May 31, 2013

LEBANON: Men Carrying $1.2 Million From Beirut Airport Robbed

The Daily Star, Lebanon
written by Staff
Thursday May 30, 2013

BEIRUT - Two men carrying $1.2 million in cash from Beirut airport were robbed at dawn Thursday, a security source told The Daily Star.

The source said gunmen in a Jeep Cherokee and a Kia SUV intercepted Ali Qandil and Fouad Matar in their Nissan Sunny on the airport highway and forced them to go to Haret Hreik in Beirut’s southern suburbs.

After taking a briefcase full of money, the gunmen drove to the Beirut suburb of Hay al-Sellom in a different car where they dropped off Qandil and Matar.

The robbed men said the cash came from a Lebanese person in Africa, according to the source who spoke to The Daily Star on condition of anonymity.

A senior source at the Beirut airport said travelers entering Lebanon may bring any amount of cash to the country as long as they declare the money with customs officers.

The source said airport procedure is to inform Lebanon’s Central Bank about incoming money.

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