October 18, 2011

Communist Jed Brandt: We Need To Destroy The United States! Jed Is One Of The People Who Organized Occupy Wall Street Journal Newspaper! MARXIST COMMUNISM IS OPPRESSION!

"Jed Brandt is a member of the Kasama Project, and advocates for the formation of a new communist movement (Maoism). The Kasama Project is a United States-based network of people organized to support a communist project "for the forcible overthrow and transformation of all existing social conditions."

Kasama began as a website hosted by Mike Ely, an activist formerly with the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. Ely authored Nine Letters to Our Comrades, in which he critiqued the RCP, USA's "new synthesis" theory.

Kasama is affiliated with Khukuri, a website on Marxist theory, and Revolution in South Asia, which primarily covers struggles in India and Nepal. In addition, a Houston, Texas-based group, the FIRE Collective, has a close relationship with Kasama." [source: wikipedia]

From 9/16/09: Communist Jed Brandt calls for America to be destroyed. Take over farms and insurance companies. Jed Brandt is one of the people Who Organized the "Occupied Wall Street Journal" Newspaper.

This is the bullsh*t all of you at OWS are supporting. This guy is so brainwashed! They want to TAKE what doesn't belong to them. Isn't that also know as STEALING?! Just saying... These are the people who have infiltrated the Democratic party and the Labor Unions!

I still can't believe the mindset of wanting to burn down the city they live in. They want work and they are burning down any possibility of work in their cities. Why would ANY COMPANY want to do business in their town knowing there is a very high risk that their property will be vandalized or burn down?! Very stupid way to ask for help don't you think. They are cutting off their nose to spite their face. :/

They call America the "white Republic". WOW these communist freaks are sad pathetic basket cases! Our US constitution PROTECTS US ALL! We are ONE NATION, ONE FAMILY and the fabric of this country is woven from people of every race! We are the only country where we are presumed innocent until proven guilty or at least we were before the TSA pat downs and the Patriot Act! :/

This jerk has not a clue what OPPRESSION and SLAVERY really are! He thinks 10% of our population lives in slavery and oppression. WOW! OPPRESSION means FORCED to stay down! SLAVERY means FORCED to work with NO PAY and in god awful conditions! NO FREE WILL! He says that "America has met the needs of American working people on the backs of third world plantations for my whole lifetime." Has he ever visited a third world plantation? Most likely not because he would clearly know that the American working class which are mostly NON-UNION by the way, 85% to be exact receive decent wages, decent working conditions, legal rights that third world plantations do not. Oh and American workers can also be promoted to a higher position. And if an American worker is dissastified with their employer, they can leave/resign and find another employer that can provide what they need. American workers are not stuck or forced to work for one employer their entire lives.

This jackass keeps referring to America as an empire. We are NOT AN EMPIRE! Our founding fathers fought the British empire and won to establish this FREE COUNTRY we call America that people from around the WORLD still risk their lives to live here and know that if they work hard they too can enjoy a successful and prosperous life. Spain, England, Italy (Rome), France, Portugal, Dutch established empires by conquering and occupying/colonizing many parts of the world. Why do you think they speak French in Haiti? Some African nations language is either English, French or Dutch. All of Latin America speaks Spanish because they were conquered by Spain. I hope you catch my drift on this. I don't have time to go into this lesson right now. My point is we do not "occupy" or have not "colonzied" any country where Americans have taken over by force and now live.

I have to share this great comment posted by another person in response to this video: "Listen to what he is saying, He thinks voting doesn't work so he wants violence in the streets... a well organized rioting... COMMUNISM is the brotherhood of all people? I guess he is right... when the government wants to kill everybody so then you have to unite... This guy is a comedy of logical fallacies and contradictions. Freedom through tyranny. Liberty through control. This needs to be shown nationally. This guy is the problem not the solution to our problems." VERY WELL SAID!!!

Do you how many innocent souls were MURDERED under Marxist Communism/Socialism iron fist rule? Click HERE to find out. Karl Marx wins the award for most deaths in history due to one man. More than 120 MILLION total Karl Marx inspired mass murders. 80 MILLION innocent souls were murdered in total under Mao Marxist Communist iron fist rule. Mao murdered 45 MILLION alone in just 4 years during the Great Leap Forward from 1958-1962.

I wanted to share the definition for "no conscience" with you and at the top of my search results was Psychopathy from wikipedia. Wow! It so describes Mao Tse-Tung and every other monster that has walked this earth that was influenced by Karl Marx teachings aka Marxism.

"Psychopathy is a mental disorder characterized primarily by a lack of empathy and remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, and deceptiveness. Psychopaths are highly prone to antisocial behavior and abusive treatment of others, and are very disproportionately responsible for violent crime. Though lacking empathy and emotional depth, they often manage to pass themselves off as normal people by feigning emotions and lying about their pasts. Despite being currently unused in diagnostic manuals, psychopathy and related terms such as psychopath are still widely used by mental health professionals and laymen alike. Despite the similarity of the names, psychopaths are rarely psychotic."

I have typed a transcript of the first few minutes just in case they get this video proof removed from Youtube. These groups have been censoring all of these video's because they don't want the general public to hear the truth.


Everyone should step back and look at how things seem from the white fanatic. They see the white republic that they built. They see America losing its preeminent global position. In two losing wars. In Latin America falling out of position, with Fidel Castro dying a hero in Latin America, we have Huge Chavez laughing his ass off. They see their empire disintegrating and this is part of the thing, I don't think we're going to be needing peoples ?, and I don't think we're going to need to help this capitalist system. Which has met the needs of American working people on the backs of third world plantations for my whole lifetime. We don't have to help that. We have to help to BRING THIS GOVERNMENT DOWN. We have to help DESTROY this system and that requires increasing the alienation that working class and oppressed people feel. The way change is going to happen in this country is to the DESTRUCTION of what we call the United States of America!

And we're not going to do it. It's because of ? trickle up forces are doing this on its own. When Obama says that there will not be healthcare for illegal immigrants and I might add abortion, what he is saying right very clearly is that America always has 10% of its population ENSLAVED. When the dreadscot decision said that the black man has no rights the white man is bound to respect, as we know we can change the definition of what whiteness means. Alright and I'll just speak here as a white man. I don't often do this in leftwing situations. But I'm opposed to white supremecy not because it's white people involved. I'm opposed to the system that we traditionally call imperialism and the idea that some people have rights and privilidges that are not granted to all human beings. And the solution to that problem is called COMMUNISM and SOCIALISM and we should put it in our mouths. We should say it when they say what is your politics, "I am a socialist. I demand that we have healthcare for people and it's not a demand that's negotiatable with Healthcare companies. WE WILL TAKE YOUR INSURANCE COMPANIES. WE WILL TAKE THE FARMS OF THIS COUNTRY. WE WILL SHUT DOWN THE MILITARY APARATUS IN THIS COUNTRY. And I'm tired of being told to stuff my anger back in my pants. It's got to end.

When people say there is not a left in this country... NO, I sat in meetings in this city where leading members of the left said we will not have an anti-war movement, we will not embarrass our democratic party candidate. That is a fact. And we don't need to say the names of these people. But goddammit why are they still sitting in the same chairs and so-called anti-war coalitions when they endorse what this government has done and the supporting of Gaza and the seige that's happening right now, it is happening right now! and I want to put some gravel in my voice because all this thing that we're all on a coalition, let's just be clear one more time. Van Jones is not a communist. He was 10 years ago and just like him when the Los Angeles riots and rebellions happened, I was there, it changed my life. A few years before that I said it's over. I watched 1989, I watched Tieneman Square, I watched the Berlin Wall. I said it's all over. Right. But then Los Angeles erupted and the people who were told they didn't matter, they burned that city to the ground. And the next time that fight happens I want it to be an organized fight that's progressive and not simply arsen. I watched France burn this year and goddammit I'm with those people. That's it. We have a left. There's a fight to be had and we should stop pussy footing around.

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