May 31, 2013

LEBANON: Beirut Airport Seizes Over 7 kg Of Heroin Headed To Europe

The Daily Star, Lebanon
written by Staff
Monday May 13, 2013

BEIRUT: Authorities at Beirut’s international airport seized Monday approximately 8 kilograms of heroin headed to Europe, the Internal Security Forces said in a statement.

The statement said customs inspectors at Rafik Hariri International Airport detained H.N., 34, after finding 7.75 kilograms of heroin in the suspect’s luggage.

A security source said the estimated street value of the heroin was approximately $200,000.

The police said the H.N. was headed to a European country, without giving further details.

A source at the airport said H.N. was a Lebanese national and was headed to Brussels, Belgium.

The source said H.N. used a double-padded suitcase to try to get past inspection.

H.N. was referred to the Central Anti-Drug Office, the police said in its statement.

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