September 22, 2011

US Pediatrician Doctor Raped Dozens Of Children, Toddlers And Called It Medical Care! o...m...g!!! WTH?!? MONSTER! >:/

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written by PF Louis
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A pediatrician has been tried and convicted for several counts of child sex crimes. The victims were his patients, and most were toddlers under 3 years of age. Dr. Earl P. Bradley got away with his deviant sexual behavior with over 100 toddler patients for years.

How he managed to go on for so long is the issue. And he is not the only pediatrician to have finally been caught for sexually molesting children and getting away with that for years.

A Dark Dirty Secret Goes Mainstream

A CBS Evening News Exclusive visited Lewes, Delaware, where Bradley had practiced pediatric pedophilia for years. The report also disclosed that 20 other pediatricians in several different states had been arrested and convicted for crimes similar to Bradley's over the past decade.

Bradley actually made over eighty videos of him violating his victims. Those videos were presented in court as evidence against him.

The criminal arrests usually only happen to pediatric pedophiles after rumors and suspicions have circulated for years. Whenever a State Medical Board investigation does occur after parental complaints, the offending doctors manage to slip away and get certified in another state.

According to Harvard pediatric professor Dr. Eli Newburger, a pattern is emerging within pediatrics that is similar to that of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church, who are not punished but simply transferred to other parishes with their past behavior hidden. Dr. Newburger warns that the similarity extends to what he called "organized cover ups."

The pattern of internally covering up matters for doctors is similar. Bradley had his pedophile issues reported to the Pennsylvania Medical Board before moving his practice to Delaware.

Other child sex predator doctors would have their run-ins with medical authorities and simply move into another state to start up their practices again with their dark secrets unrevealed.

Delaware prosecutors for Bradley's case claimed there was a code of silence among Bradley's colleagues in the clinic and the hospital where he had patient rights. It could be more a case of professionally correct denial among his peers. Many withheld suspicions, even when Bradley's vaginal examinations "took too long."

Another problem with identifying pediatric pedophilia is with the kids and parents. Many children are so young, they're not sure what's going on or they don't know how to describe what happened.

Some children who are linguistically developed are afraid to disclose what the doctor actually did, and those that do tell are often not believed. Not many parents want to be cognizant of the ugly truth.

But ugly things can and do occasionally happen. It's wise to insist on being present while your child is examined.

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