September 22, 2011

Head Of A Korean Bank Jumps From 6th-floor Building As Prosecutors Raid Offices! WOW!!! :o He Would Rather Commit Suicide Than Be Publicly Tried, Exposed And SHAMED!

Yonhap news
written by Staff
Friday September 23, 2011

SEOUL - The head of one of the nation's seven savings banks whose operations were suspended due to capital shortages last week was found dead in an apparent suicide Friday, police said.

Jeong Gu-haeng, 50-year-old president of Seoul's Jeil 2 Savings Bank, appears to have jumped from his office on the sixth floor of the bank's main office building in central Seoul, police said as prosecutors raided the head offices of the seven banks in search of clues for possible irregularities by their executives and large shareholders.

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