to herself! Each of us, man and woman, can reclaim our feminine virginal energy—we can belong to ourselves. On this Virgo Full Moon night, we can see who we’re meant to be if we’re willing to acknowledge who we really are.

Virgo’s shadow can distort our need to know ourselves into the need to control things to attain the ideal of perfection—someone else’s idea of perfection! Virgo’s real purpose is to help us know and accept who we really are. Virgo’s analytical mind measures and aligns; Virgo’s magic understands how everything fits together to make it work. Virgo’s greatest gift is discernment, knowing this from that. This helps us master a talent, and understand how it can be of service to others.
On Full Moon night, the Piscean ocean will send out a drop of its womblike waters to each of us, filtered through the Virgo Moon. The drop of our Piscean longing and dreams. Who do you see? Do you see yourself?

The Virgo Full Moon occurs on Sunday March 16th at 10:08pm PDT/ 7:08pm EDT/ 5:08pm GMT.

The Pisces Sun shines out on the Virgo Moon to illuminate how well we’ve integrated our spirituality with our physicality, our soul with our personality. Uniting a deep spiritual outlook with a sense of humble service, this Full Moon calls us to be of service to our world now.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 27* Pisces is: The Harvest Moon illumines a clear autumnal sky. In autumn when the Harvest Moon shines, it often looks bigger than other full moons. It heralds a time of harvest, of bringing in what we have cultivated and sown. At the end of the astrological year, we also do this on a karmic level. What have we sown this year and what have we reaped? As you float on the moonlit waters, see what you’ve accomplished this year and let it go, so that the seeds of this new year have room to grow.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 27* Virgo is: A group of aristocratic ladies meet ceremonially at a court’s function. All societies need certain rituals that hold and focus the energies of the people so we can act as a community. It is the feminine spirit that holds the hopes and wishes of any society. And it is the Divine Feminine who is calling to us now to remember we are all one—that we depend upon each other. It reminds us to be courteous, thoughtful and compassionate as we head into the tumultuous times coming our way this April.

This Virgo Full Moon gets support from Saturn retrograde in Scorpio, just as the Full Moon acceptance of Self gives support to Saturn’s deep emotional restructuring. Saturn in Scorpio has been hard on us because looking at our darker feelings is hard. Saturn in Scorpio puts the squeeze on us through our unresolved fears, wounds, betrayals or obsessions.

Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, a death and rebirth of our emotional body. Our feeling nature, our heart, is where we get our passion and love of life; it is also the place where our complexes and behaviors are molded. Scorpio is the container of all our emotional wounds; an alchemical container of transformation.

Saturn is the taskmaster and Saturn’s truth is that we learn more from pain than from pleasure. Saturn teaches us to survive, because Saturn is the energy that grounds us here. Saturn in Scorpio can give us the discipline and focus to treat each other as we’d like to be treated. Self-respect is key to accepting ourselves, both the Light and the Dark. Self-respect gives us the courage to look in the dark and discover the treasures hidden behind the pain that keeps us in the dark.

Now that Saturn is retrograde, we get to look into Scorpio’s realm—we get to look inside ourselves and understand our fears, bind our wounds with meaning, forgive our betrayers and let go of our obsessions. We get to re-structure our emotional complexes and behaviors when it comes to relating with others. So let go of your fears and insecurities, take a new emotional stand and act as if it’s really you until you feel it and it becomes a new way of being for you. Understanding and accepting yourself is the first step.

The Lunar Nodes have changed signs, moving from Scorpio backwards into Libra. The Moon’s Nodes are points in space where the planes of the Sun, Moon and Earth line up—the points in space where eclipses occur. They move counter-clockwise in the sky, from 30* to 0* of a sign. They focus our collective attention on what needs to be released and what needs to be learned. For the past year and a half, we have learned to release old values (Taurus) that make us complacent and learn more about how to work with others and their values to achieve results.

Now our lessons involve the balance between ourselves and others, between Aries and Libra. The Aries South Nodes indicates lessons around selfishness, arrogance and frustration and the need for self-sacrifice to accommodate the needs of others. The Libra North Node demands that we learn the lessons of cooperation and balance, of a healthy respect for self and others, and of the need to balance masculine and feminine energies to create a new whole.

With a true sense of ourselves, we can step into new emotional behavior patterns with others, where we see each other’s truths and acknowledge our own. With Mars retrograding in Libra until May 19-20 and not leaving Libra until the end of July, it is the time to practice our people skills. Courtesy and respect are always in order with Libra’s love of grace and charm. Venus and Mars are still ruling the nodal positions, with Libra’s Venus calling us to harmony and peace over Mars in Aries shouts for war. Since Mars is staying in Venus’ house for a while, I’m sure she can convince him to change his ways! The destined push toward Libra from the nodal axis will help her. Not that Aphrodite in full splendor needs much help if we honor her!

Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are pulled into the energy of the Pluto/Uranus square through Jupiter in Cancer. With these planets in Pisces, one of the things I feel going on in the collective unconscious is that our imaginations are being healed. And perhaps we are relating to them in a different way. Our media (owned by only 5 companies!!!) overcomes and impresses our imaginations with their symbols and images, shaping our beliefs to their specifications. But when we engage the imagination through inner journeys, active imagination and creative visualization, we work with the imagination to learn something new about ourselves and the world. We open ourselves to possibilities and bring those back into our outer reality through our creativity and innovation, our love and caring. Jupiter is in Cancer, opening our hearts to the possibilities waiting to be birthed. Tied into the Piscean energies, Jupiter channels and engenders Spirit within us. Listen within to your heart’s desire.

Perhaps if you get up while it’s still dark out, you’ll see Venus in Aquarius shining brightly as the Morning Star. At the Full Moon, Venus inspires Uranus to activate our highest ideals when we imagine who we are meant to be. Venus’s relationship with Jupiter can give us a broad, generous and gracious outlook when considering the needs of ourselves and others. Since Aphrodite/Venus was born out of the Piscean collective unconscious, it is only right that we embrace her gifts of Love, Beauty and Wisdom as we work to give shape to our destiny.

Wishing you Peace, Love and Wisdom,

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