March 16, 2014

2014 Virgo Full Moon; I Love How Dale Combines Her Spirit Guides Storytelling With Astrology ♥ Enjoy! :)

written by Dale Osadchuk
[source: Crystal Wind]

Dale Osadchuk is an Artist, Spiritual Astrologer, and Transformational Counsellor and is available for consultations in Sharon (just north of Newmarket) Ontario, Canada in person or by telephone. You can contact her at her cell number 905-589-0192. To receive her brochure of Astrological Sessions, New Moon Meditation Schedule or to be added to her free New Moon list contact her at you can also find Dale on and

As Snowy Owl and Shooting Star climbed the path to the Star Temple light snow was falling but that was okay. The Shaman had told them the exact moment of this Full Moon was mid-day so they would not have been able to see Sister Moon in her fullness but they would still be able to hear her message. The sisters were hoping it would be about winters end. Here in the North County Spring still seemed far away even though it was only four sunrises to Spring Equinox.

When Snowy Owl and Shooting Star settled in their places in the Star Temple they heard Sister Moon speak from behind the Cloud People. “This is the last Full Moon of the North Direction on the Medicine Wheel. The North is the place of knowledge that becomes wisdom. It is also the place of introspection and stillness. As I visit the sign of The Virgin there are many guides walking with me. We will let the Story Teller share who they are who she describes the planetary dance.” Sister Moon paused for a moment and then continued.

“This Full Moon is the time for healing into wholeness. There is one guide I will tell you about. She is the Temple Priestess called Vesta. She is calling to you to follow your Spiritual Destiny Path and step onto the Rainbow Bridge that leads to The Oneness of All. In the far away time there is much conflict that has created separation. The two leggeds have again forgotten the Sacred Law that everything that exists is spiritually connected. The conflict occurring is driven by the ego need for power and control. Vesta’s message is for each person to awaken their spirits and be teachers about peace, harmony, and love for all.”

Finally Sister Moon said “Once you step onto the Rainbow Bridge of Healing you will never want to go back to the old illusion of separation. Once you experience the Oneness you are peace, harmony, and Love. And yes dear ones the season of spring in the North Country is not far away.”

As Snowy Owl and Shooting Star left the Star Temple they began the search for the Rainbow Bridge. They were ready to journey to the Oneness.

I thank Sister Moon for her message and I guess I am the Story Teller so let me share the planetary dance at this Full Moon. The astrological symbol for Virgo is the Virgin holding a shaft of wheat. That is her connection to the earth and the harvest. In the Southern Hemisphere on March 20 you enter Fall Equinox and the West direction on the Medicine Wheel so this is your harvesting time. In the Northern Hemisphere, as our story mentioned, this is the last Full Moon of the North Direction and it is a Moon of introspection and healing as we prepare for The Budding Trees Time at Spring Equinox on March 20.

Wherever we are in the world this Full Moon is asking us all to journey within, discover our Inner Universe and know we are a mirror of the Cosmos. The Asteroid Vesta is a symbol for at-oneness-within. She is the Temple Priestess who guarded the hearth fire and never let it die. That is a symbol for the Sacred Divine Flame that exists in each of us. We must continue to protect and nurture that Flame within so our spirits can be our guide. At this Full Moon the Asteroid Vesta (at-oneness-within) is retrograde at 29 degrees Libra and travelling with the North Node (new peaceful directions) at 28 degrees Libra. That sounds promising but there is a potential problem. Mars (the god of war) is retrograde at 26 degrees of Libra (diplomacy) and is inconjunct (the need to make significant changes) the Sun (ego) at 26 degrees Pisces (illusion or illumination). That inconjunct can make the problems in the world become more of a stand-off than they are now. Just make sure you are personally connected to your spiritual guidance.

Like all signs Virgo has an ego side. Her reputation on the material plane is to analyze, evaluate, and perfect. Virgo wants to do things the “right way” and can become a little compulsive obsessive as a result. Her traditional ruler is Mercury (our thoughts and perceptions) who is currently at 28 degrees Aquarius (the collective consciousness). Fortunately Mercury is trine (ease and flow) Vesta, the North Node and Mars which means there is an opportunity to achieve peace and harmony. Mercury is also square (finding new ways of doing things) Saturn Rx at 23 degrees Scorpio (transforming society). This Full Moon gives us hope for world healing.

Virgo is also the sign of alternative healing. This is where the third ruler comes in. I associate the planet Chiron, the healer and problem solver, with Virgo. He is currently at 14 degrees Pisces (healing the collective unconscious and the world wound) sextile (easy opportunity) Pluto in Capricorn (transforming society). So we do have help from the Universe to heal, forgive, complete, and release which is the theme of this Full Moon.

For the Sun in Pisces the traditional ruler is Jupiter (expansion and growth) currently at 10 degrees of Cancer (the foundation of our lives). He is opposite Pluto (releasing what no longer serves us) in Capricorn (society). Together they are square Uranus (breakthrough or breaking free) in Aries (individual freedom). Here is that T Square activation again that has been influencing us for a while. The T Square makes us feel backed into a corner and the planet that can help us is Uranus in Aries (personal freedom). But Uranus is also the planet of rebellion. I find it so interesting that the day of this Full Moon is the day of the referendum in Crimea asking people if they want to leave Ukraine and join Russia. Which leads us to the modern ruler for the Sun in Pisces. It is Neptune at 05 degrees Pisces. Neptune asks what is true, what is not true, what can never be true. The only aspect Neptune makes is a trine (ease and harmony) to Jupiter in Cancer (homeland). Neptune is illusion or enlightenment. I still do not see the situation in Ukraine being resolved until April 20 to 23. That is when we will be dealing with the Cardinal Grand Cross. A very powerful activations that can produce fireworks or breakthrough.

So this Virgo Full Moon has a lot going on. The key message is identify your Sacred Center and whatever is happening stay connected to the Divine Flame within. Great Mystery will support you to do that.

The Animal Totem for the Moon in Virgo is Brown Bear, introspection and healing. The Clan Mother (the 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams) is Setting Sun Woman who teaches us to walk our truth. For the Sun in Pisces our Animal Totem guides are Cougar, coming into your spiritual power, and Wolf, who guides us through change on our path to becoming spiritual teacher. The Clan Mother for Pisces is Weighs The Truth. She is the Keeper of Justice for all and teaches us to honour Sacred Law.

Virgo and Pisces are found on the Constellation of The Hermit, introspection and personal integrity. It is the principle of looking within and discovering The Source Of All That Is. It is also about healing, completion, and release. The Ray this Full Moon activates is the 6th Ray of Idealism and Devotion. The shadow side of this Ray are dogma and doctrine that does not support individual belief. Guess where the shadow side of this Ray is most active in the world right now. Fortunately the Archangels of the 6th Ray are Uriel, peace, harmony and love, and Aurora Grace, gentleness and peace of mind.

Virgo and Pisces are also found on the 2nd Ray of Divine Wisdom and Love. The Archangels who guide us are Jophiel, creative power and vision, and Constance Christine, illumination. Together they support us to become enlightened and be Loving Kindness. Let us ask all these Archangels to guide the human race at this timing.

Wishing everyone well at this powerful Full Moon.
Blessings Dale

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