February 3, 2014

New Moon Was Last Thursday, January 30th

written by Lena Stevens
[source: Crystal Wind]

Dear Friends,

New Moon is Thursday, January 30 at 2:40PM MST (Mountain Standard Time). This is a time of real reevaluation. This is the second New Moon of the month and it supports us to go deep inside for a revisit to the void. Beware of defining this energy as depression, lethargy or apathy. This will only lead you into despair. Take advantage of the void and the peaceful break it can give you. A New Moon is always a chance to reboot by revisiting your intentions and goals to determine if you are on the right track or not. If you are not, rethink them and rewrite them without judgment. A New Moon is also a great time for remembering your gratitude for all the things that are working really well!

On January 31 we literally catapult into a new flow of energy so it is a good time to align as much in your life as possible at least through your intentions and vision for what you want to manifest.


Astrological Notes:

New Moon
Sun and Moon in Aquarius ~11ยบ
Thursday, January 30, 2:38 PM Mountain Time
(Januarty 30, 9:38 PM Greenwich Mean Time, GMT)

New Moon is wide open to use that part of yourself inspired to call forth something innovative, original and out of the box. Give your creative intelligence free rein to imagine something out of this world! That is where air sign Aquarius loves to orbit - at a frequency above the density of the physical plane. Let your imaginings include that which will bring the most freedom, the greatest good for all, something humanitarian and socially conscious. Perhaps a medical system predicated on a weekly massage and acupuncture appointment for every one paying only $40 a month with catastrophic hospital care free to all?!!!..... Uranus, the Aquarian ruler, is the higher octave of Mercury, so it relates beyond how you think and use information to how you use your intelligences to create your life, your reality, your personal dream. Mercury is mental, but Uranus is conceptual and theoretical – it doesn't exactly touch down on Earth preferring to abide in the universal and cosmic realms detached and removed.

Aquarius has a strong social, humanitarian conscience seeking what is democratic, progressive and inclusive of every form of diversity. Aquarius takes the long view. Here is where we look to the future and make long-term goals. This fixed, air sign is considered eccentric, a non-conformist, a reformer, a rebel, an outsider, an inventor, even a genius, and its ruler, Uranus, brings lightening fast insight and inspiration right out of the ethers. So expect the unexpected. Unexpected connections, unexpected possibilities, unexpected results...

Aquarius rules friendship and groups that you associate with, the ankles (flexibility), circulation, your hopes and dreams, and radical and sudden change that sweeps away old forms. Aquarius/Uranus rule both technology and astrology and you cannot imagine how happy astrologers were to utilize the number-crunching power of computers in place of the laborious, time-consuming process of drawing up charts by hand. All praise to Uranus the first planet actually 'discovered' with the help of the telescope (technology) in 1781; all previously known planets (Mercury through Jupiter) had been observed with the naked eye in the night sky.

Because Aquarius was ruled by Saturn before the discovery of Uranus by F. W. Herschel, it has two rulers: traditional – Saturn; modern - Uranus. Some Aquarians personify a more traditional Saturnian influence being more stable and entrenched in their lives, while others are easily spotted as the non-conforming, freedom-loving futuristic type strongly embodying Uranian values. Both are loyal, trustworthy, knowledgeable and global in their considerations.

This New Moon chart begins a cycle not quite as challenged as we have been experiencing since the November eclipses. Yes, Uranus, the disruptor, is pushing us to greater personal and collective authenticity by squaring off to Pluto, archetype of transformation and regeneration now focused on our most entrenched structures, but many beings are stepping up and accepting that dynamic and learning to adapt to the challenges as the Uranus-Pluto square is triggered by other planets. Currently, Jupiter in Cancer is opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus holding tension in a T-Square formation. Jupiter brings a search for truth and challenges us to transform our long held, basic frameworks of life. Ethical values and behavior may get a strong reality check from Uranus-Pluto.

The support and higher frequency energy we need to not fall into conflict and negativity is provided by a very positive Mystic Rectangle formation created with the help of the feminine asteroid influences. This formation grants us ease, opportunity and practicality if we can embody the yin principles of earth and water. If we can access the positive energy in our committed relationships (Juno), letting go of past woundings to free our personal power (Chiron), and take responsibility for the power to create that our thoughts wield (Pallas Athena), then we can marshal some incredibly useful energies for the changes we want to make in our lives.

Pallas Athena, associated with Aquarius, is also in a Finger of God formation with the Sun/Moon and Uranus involving these energies in an invitation to use our creative intelligence to welcome in inspiration and visualize how we want our life, our community, our society to manifest in a higher frequency manner.

Expect big action in this last week of January. Mercury changes sign moving into watery Pisces on January 31 then slows and turns retrograde on February 6; Venus moves direct after five weeks in retrograde motion also on January 31 urging us to implement action in our finances and relationships; Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse begins January 31 promising to be very active.

The welcome midpoint between winter solstice and spring equinox is celebrated as Imbolc/Candlemas in Celtic tradition on February 2 with fire ceremony. The Sun strengthens after its winter rest and gains increasing energy as renewal of the agricultural cycle begins.

Use all these indications of new beginnings to visualize your life bursting with new vitality, energy and movement and to capture the focus to bring that enthusiasm into your new creations.

02/06 Mercury retrograde 3ยบ Pisces until 2/28
02/14 Full Moon in Leo 26ยบ 4:54 PM Mountain Time
02/18 Sun enters Pisces
03/01 Pisces New Moon 10ยบ 12:59 AM Mountain Time

Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

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