April 13, 2011

Love My Way... It's A New Road ♥

This is how I'm feeling right now about this world's MADNESS ie; 1) Bolivia has drafted a UN treaty to give Mother Earth the same rights as human beings which is absurd to me when human beings still don't have rights in many parts of the world. 2) The public service unions are collapsing economies around the world and don't give a sh*t as long as their benefits are not affected. 3) Many US Corporations don't pay ANY taxes legally thanks to loopholes granted to them by our government, instead they are receiving tax credits from our government in the BILLIONS! 4) Obama is replaying an old record of his hoping the public won't notice his job performance for the past two years. 5) Governments are giving mad scientist carte blanche with cloning of livestock and genetically modified or genetically engineered food to impose on the general public. 6) The radical environmentalist utopian nuts want to push everybody into becoming vegetarians, ride bicycles and live in sustainable societies meaning urban living with no commute. Research the UN's Agenda 21. 7) Global Warming is a farse with Maurice Strong heading this mega con on the global general public. Of course with the help of his lap dog Al Gore who harms the earth much more than all of us regular folks put together. The wealthy who are gun ho about Global Warming use more energy and burn more fossil fuel and emit more CO2 in one day than I do in one year. There is no such thing as an offset. The biggest offenders are still allowed to pollute the environment by government agencies the world over. Don't tell us regular folks that we must change our ways ie; control our water usage, forced to buy expensive lightbulbs, forced to pay higher energy cost and impose your agendas on all of us when none of you are changing.

Those in positions of power "think" they can play games with our lives! We are ALL BORN FREE and we want to keep it that way. The "Power's That Be", the elitist of this world tend to forget that we, the masses OUTNUMBER them. We are tired of you taking advantage of us for your personal gain. Game over!

This will give you some perspective. The United States population is just a mere fraction of both China and India. So tell me again why the Utopian social justice nuts claim that Americans are the biggest polluters in the world?!?! These other two countries have the poorest waste management systems established and in vast parts of their country they just look the other way with polluters.

World population [source: wikipedia]

People's Republic of China = 1,343,430,000 = 1.343 BILLION people
India = 1,210,193,422 = 1.210 BILLION people
United States = 311,160,000 = 311 MILLION people

"People are born to be free… it's a gift from God.
We're not free from responsibility,
but free to be led by the Holy Spirit."
~ by Joyce Meyer

"No matter how strong the wind of evil may blow,
the flame of Truth cannot be extinguished."
~ by Dalai Lama

Love My Way ~ The Psychedelic Furs

There's an army
On the dancefloor
It's a fashion
With a gun my love
In a room
Without a door
A kiss is not enough

Love my way
It's a new road
I follow where
My mind goes

They'd put us
On a railroad
They'd dearly
Make us pay
For laughing
In their faces
And making it our way

There's emptiness
Behind their eyes
There's dust
In all their hearts
They just want to
Steal us all
And take us all apart

Love my way
It's a new road
I follow where
My mind goes

Swallow all your tears my love
Put on your new face
You can never win or lose
If you don't run the race

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