January 11, 2011

We The People!

Have you ever notice that our U.S. Constitution starts off with WE THE PEOPLE in LARGE BOLD PRINT. Our founding fathers didn't use a LARGE FONT by accident. That was purposely written like that as a constant reminder to all of us and to ALL of our ELECTED representatives. The United States is a "Government of the people, by the people, for the people, and shall not perish from the Earth." THE PEOPLE!

I'd like to share the exchange I had with my facebook friends after posting this on my profile.

Russ: Excellent point! The key word is "WE"..........NOT THEM........

Brad: WE THE PEOPLE have decided to hand over power to government in order that we may enjoy a more perfect NFL season and be able to focus on Dancing With the Stars.

Josette (Me): @Brad, well that's precisely what our government misses... => The masses so into their own lives and not paying any attention to what they are doing. Sorry government the masses are waking up and intend to hold you accountable with every legislative vote you make, we want to know if you are even showing up to vote, what kinds of legislative bills you sponsor, and how you are managing the tax revenue you collect from all of us. And we will let you know how we feel about your performance every election date at the voting booth.

Josette: What kills me is that people living in other countries would die to have a Constitution like ours. In fact, most do. For instance, in Burma their military ruled government altered their Constitution to prevent their opposition party from running against them. They changed the language in the document. And on top of that kept their main opponent Aung San Suu Kyi locked up under house arrest for 15 years. The military regime arrested her right after she won a legitimate presidential election by a landslide. She was recently released AFTER they held a general election. This was the first election held in Burma since she won 20 years ago and I pray that she remain safe. In the past, they've released her only to find another way to arrest her again. There are still thousands of people from the opposition party held as political prisoners in Burma. This kind of government like ours are the FEARFUL one's. TRUTH scares the sh*t out of them. So they do their damdest to surpress it. The only way they can stay in power is to silence the opposition by every means possible. That is what military dictatorships and communist nations do best!

Ben: All this was allowed to happen to silence the fact that people are waking up to the zionist lies and domination of the u.s. And the west as a whole. We must continue to resist this systems tyranny no matter what.

Josette: @Ben, I hope that you are aware that the NWO includes the elitist from ALL nations?! It's not just a west thing or u.s. thing. We are the ONLY country that is a REPUBLIC. They want to dismantle our Constitution and bring us to our knee's so they can resurrect a Marxist Socialist nation filled with CLONES!

Josette: @Ben, with us becoming a Marxist Socialist nation that completes their plan for the NWO. It makes the transition easier. All the pieces fall into place if every country shares the same ideology.

Safari: They will use this tragedy every way they can! I just logged onto my private fb and saw friends posting that it was Palin's fault! For God's sakes! How ignorant can they be? So you can believe when I say I loaded up my page with some choice articles that I already posted here and left some serious comments. I wonder how many friends and family will hate me tomorrow? lol I really don't care anymore. They are part of the problem. I can't tolerate it anymore and my silence is the same as condoning it. And I will continue to question the government even louder if this is how they feel about it. Thanks for the post.

Josette: @Safari, I'm with you. I too will continue to share information with everybody. Most especially when it's new laws our govt intends to pass that will adversely affect all of us. I'm doing what the govt should be doing and that is called "transparency". If they want to continue operating in a secret way, well I will continue exposing them as long as we remain a REPUBLIC nation. The public needs to know what kind of laws they are passing, how they are spending our money and how bad the economy really is. The mainstream media is spoonfeeding the public what the govt wants to be shared and nothing more. Someone has to look out for the people.

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