October 18, 2011

Victoria Jackson From The Hollywood TEA Party Goes To Visit With "Occupy Wall Street" Protestors.

Love it! She exposes the Marxist idiocy! The guy in the video says Jesus would be a Marxist Socialist. WOW! He said What would Jesus do (WWJD)? So typical. These people at OWS who say WWJD despise Jesus but always conveniently use him for political reasons. They've never read His words in Bible. Jesus taught "Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day!" Jesus taught us to depend on God Almighty who takes care of ALL of our needs. He NEVER TAUGHT TO DEPEND ON THE GOVERMENT! NOR did Jesus approve of OPPRESSION! opposite of God's WORD which is INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM! OWS folks depend on government NOT God. Oh and by the way, Jesus does not teach collective salvation. That is a lie perpetrator by Marxist to trap people in their net of a deceptive utopia that actually leads to serfdom. Jesus teaches individual salvation.

Another thing I'd like to point out is how clever these Marxist are with the wording on their signs. This guy is holding a sign that reads "Save our Republic". and he clearly states that he is a Marxist Socialist! Do you see how conniving they are. They are using T.E.A. party slogans to deceive their audience. They don't give a sh*t about our US constitution NOR our country as it stands as a REPUBLIC ie; Individual rights, Individual freedom! Individual responsibility! FREEDOM OF CHOICE! FREEDOM TO EXPRESS YOURSELF!

Under Marxism, the government places no value on human beings. Just look at what happened in the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin. How many people were STARVED TO DEATH? or outright murdered. The same is true in China under Mao, North Korea under Kim Jong-il, Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe, Cuba under Castro, Venezuela under Chavez. The list goes on and on. Marxism sounds like it is "for the people". But that is the deception and countless of innocent souls have been murdered as a result of this theory being practiced.

I am specifically directing my description to Karl Marx and his proponents. Just take a good look at every country around the world who has followed his diseased theories. There is NO MIDDLE CLASS under Marxism. They eliminate the middle class because it is the gateway to go from poverty to earning great wealth. They know a person does not go from poverty to wealth. A person in a FREE SOCIETY can climb out of poverty and grow into the middle class and if they want to can grow into the wealthy class. It is an INDIVIDUAL CHOICE. Under Marxism, the general population suffers under the iron fist of communism or quasi communism known as socialism. The government, its employees and anyone in society that has direct ties with the government prospers. Naturally, the Marxist ruling government knows they will remain in power because their supporters/loyalist will want to continue getting their benefits from the government and "vote" them back in or defend the government at all cost. The rest of the general population suffers in equal poverty and is forced to be dependent on the government and is silenced from speaking up against the Marxist government in any way shape or form. The government that giveth has the POWER to also take it ALL away! That is not FREEDOM. I advocate INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM for ALL of humanity on this planet.

Do you how many innocent souls were MURDERED under Marxist Communism/Socialism iron fist rule? Click HERE to find out. Karl Marx wins the award for most deaths in history due to one man. More than 120 MILLION total Karl Marx inspired mass murders. 80 MILLION innocent souls were murdered in total under Mao Marxist Communist rule. Mao murdered 45 MILLION alone in just 4 years during the Great Leap Forward.

I wanted to share the definition for "no conscience" with you and at the top of my search results was Psychopathy from wikipedia. Wow! It so describes Mao Tse-Tung and every other monster that has walked this earth that was influenced by Karl Marx teachings aka Marxism.

"Psychopathy is a mental disorder characterized primarily by a lack of empathy and remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, and deceptiveness. Psychopaths are highly prone to antisocial behavior and abusive treatment of others, and are very disproportionately responsible for violent crime. Though lacking empathy and emotional depth, they often manage to pass themselves off as normal people by feigning emotions and lying about their pasts. Despite being currently unused in diagnostic manuals, psychopathy and related terms such as psychopath are still widely used by mental health professionals and laymen alike. Despite the similarity of the names, psychopaths are rarely psychotic."

What kills me is why aren't any of these folks Occupying the Green firms that have robbed us blind? I didn't agree with the bank bailouts but at least those aholes paid us back. The "green" companies Obama's admin has GIVEN tons of money to have taken the money and either gone bankrupt or moved operations to another country. Or how about an Occupy GM or Chrysler who also robbed us blind and continues to?! I can go on with the massive theft being perpetrated by our government and their friends!

I am being sarcastic. We shouldn't be Occupying anything other than holding our elected officials accountable for handing over our tax money to those folks and others I mentioned above. All those corporations the protesters want to Occupy are PRIVATE corporations! and not every corporation is bad. Even private non-profit organizations are sucking on the government teet and getting handouts from OUR TREASURY (public checkbook). Plus, the UN and WHO and IMF and NATO and foreign countries are also getting money directly from us. Our government is handing out money to whomever and whatever and IGNORES taking CARE OF OUR OWN causing public services to suffer that we the people have already paid for in taxes and then have THE NERVE to ask Americans pay more in TAXATION! F*** Y**! Our government wants to TAKE MORE of the income WE EARNED so they can continue robbing us blind by misappropriating and mismanaging the tax revenue. I don't think so! Oh yeah they talk the good talk. But all I see is money going out everywhere else but important key issues in America! and then the f***er has the NERVE, the NERVE to ask for another half a TRILLION taxpayer dollars so he can blow it on his union buddies and government employees. President Obama's job's bill doesn't help the unemployed at all!

What nobody is talking about are the billions of dollars unaccounted for that disappeared via TARP!!! I would like to know where that money went and to whom! We need to hold our government officials in Washington accountable. They are getting a huge kick out of this Occupy bs because it takes the attention away from them who have actually conned us! I would like to point out that NOT ALL in Washington D.C. are crooked dirty rotten scoundrels. But that's where our control is because they WORK FOR US, we pay their salaries, benefits and expense accounts. We are THEIR EMPLOYER! and I WANT ANSWERS!


The TEA party movement wants a smaller efficient fiscally responsible government and we want capitalism (FREE MARKETS) and we are holding our elected officials accountable. The TEA party movement respects and is fighting to defend individual rights and private property rights, which by the way also includes those of you who hate us. The TEA party wants to take back America from the elites by taking back our government. The TEA party movement is tracking and reading legislative bills that may positively or negatively affect us all. The TEA party movement wants to remain a FREE Republic! Occupy Wall Street movement wants to take what does not belong to them. That's what occupy means. Occupy Wall Street movement wants a BIGGER government that will take care of all of their needs. Occupy Wall Street movement does not respect individual rights nor do they respect private property rights. Occupy Wall Street movement is not tracking and reading legislative bills, no they TRUST what government officials and the media tell them is in the legislative bills. Occupy Wall Street movement wants to destroy America's Republic and replace it with Marxist Communism!


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