April 10, 2011

Wow! I Was Just Led To This Beautiful Description Of How To Attain Oneness With God. The Path To Get Closer To God is A Spiritual Transformation Process. ♥ Just beautiful ♥ Part 1 of 3

God-Realization and God-Union
[source: Kriya Yoga]

Spiritual progress and development can basically take place in two different ways.
  • Within and during physical incarnation working toward and reaching God-Realization through God-Union oneness with God
  • Working gradually on your spiritual development during the course of many incarnations, moving step by step up into higher spheres of vibration until you finally reach God-Union and thus God-Realization
Let's first have a look at the second one. Incarnation by incarnation moving upward with your vibration toward God-Realization. This means working your self out of the cycle of physical reincarnation, astral reincarnation, causal reincarnation, reaching soul-realization and finally God-Realization. In between the physical dimension of existence and soul-realization there are hundreds of different spheres to pass through. This is a very common way nowadays. It means that you may live a "normal" non-spiritual life without any efforts to spiritually learn. But of course the Divine creation is made a certain way that keeps people learning without realizing it. The grace and mercy of the Divine is of such loving nature that everything we live and suffer through leads to an efficient learning process of our Divine Being. Meaning that during the course of numerous incarnations we continuously learn and spiritually progress, sometimes during the course of dozens or hundreds of incarnation, until we finally find ourselves involved in a conscious search of the Divine, thus starting to speed our efforts to progress faster and faster. Our soul starves for the Love of our heavenly father, our cosmic eternal lover and we suddenly and willingly drop everything that could ever have separated us from becoming one with our beloved source of Love.

As we drop more and more behaviors, desires and wishes that might have caused us to stay away from our beloved one, we come closer and closer, starting to perceive - first behind the dust of ignorance - small brilliant sprinkles of the Divine Love surrounding us all the time. As we get closer to our source, we perceive more and more precisely the loving truth of God and ourselves as his Divine Children and our efforts supported by our ever increasing enlightenment of our consciousness and awareness of his almighty Love, this Divine Love is acting like a infinite magnetic power the closer we get to God. All we need to do, is just drop more and more of what ever was separating us from him and he, the Divine will carry us back to our Divine Home on his vibration of Divine Love. We may easily fly on our wings of Love - on our way to God. The more we concentrate on God and his Divine Love, the more of his Divine vibration of Love is entering our being. Devotion of life and your daily work.

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