January 11, 2014

Abundance and the Art of Wallet Feng Shui

written by Salvatore J. Manzi
[source: Feng Shui Life Mapping]

We naturally have a strong connection with our wallet. We rarely leave our home without it and the wallet is itself a home for our money and everything associated with it. The right wallet, treated with respect, will bring wealth and prosperity into your life.

Whether you just got a new wallet, or you are carrying around an over-stuffed, broken down piece of leather, activate the potential for abundance with a little focus on this emblematic symbol of your financial and personal prosperity.

The Wallet Feng Shui Consultation

Conduct your own consultation by asking yourself:
  • What does my wallet say about me? Does it project the image you wish – such as professional, responsible and stable?
  • Where do you keep your wallet when at home? Does it have a safe and secure place just for it where you will always find it?
  • Do you struggle to get it out of your pocket or purse (is that a metaphor)?
  • Do you LOVE your wallet? Do you get excited and inspired and feel happy when you have it in your hands? Does it feel good to touch and fit securely in your hand?
Feng Shui your Wallet:
  1. Create space! Leave empty space in the wallet. This leaves space for more to come into your life. If you want to create 25% more wealth in your life, leave 25% empty to allow for that expansion!
  2. Take out any and all receipts! Receipts represent spent money, which is basically the opposite energy for attracting more wealth.
  3. Organize money facing the same way and in numerical order – money likes to be organized. Neglect money and it will neglect you.
  4. Size of the wallet should allow for the bills to fit easily, not folded or crumpled or so tight you can’t get any more in.
  5. Color – black/blueblack is the color of water which represents your wealth, red fires up energy and may bring money in but may make you spend it fast as well, green represents wood and growth and can grow your finances, yellow/orange represent earth and stability and can bring stability to your finances, gold is associated with wealth as is purple.
  6. Personal pictures are best kept separate from the wallet as they distract from the intention of the wallet and potentially carry your wealth to these people rather than into your life.
  7. Keep money in your wallet. Perhaps a lucky $2 bill, or a $50, or a gold coin. An empty wallet feels empty! Remember that money attracts money!
  8. Selectively carry only a few credit cards – pick ones that represent your credit rather than a debt or big balance!
  9. Regularly do Wallet Rehab!
Wallet Rehab:
  • Step one: Take everything out of your wallet, everything! Allow it to breath, expand, feel open!
  • Step two: Clean it, wipe it down, oil or treat the leather. Scented oils are great as they add even more energy.
  • Step three: Sort the contents and discard as much as you can! See tip #1!
  • Step four: Lovingly fill your wallet.
And lastly – the best Feng Shui tip for creating wealth and abundance in your life is to live generously! Make a point of giving away. As you give, so shall you receive! When you create space and allow the universe to flow through you, more will flow in.

Bring on the wealth!
Bring on the abundance!
May all be yours!

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