April 10, 2011

Wow! I Was Just Led To This Beautiful Description Of How To Attain Oneness With God. The Path To Get Closer To God is A Spiritual Transformation Process. ♥ Just beautiful ♥ Part 2 of 3

God-Realization and God-Union
[source: Kriya Yoga]

At any time and during any incarnation anywhere in God's Divine Creation we may choose to love and we thus may chose to return. God is grace, love and mercy. Nothing could ever keep us away from our Divine home in God except our own desires and conventions.

It is you, beloved Child of God who decides whether this shall be your last incarnation or how many incarnations will be ahead of you within a physical body. If you decide so and are fully devoted to God and to develop Divine Love NOW, you may surely reach this goal. However beware of the fact that this "project" may be a loving full time job for the remainder of this present incarnation, no matter how many years you "hope" are left. Never consider youth as a guarantee, that you still have plenty of time to "play around" on this planet and that you may start your spiritual development later on, after enjoying your career and whatever you imaging of being able to enjoy so far away from your cosmic Lover. NOW may be your last minute in your physical body. God or your own Karma may call you any time away from where you are now. The highest reward you can ever achieve is God-Union leading to God-Realization. It gives you freedom for eternity - everlasting freedom, a Divine God-Consciousness, awareness of the Divine Creation, a Divine Being for eternity and eternal Divine Bliss flowing through you.

The picture 1 shows a soul with the Divine core being in God. From top downwards we see the symbols for the different bodies, that came to existence when descending to the physical plane. Each lower body is denser than the previous one, causing the consciousness to be more and more obscured when further descending away from the fine vibration of God-Consciousness resulting soon in a complete ignorance about the souls origin and a total loss of orientation for a while. A while meaning anything from years to decades to millions of years, depending on individual development of attachments, desires and other forms of Karma.

If you NOW plan to spiritually progress, then you best start to imagine that the innermost truth of you is Divine and permanently in contact with God. And you invite God to live in all parts of your body, in all aspects of your Divine Being. This will cause the low vibration of the denser bodies being transformed to the higher vibration being hosted now. Just invite God to live in your body. Make your entire body a Divine Temple of God. Devote all your love to God and remember that all surrounding beings in his entire creation finally are expression of the Divine. So you learn to include all parts of the creation in your love. Surrender your ego and all parts thereof to God and the Divine shall replace it by his eternal divinity. Until you are a fully realized Divine Child of God.

The pictures 2, 3 and 4 showing this step by step process of descending God into your physical body. Be a host of the Divine and become Divine yourself. It is so easy, all you need to do is just devote your time to God and Divine Love and soon you may become a Divine Being of Love. But learn to love - nothing but love - whatever others are doing, thinking, feeling, saying. Stop arguing, discussing, mentally or physically fighting and start loving in all and any situation. Dissolve all the obstacles of life in the fire of Divine Love and everything vanishes leaving but pure Divinity within your self.

In the beginning of spiritual progress while having a physical body, you start to sense metaphysical energy around yourself, either by seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling or any other form of sensual perception. The energies you perceive may range from aura of beings to the energy of emotions, thoughts, natural energies of objects and the entire creation. This includes perception of beings without physical body, like our ancestors or other "Spirits" who have left us earlier and may still be around us or visiting us from time to time. Also the appearance of your spiritual guide or angels may start at this point to become visible to you. This all usually is the result of the astral senses becoming awakened and working. Be happy to see more and more of the World beyond the physical plane, it may make life much easier for you if you learn to live with this additional senses awakened. However concentrate on continuous spiritual progress. The journey to God just started here and there are lots of interesting lessons and experiences ahead of you. Life now starts to become more and more filled with joy and Divine Bliss.

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