September 5, 2011

The Truth Known Must Manifest

I was cleaning out my closet and came across a shoebox filled with an old collection of Creative Thought magazines dating back to the late 1990's. And yes, before you ask, the magazine's are small enough to fit in a shoebox lol ;) I'd like to share one of the daily devotionals from the December 1998 issue. Enjoy! ♥

The Truth Known Must Manifest
written by Dr. David J. Walker
The Truth is instantaneous in its demonstration. ~ by Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind
I am known in and by the Mind of which I am part as a perfect representation of all that It is. The world of experience cannot alter that which is eternally true. The Truth never changes, and it is to Truth that I give my attention.

The power in my life is in my mind, and I keep that power where it belongs. I assign to no one else the power to affect me. No condition or circumstance has the power to throw me off balance. I am secure in my own identity as a divine being, and I am in right relationship to all that concerns me. I know the Truth.

What I require for myself emanates from a Divine Reality that already exists. I require relationships based on love and commitment, work that is fulfilling, dynamic health and wealth that far exceeds my basic needs. I require spiritual prosperity to appear in every phase of my life. I know the Truth, and the Truth manifests now.

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