September 23, 2013

RUSSIA: Islamic Militant Suicide Bomber In Russia's North Caucasus Region Of Dagestan Kills Two, Wounds 20. Last Islamic Militant Suicide Bomb Was On Sept 16th >:/

Reuters news
written by Thomas Grove
Monday September 23, 2013

MOSCOW - A suicide bomber killed two people and injured around 20 outside a police station in Russia's North Caucasus region of Dagestan, a regional Interior Ministry spokesman said.

Insurgents wage almost daily violence in the North Caucasus region to create an Islamic state in the predominantly Muslim region which abuts the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Dagestan, which sits on the Caspian Sea, nearly 600 km from Sochi, has become the focal point of violence that rights groups say is fanned by a combination of radical Islam and anger with corruption and human rights abuses.

The regional Interior Ministry spokesman said six police officers were injured, one of whom was in critical condition.

"The car exploded at the gates of the regional police station and, as a result of the explosion, nearby buildings collapsed ... Twenty people have been taken to hospital," Interfax reported him as saying without identifying him by name.

The national anti-terrorism agency confirmed the bombing and said law enforcement agencies were being sent to the site. It gave no further details.

President Vladimir Putin has made the Sochi games a priority to showcase Russia's modern face and called on all law enforcement agencies to ensure safety there.


Reuters news
written by Thomas Grove
FLASHBACK: Monday September 16, 2013

GROZNY, Russia - Three police were killed by a suicide bomber who detonated a bomb in a car outside a police station in Russia's Chechnya region on Monday, an national anti-terrorism body said.

Five police were also wounded in the bombing, which highlights the instability in the North Caucasus as Russia prepares to hold the Winter Olympics in nearby Sochi in February.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for increased security in the mainly Muslim region, where insurgents are waging an insurgency to establish an Islamist state.

A regional Interior Ministry official told Russian news agency Itar-Tass that police had tried to stop the car before it reached the police compound, near the border with Ingushetia.

Suicide bombings are rare in Chechnya, where separatists have fought two wars against Russian soldiers since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and which is now ruled by Kremlin-backed leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

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