December 17, 2013

Gemini Full Moon December 17, 2013: It's All About Change And Boldness! :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 2:28 AM MST
written by Lena Stevens
[source: Crystal Wind]

Dear Friends,

Full moon is Tuesday, December 17 at 2:28AM MST (Mountain Standard Time). You may wish to celebrate it the night of Monday, December 16. Use this full moon to expand your sense of what could be. The time between this full moon and the Winter Solstice should be honored and quality time should be carved out to do what brings you joy. What brings you joy? What feeds you spiritually? What do you still need to adjust and revise and modify? What do you need to let go of? What needs expansion and more inspiration? Ask these questions and then go for it!

The energy definitely shifts as we approach the Full Moon and then the Winter Solstice (on the 21). You may feel jerked around by things seeming one way today and upside down tomorrow. This is a time of sudden adjustments often made by others but affecting you. There will be many lessons around attachments to how you think things ought to be and how you think people ought to behave. It is important to keep asking the questions, to keep focused on your own truth and on what you want and to stay out of negativity and judgment. Make the adjustments and move on.


Gemini Full Moon
Moon in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius ~25ยบ
Tuesday, December 17, 2013 2:28 AM MST
(9:28 AM Greenwich Mean Time, GMT)

It's All About Change

Gemini Full Moon energizes all our connecting capacities. We communicate with greater clarity; we network and activate our connections and light up our neural networks. Our perceptions shift easily - what was struggle, becomes ease, what was lack, becomes fulfilled. Info gathering will heighten, and we reach out to tweak the web of all our relations to strengthen the lines. Gemini's symbol, The Twins, rules the arms, the hands, the lungs, shoulders and the all-connecting nervous system network while emphasizing duality, polarity, the mind, and perception. Gemini/Sagittarius is the continuum of perception and beliefs, of information and understanding. It's where the mental parts of our selves seek stimulation and through our expanded experience we form our beliefs. Full Moon says time to shake up your perceptions, welcome in something new, and question the beliefs that are holding you in a too tight, no longer relevant reality with feet in another century.

The Gemini Full Moon opposes the Sagittarian Sun; Mercury, Gemini's ruler, travels with the Sun lifting our mental energies to a higher frequency. Gemini is how we think, speak, write, communicate, how we gather and share information, but Sagittarius, also a sign of learning, is thought of as 'higher mind' and represents our beliefs. Being able to call upon a vision of our best possible life, situation, outcome, a gift of this Full Moon (make it an inclusive, cooperative heart-centered vision, and you're making the best possible use of Jupiter in Cancer that rules Sagittarius). This mutable air/fire combo in positive, enthusiastic signs brings a welcome updraft of creative energy into our lives. Fan the flames on your curiosity and exploration of some new horizon. We're more adaptable, versatile, broad-minded, motivated, hopeful and full of trust with this influence.

Uranus moves direct just after Full Moon. We've been gestating all matter of changes in the last five months in our lives, experiencing sudden, unexpected loss, shifts, and realignments, but now Uranian energies launch us forward as the New Year begins. Some aspect of you is embracing change. Uranus in Aries gives us courage to step up to something new, explore and take a risk for a bigger more fulfilling life. We've dug deep through the period of fall Scorpio eclipses and exact Pluto/Uranus square and we are leaner, more connected to Spirit, and now ready to hold more light. As Uranus picks up speed in the new year, we will be resonant to personal change, right action, questioning authority, and creative problem solving - problems can appear to solve themselves when we open to the high frequency creativity that Uranus represents. Lean into it.

Sagittarius' fiery inspiration and vision leads the Sun to its powerful point of Solstice. The extremes of the Sun's movement relative to Earth are celebrated in cultures ancient and modern around the globe at the Solstice points - Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere/Summer Solstice for the Southern Hemisphere. Longest night for the Northern Hemisphere/longest day for the Southern Hemisphere. In the north, the Sun now turns on December 21 and slowly begins to regain power and increase life-giving light. Ritual ceremony of candles, drumming, singing, gifting and story telling are shared to show gratitude to the Sun for its abundance and generosity and to ensure the return of light. While in the southern latitudes, gratitude for the abundance, fertility, and pleasures at the fullness of Summer is marked as the Sun slowly begins to wane in strength. On Solstice day, Venus, our feminine archetype now so beautifully the evening star, begins her retrograde period where she will move closer to the Sun's light and 'disappear' and move underground before she reemerges as the morning star in mid-January. A feminine time of mystery is upon us affecting relationships, what has worth to us, aesthetics and our desire nature! Retrograde gives her an extended four months time in Capricorn so we can make practical and real all that is stirred and brought forward in the time of mystery.

Post Solstice until the end of the year should be an interesting time. Mars has moved into Libra on December 7 where it will be for six months instead of six weeks. Mars as well as the Sun both in cardinal signs will begin to align and challenge the Pluto/Uranus square. A challenge or crisis can move us forward as much or more than a windfall of grace. Mars, the God of War, brings an assertive nature and instinctual action; Mars exactly opposes Uranus on Dec 25 and squares Pluto on Dec 30. The Sun will square Uranus on Dec 29 and conjunct Pluto on Jan 1st - New Moon, and square Mars on Jan 2. We will need to be in good balance to weather this influence. Our need for balance, fairness and harmony (Libra) may feel compelled by Mars to be more self assertive and create some boundaries. Those holding to old paradigms may be particularly triggered. We may be treated to old-school sword rattling and line drawing in the news. Most of us are experienced enough in the challenges of change and evolution and will be not be attracting negative influences but instead harnessing these energies for movement, change and transformation. Mars is preparing us for the coming Grand Square in April 2014 in cardinal signs (Aries, Libra. Cancer, Capricorn). Don't let pressure build up. Get active, use your body. The Moon will bring some helpful and mitigating influence to Uranus, Mars and Pluto so stay aware of your feeling center staying aligned to your inner voice.

Heads up! New Moon in Capricorn is on New Year's Day just hours after midnight. A wonderful influence to begin a new year with powerful new intentions.
Blessings on Us All!

12/21 Winter Solstice-Sun enters Capricorn at 10:11 AM MST
12/21 Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn until Jan 31, 2014
01/01 Capricorn New Moon 11ยบ Wednesday, 4:14 AM MST (11:14 AM GMT)
01/15 Cancer Full Moon 25ยบ 9:52 PM MST (01/16 4:52 AM GMT)

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