May 8, 2013

COLOMBIA: Bogus Nuns Caught Smuggling Cocaine In Colombia

Yahoo news Australia
written by AFP staff
Wednesday May 8, 2013

BOGOTA - Three women dressed up as nuns were caught at a Colombian airport trying to smuggle cocaine taped to their bodies, police said Tuesday.

The women were caught Saturday after arriving on Colombia's Caribbean island of San Andres on a flight from Bogota.

They thought the disguise would spare them from being searched. But their habits were shabby and the women acted nervously, which gave them away, said San Andres police chief Jorge Gomez.

Each had two kilos (4.5 pounds) of cocaine taped to their body.

Every month Colombia catches dozens of people trying to act as drug couriers headed abroad, with cocaine hidden everywhere from inside books to inside the stomachs.

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