January 11, 2014

Feng Shui Your Wallet for Financial Freedom

written by Ken Lauher
[source: OmTimes.com]

Using Feng Shui when you select and organize your wallet can also help you increase your income. Here’s how.

Choosing a Wallet

Your wallet should be large enough to hold everything you need in terms of coins and paper money, with separate sections for each.

When you select a wallet, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but it should make you feel good. Creating wealth (and happiness, for that matter) is all about living a specific experience. Each time you take out your wallet, it should make you feel good. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your wallet.

Many times, people find a wallet they like and use it until it begins falling apart. It’s time to treat yourself to a new wallet, one that reflects your goals, who you are, and the positive experiences you want to create in your life.

What to Put (and Not to Put) In Your Wallet

Just as family photos don’t belong in the master bedroom, they don’t belong in your wallet, either. Your wallet’s focus should be on money — attracting it and holding on to it. Consider a digital photo keychain or keep photos on your smartphone or tablet, instead.

Don’t keep receipts in your wallet, as these represent spending money, rather than acquiring it. Make time each night, or once a week, to empty your wallet of receipts, business cards and random scraps of paper you accumulate.

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