November 4, 2013

The Gravity of our Situation Under President Obama's Irresponsible Inept Corrupt Leadership

I absolutely agree with the following sentiment my friend Brady expressed when he posted this picture message on Facebook.
Brady wrote: What's really sad for me is there are so many others who would have been not only Awesome!!! But "ROLE MODELS" for all people to follow... Such a waist!!! I think/hope all know that it's not a left right, conservative liberal, republican democrat... thing to me... We have way too many A$$holes on both sides... Its a human thing! and we humans should act accordingly. We are suppose to be the enlightened ones after all aren't we...
We need to vote in new representatives in congress in 2014 that will reverse/repeal/replace every legislative and executive order Obama has enforced upon Americans that is negatively affecting our livelihood ie; health care and health choice, income/jobs, savings, privacy rights, private property rights etc.

Right now President Obama has the power/authority to sign "executive orders" or mandate the federal agencies under him to follow 'his' guildelines. He has been usurping power above and beyond congress' checks and balances.

Another very important goal for Americans... to hire a president November 2016 that has integrity and believes in INDIVIDUAL freedom, who can repair the economic damage caused by Obama and his admin. We can't even imagine how much more damage Obama will do in the next 3 years. We need to stop the madness. Obama has hurt our economy, our individual rights and our standard of living beyond comprehension.

The following is my reply to a picture message an Obama supporter posted on Facebook. The message read, "Tea Party: Are we really stupid enough to vote against our own best interests? HELL YES!!!"

Let's see... Obama has continued everything that Bush signed into law that infringed on our personal freedoms/bill of rights and ADDED MORE oppressive laws that infringe on our personal freedoms/bill of rights and we in the T.E.A. party are sick and tired of presidents usurping the power and authority over each and every American and you have the NERVE TO CALL US STUPID?!?! We are not the ones fawning over the usurper you praise everyday for taking America down the road to SERFDOM!
I am a former democrat for 20 years and spoke out against everything Bush did in the 8 years he held office and yet all of you who ardently support Obama look upon Obama as a hero/angel for doing the same damn thing BUT WORSE?!?! That makes no sense to me.

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