February 3, 2014

January 30, 2014 Aquarius Super New Moon and Blue Moon. I Love How Dale Combines Her Spirit Guides Storytelling With Astrology Enjoy! :)

written by Dale Osadchuk
[source: Crystal Wind]

30 January 2014 at 4.39pm EST
1.39pm PST and 9.39pm GMT

It was early afternoon when Snowy Owl and Shooting Star climbed the path to the Star Temple to celebrate the Rest and Cleansing New Moon. Because Sister Moon was in her dark face they would not be able to see her even if it was night. The sisters actually liked being in the Star Temple during the daylight hours as it gave them a chance to see the Sacred Space and whomever might be visiting.

When they entered the Temple they were delighted to see all of the Animal Totems of the Medicine Wheel gathered together. Sister Moon spoke from her place in the sky. ‘Welcome my young friends. I will let each Animal Totem share with you the gifts they offer at each New Moon as the two leggeds walk the Wheel. We will begin with Brown Otter and Black Otter as they are the guides for this Aquarius New Moon.” Shooting Star was delighted as the Otters were her Spirit Walkers.

The Otters spoke in unison. “All members of the Medicine Wheel are spiritual teachers here to guide you on your Soul Purpose Path. We, the Otters, are here to teach you about the importance of companionship, sharing and joyfulness. That is what this New Moon cycle is about.” Then Cougar and Wolf spoke. “We are the guardians for the Pisces New Moon. I, Cougar, am also called Ghost Cat. My gift is to teach you to come into your spiritual power. It is not something that can be seen but must be felt.” Wolf said “I guide you through the changes that life brings to you on your journey to becoming spiritual teacher.”

Red Tailed Hawk spoke next. “I am Spiritual Messenger and your guide at the Aries New Moon. When you hear my cry it is to remind you to listen to the messages that Creator and Great Mystery send you on your journey to your true self.” Then Beaver stepped forward. “I am the guide for the Taurus New Moon. My gift is to teach you when it is time to release the old and build the new.” Deer spoke next “ I am the guide for the Gemini New Moon. I remind you to be sensitive and treat others with compassion and love. Hawk, Beaver, and I are all found on the East Direction of awakening and inspired new beginnings.”

The Totems of the South Direction of expansion and growth spoke next. Flicker of the Woodpecker Clan said “I teach you to move through times of transition with ease as you experience spiritual growth. I am the guide for the Cancer New Moon.” Salmon was next “I gift you with determination and perseverence as you create the new. I am the guide for the Leo New Moon.” Then Brown Bear spoke. “I am the guide for the Virgo New Moon. Mine is the gift of introspection and healing. I support you in your personal healing so you can become of spiritual service in the world.”

The Totems of the West Direction, the place of personal responsibility and empowerment, stepped forward. Crow and Raven spoke first. “I, Crow, am the keeper of Sacred Law and justice for all. I. Raven, am the keeper of the magic of the mysteries. Together we are the guides for the Libra New Moon.” Next came Snake “My medicine is shedding the old that no longer serves. My gift is healing and transformation. I am the guide for the Scorpio New Moon.” The Animal Totems for the Sagittarius New Moon were the next to speak. “I am Elk. My gift is the support of community but also the strength and stamina to follow your Spiritual Vision. And I am Owl the second Totem for this New Moon. My gift is the wisdom to see though deception and discover the truth.”

Finally Snow Goose spoke. “I am found on the North Direction of the Medicine Wheel, the place of solitude, knowledge and wisdom. My companions are Otter, Cougar and Wolf. I am the guide for the Capricorn New Moon and I teach you to follow your dreams and visions. I teach you to let your spirit fly.”

Sister Moon thanked each Animal Totem for their messages. She then spoke to Snowy Owl and Shooting Star “On the day a human is born all these Spirit Walkers are guides on their life journey. Some will be more prominent than others at times but the wisdom the Totems carry is available to all. All that is required is an awakening to the gifts and an openness to receive. That is what this New Moon cycle is about.”

The stories always surprize me. As I have said many times I do not really write them they just come through from spirit. This one is so appropriate as Aquarius is the sign of friends, group associations, and the gifts we are here to share with the world. Each of us has access to all the Animal Totems as our natal Mandala connects to all twelve. When the timing is right they will speak to us if we are willing to listen.

Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign and like all air signs is dualistic. It is visionary, innovative, and idealistic. It is associated with personal freedom but also group causes. It rules science but also astrology. The scientific world acknowledges astronomy (the workings of the Universe) but not astrology (the meaning of the Universe). Aquarius is practical but highly intuitive. The key phrase for this sign is “I know”. It is that sixth sense that tells you who is calling when the phone rings. Learning to listen to that ‘knowing” is what this Moon cycle is about.

The traditional ruler for Aquarius was Saturn, society’s rules and regulations. He is at 22 degrees Scorpio at this Lunation and square (finding new ways of doing things) Mercury at 29 degrees Aquarius. We are being asked to transform our thoughts and perceptions by listening to our intuitive knowing. That will be the theme of the Mercury retrograde journey Feb 06 to 28.

The modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus currently at 09 degrees Aries. He asks us to be true to our authentic selves. Uranus is part of a T Square planetary picture. Jupiter is at 12 degrees Cancer (growth and expansion of our spiritual vision) which is opposite Pluto at 12 degrees Capricorn and Venus at 13 degrees Capricorn (transforming our sense of power in the world). Uranus is square (finding new ways of doing things) the above. The missing space is any planet that would be found in Libra (balance between self and others). The Asteroid Apollo (god of healing) is at 13 degrees Libra and this placement creates a Grand Cross (stepping out of the box). So this New Moon continues the theme of breakthrough and breaking free.

This is also a Super New Moon (when Luna is closer to Earth than usual) and a Blue Moon of Transformation (second New Moon of January). It also marks the Chinese New Year of the Horse (strength, power and movement). This New Moon occurs at 5.39am on Jan 31 in Beijing, China and begins the year of the Horse. However we look at it this is a very Powerful New Moon and the opportunity to give our Soul Gifts to the world.

As our story tells us the Animal Totem for Aquarius is Otter, sharing and joyfulness. (If you are in the southern hemisphere the Medicine Wheel is reversed. Salmon, perseverance and determination to create the new, is your guide.) The Clan Mother for Aquarius is Wisdom Keeper the guardian of honouring the truth in all things. Because this is a Blue Moon we also have Becomes Her Vision the Clan Mother of change and transformation guiding us. She supports us to live our Spiritual Vision. More insights for these Clan Mothers can be found in The 13 Original Clan Mothers and Earth Medicine both by Jamie Sams.

This Aquarius New Moon is active on the Tarot Constellation of Strength; courage and self-esteem. The theme is courage of your convictions, connecting to the strength within, courage to be yourself, and connecting to The Source of All That Is. Aquarius is a Fifth Ray sign. It is the Ray of knowledge and healing with Archangels Raphael, the shinning one who heals, and Mary, Divine unconditional love.

For many of us January has been a struggle. Wishing everyone the joy and happiness this New Moon promises. Just a reminder I am available for astrology consultations. You can e-mail me at daleosadchuk@rogers.com for more information.

Blessings to all,

Here are the Moon phases and planetary activations. All times are 75 west longitude EST. I post more information on my Facebook timeline every day or two. You can also find my articles on www.crystalwind.ca

Aquarius Super New Moon- Jan 30- 4.39pm EST- focus on sharing your healing gifts with the world

Mercury enters Pisces- Jan 31- 9.29am- focus on connecting with Source and the Mystical.

Venus in Capricorn moves direct- Jan 31- 3.49pm EST- Venus has been Retrograde for the last 42 days. Review what you have learned regarding relationship and visualize a new way to experience relating with others.

Moon enters Pisces- Jan 31- 10.45pm EST- focus on strengthening your connection to Source.

Pisces Crescent Moon- Feb 02- 10.35pm EST- focus on expansion and growth of your spiritual connections.

Moon enters Aries- Feb 02- 11.55pm EST- focus on creativity and inspired new beginnings.

Moon enters Taurus- Feb 05- 4.47pm EST- focus on what is of true value and importance.

Taurus First Quarter Moon- Feb 06- 2.22pm EST- release what is not of value in your life. Decision and action lead to breakthrough and breaking free.

Mercury in Pisces turns Retrograde- Feb 06- 4.43pm EST to Feb 28- 9.00am EST- focus on transforming your thoughts and perceptions. As always with Mercury Rx be careful while driving.

Moon enters Gemini- Feb 07- 1.44pm EST- continue to transform your thoughts. Listen to your intuitive knowing.

Moon enters Cancer- Feb 10- 1.33am EST- focus on your spiritual vision.

Cancer Gibbous Moon- Feb 10- 3.46pm EST- focus on healing emotional issues that keep you stuck.

Sun in Aquarius square Saturn in Scorpio- Feb 11- 2.57pm EST- release anything that blocks you from sharing your Soul Gifts.

Moon enters Leo- Feb 12- 2.15pm EST- focus on creative projects that make your heart sing.

Mercury Retrograde re-enters Aquarius- Feb 12- 10.30pm EST- continue to transform your thoughts and perceptions especially regarding your Soul Gifts to give the world.

Leo/Aquarius Full Moon- Feb 14- 6.54pm EST- focus on healing and compassion.

Moon enters Virgo- Feb 15- 2.26am EST- focus on being of spiritual service.

Moon enters Libra- Feb 17- 1.23pm EST- focus on balance in relationship.

Sun enters Pisces- Feb 18- 12.59pm EST to Mar 20- 12.57pm EDT- We now enter the big Winds Time with Cougar and Wolf as our guides. Focus on your Spiritual Power and the teacher you are.

Libra Disseminating Moon- Feb 18- 6.41pm EST- share your knowledge and wisdom in a balanced way.

Moon enters Scorpio- Feb 19- 10.33pm EST- focus on healing and transformation.

Moon enters Sagittarius- Feb 22- 5.12am EST- focus on your Spiritual Vision.

Sagittarius Fourth Quarter Moon- Feb 22- 12.15pm ST- revise and realign your Spiritual Vision.

Moon enters Capricorn- Feb 24- 8.50am EST- focus on your Soul Purpose Path.

Capricorn Balsamic Moon- Feb 25- 9.41pm EST- release anything that does not feel right to make space for what does feel right.

Jupiter in Cancer square Uranus in Aries-Feb 26- 2.29am EST- expect the unexpected. Stabilize the emotions.

Moon enters Aquarius- Feb 26- 9.55am EST- focus on connecting with friends who are like-minded.

Mercury in Aquarius moves Direct- Feb 28- 9.00am EST- Mercury will be in his retrograde shadow until Mar 20. That is also the day of Spring Equinox. If you can wait until then to act on new ideas. If you need to act before then wait until Mar 08 and pay attention to any blocks that may come up and transform them.

Moon enters Pisces- Feb 28- 9.53am EST- focus on your spiritual vision and spiritual service.

Pisces New Moon- Mar 01- 2.59am EST- focus on healing, completion, and release.

Mars in Libra turns Retrograde- Mar 01- 11.23am EST- Mars will be retrograde until May 19. Focus on relationship transformation. Saturn too will retrograde on Mar 02 and Mars and Venus enter their First Quarter Phase that same day. Prepare for breakthrough and breaking free until July 20/21.

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