November 4, 2013

USA: Obamacare Fines Charitable Hospitals That Treat Uninsured Children And Poor Americans. Oh My Gosh!!! Obama Nightmare NEVER ENDS! He Wants To Put Them Out Of Business!!!! Like St. Jude Childrens Cancer Hospital! >:/

oh my gosh!!! Obama nightmare NEVER ENDS!!! Obama wants to put private charitable hospitals and private insurance companies out of business AND we will all be left at the MERCY OF THE STATE!!!! Do you really think the State is going to give a damn about saving your life if you have cancer or aids or any other life threatening ailment? Ask any American whose family member had cancer or aids and died waiting to be treated as a government run medicaid patient or a patient in a government run hospital. >:/
Americans and the world were lied to repeatedly that the poor in America had no alternative to private insurance companies that they couldn't afford. St. Jude Childrens Cancer Research Hospital is a non-profit charitable hospital that provides FREE CANCER TREATMENT for children whose parents can not afford the medical expense!
And with regard to HIV/Aids treatment and health care, there have been many times that I've thought why hasn't anybody in the gay community created a non-profit charitable HIV/Aids hospital like St. Jude Childrens Cancer Hospital for HIV/Aids patients who can't afford the cost of HIV/Aids treatment. With all of the BILLIONS of dollars pouring into the numerous U.S. HIV/Aids non-profit charitable organizations since the 1980's, it's astonishing that no one has bothered to implement such an idea.
As I've mentioned many times before, I was raised in the gay community and close friends of my mom and dad whom I called uncles when I was a child were the first to die of this god awful disease in the early 1980's. While I greatly appreciate how many of the HIV/Aids charitable organizations have raised awareness, provided meals, clothing, shelter and provided a community for those struggling with the HIV/Aids virus, we should have never been relying on our government to provide health care for those struggling with HIV/Aides within the gay community. Instead, we should have created non-profit charitable HIV/Aides research hospitals/treatment centers/end of life care across America. That would have been a great addition to the services already being provided by the HIV/Aids charities and a more compassioned use of the BILLIONS of dollars in charitable contributions/resources received since Elizabeth Taylor launched the first Aids Project LA fundraising dinner in 1985. That's almost 30 years ago. If you take a good look at any of the HIV/Aids charities financials, the majority of the charitable grants and charitable contributions received goes toward administrative salaries, wages, benefits and marketing. Trickle down charity?
Now this dream will never become possible with the launch of Obamacare because all HIV/Aides patients will be at the mercy of the State (government) who does not value the life of one human being. Most especially a human being who can't hold their own weight in the State's idea of a collective utopian society and one human being on their death bed cost more to stay alive. Process of elimination.

If Obamacare was so fantastic, then why did Obama, his family, White House staff, Congress and all federeral employees get an exemption? Obama is forcing Obamacare upon all Americans and we will be penalized/fined if we don't comply. YET, Obama, his family, White House staff, Congress and all federal employees will continue recieving excellent health coverage at the expense of the American taxpayers. THE LAWS that our government enforces upon the American people should also apply equally to them as well. There should be no exceptions. PERIOD! WE the People ARE THEIR BOSS NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! America is not a monarchy or autocracy.

And for those of you who are hailing Obamacare because under this new law private insurance companies can no longer deny health insurance to Americans with pre-existing medical conditions, you have not thought out the consequences of this decision. First of all, sure they'll be able to qualify for health insurance now but their premiums and deductibles are going to be very costly, through the roof. And second, under the weight of Obamacare's regulatory mandates, private insurance companies, hospitals and doctors will become limited as is already being reported and then eventually they are going to be squeezed out of existence. So that is why I say we will all eventually be at the mercy of the State (government) who will be deciding our health care needs and medical treatment. Correction, (upper, middle, lower) middle class and poor will be at the mercy of the State. Wealthy Americans will be able to afford what's left of private health care that already caters to them and our government will continue to get the best health benefits at our expense.


American Outlook
written by Staff
Tuesday October 22, 2013

Charitable hospitals that treat uninsured children will now be fined and receive harsher scrutiny when applying for non-profit, tax-exempt status.

The Internal Revenue Service’s Section 501 goes into effect under Obamacare. The provision stipulates new financial penalties for charitable, tax-exempt hospitals that treat uninsured poor Americans. Currently, 60 percent of American hospitals fall under this category.

Analysts explained that charity serves as a major deterrent for the uninsured to enroll in Obamacare, so the Obama administration is fining charitable hospitals.

“Failure to comply, or to prove this continuing need, could result in the loss of the hospital’s tax-exempt status. The hospital would then become a for-profit venture, paying income tax— hence the positive revenue score” for the federal government, explained John Kartch of Americans for Tax Reform.

Kartch added, “Obamacare advocates turned over every rock to find as much tax money as possible.”

The Department of Health and Human Services and the IRS will be reviewing the nation’s hospitals for infractions and imposing penalties as necessary to comply with the Affordable Care Act. Both departments have experienced major scandals this year, leading Americans to distrust their judgment on this issue.

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