January 11, 2011

Political Targeting Facebook Exchange

I'd like to share the facebook exchange I had with friends after posting those pictures showing BOTH sides using targeting as a political strategy. But before you read my thoughts I'm sharing with you below, I want to make clear that I was born into and raised in a very very LIBERAL household and environment. I am a former Democrat turned INDEPENDENT! and I AM THE TEA PARTY! My mom who still insists on calling herself a LIBERAL (in the TRUE SENSE of the word meaning a FREE SPIRIT while respecting others.) is also part of the TEA party movement. The term Liberal has been hijacked by socialist clones who despise anyone who questions their assumptions. With socialist clones, you must "think" like the collective or else they will destroy you one way or another.

The T.E.A. party movement is made up of concerned AMERICANS from ALL political affiliations; Democrat, Republican, Independent, Liberatarian, and Liberal from ALL races and ages, straight and gay. The far-left would have all of you believe that we are right-wing rabid republican extremist so that you despise us and refuse to get involved in holding our government accountable. But the truth is, Americans in the T.E.A. party movement come from diverse backgrounds, yet we can ALL agree on one thing worth defending and that is... our CIVIL LIBERTIES! our INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS! our FREE WILL!

"It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it." ~ by W. Somerset Maugham


Jennifer: The mistake people make is trying to differentiate between the parties... and it seems to me that once people choose a side they start to defend stupidity...but thats just my opinion.....

Josette (Me): @Jennifer, the problem is the far-left is making Sarah Palin out to be the source of the lunatic's action because of the map she posted. This is like a marketing strategy ONLY it is a political strategy. BOTH sides use the SAME SYMBOLS. But the far-left are opportunist using this tragedy to attempt to destroy their oppositioin. They are despicable.

Jennifer: I think they are all bad. They are ALL despicable to me. Good evil its all a flip of the coin and it all depends on who is lookin at it as to how good or bad it is both parties pray on peoples emotions. In some ways I wish people would learn to be less emotional and MORE logical.

David: The only difference between the parties... is the spelling. A lot of what we see is theater to keep us busy. Keep us believing we have a choice.

Jennifer: The REAL lie is that we HAVE a choice! both parties are just keeping us distracted thats all.

Mohammed: If voting ever brought real change , it would be made illegal too. - emma goldman

Jennifer: I don't think voting really helps, the Bilderberg Group decides whose winning anyways.

Josette (Me): @Jennifer @David, you can't fall for that either. The notion that we don't have a choice. That is a HELPLESS attitude and won't solve anything. We do have choice's. We do have power. Our govt with the help of the media wants us to feel like we can't possibly understand laws. They look down on us in a condescending way acting like arrogant superior elitist. It is OUR government, NOT theirs. They are ELECTED officials and therefore need to represent us NOT their personal self interest and that of their cronies. They work for us not the other way around!

David: Sadly, I agree with Jennifer. Candidates are chosen on both sides by other than us. Kerry? Gore? Both Bushes? Come on!!! The illusion of choice.

Josette: @David, because people have gone to the voting booths without having done any research on the candidates and then selected the most popular person. Political candidates have not been seriously vetted by the public. We've become sheep for decades and are responsible for getting to where we are today. We really need to get involved. All of us. Not just a few. Information is key and knowledge is power. That's what the politicians on BOTH sides don't like to see happening. Most especially the men behind the curtain pulling their strings. WE outnumber them.

Mohammed: Yes we do have power. But we have no unity amongst the masses. Somehow or the other people trip and fall over propaganda and help the elitists divide and rule. Plus only insane control freaks craze about ruling the rest. The others like me pursue a live and let live policy and in a laid back fashion enjoy out lives!

Mohammed: No matter how informed you are once you head to the voting booth you couldnt have a done a dumber act than that!!! Global non compliance with the system on all fronts is the key!

Mohammed: The arizona shooting is a prime example how divide and rule works. How the tea party is condemned with a scapegoat turned a martyr and off late since a jewish affliation and all connection an anti semtic angle is also theorised! and off all this crap we are bound to filter the truth. How about we give a damn since its just a god damn politician after all. What are elitists left to mind rape us further. Lets concentrate on the millions of innocents killed daily based on their policies!

Josette: @Mohammed, that's the feeling "they" want everybody to have. A feeling that your vote means sh*t. They want the public to feel helpless and unimportant, with no power at all. That's why idiots and con-artist get elected in low income neighborhoods. These con-artist specifically target those areas knowing damn well if they pour on the charm and make it about popularity and that's all it takes to get elected and then suck on the government teete earning an AWESOME SALARY DOING NOTHING for the rest of their lives under the guise of PUBLIC SERVICE! What came to light in the City of Bell is a good example of what I'm describing. Also, take a good look at the demise of Detroit, Michigan. Our government is spending BILLIONS of our federal taxpayer dollars REBUILDING Afghanistan and Iraq. Meanwhile, Detroit is left looking like a WASTELAND. Tons of money has been funnelled to Detroit politicians mainly Democrats for supposedly for projects and how has that money been spent? Certainly not on the city!

Mohammed: I understand your commitment @josette. I share the same passion of cleaning up the system. All i am saying is using the system to beat the system is a pretty outdated method for a revolution. All I'm saying is lets use a shorter route and not grant any legitimacy to our current so call leaders. Global non compliance is the key. Or your method goes as per the saying: Let them march as long as they pay their taxes!

Josette: ‎@Mohammed, I know you've had your share of horrible lying politicians in India for a very long time. So I can understand your apathy with politics. Believe me, I have moments when I dream of not giving a damn and moving to Fiji. But something deep down within me won't let me give up. Something deep down within me is saying but who then will look out for the PEOPLE, the masses. If everybody gives up like you suggest and does not participate / get involved, then all we're doing is handing power over to the very people that you detest. Then we can only blame ourselves for the end result. Which will most likely be total control over everything we now hold dearly: FREEDOM of thought, FREEDOM of choice, FREEDOM of movement.

Senet: The truth is that all sides are fatally flawed (Republican / Democrat / Tea Party)...! Adults discussing politics is like preschoolers arguing over a piece of candy that isn't theirs to begin with. They refuse logic and they are all corrupt.... The system has been designed this way and the only way to change it is by learning to be independent people and smart consumers. We can bitch and complain round N round... decade after decade, nothing gets better... things only get worse. And, we have ourselves to thank by allowing deception to cloud our minds, by voting with blind ignorance at the ballots, and by not voting with our dollar on a DAILY basis. The world is the way it is because of mass ignorance and greed for money (stuff). So, the only true change will happen when WE THE PEOPLE begin to starve the beast. Welcome to the human race... you all must be so damn proud.

Josette: ‎@Senet you wrote, "Welcome to the human race... you all must be so damn proud." Are you not part of the human race? Oh and what else are you doing to contribute to society other than bitch and complain about our state of affairs? I would really like to know. You have constantly been pointing fingers at everybody, yet I have not once heard you mention any solutions.

Josette: @Senet you wrote, "the only way to change it is by learning to be independent people and smart consumers." While I absolutely agree with this part of your comment, what good is that if OUR GOVERNMENT is creating new LAWS that will prevent us from making our OWN CHOICES?!? Our government "thinks" that we are unable to be responsible consumers and therefore is arranging it so that "they" decide what is in our best interest!

Josette: @Senet, we are not clones thank goodness. At least not yet. As long as free thought exists and we are able to express ourselves freely, there will always be different points of views. That's what debating issues is for or how about analysis. Each party presents their side, their perspective on the subject. It is the job of each side of the debate to convince their audience whatever it is that they are trying to justify. It's healthy to debate/discuss issues. It's healthy to analyze things too. That's how we come up with new and fresh ideas. It's healthy to question assumptions and not just accept something at face value. ie; someone adamently tells you that 1 + 1 = 3. Without analysis or debates, WE HAVE CLONES!!!

Josette: @Senet, feeling apathetic and selfless is not going to help you or the rest of us. Oh and I am part of the T.E.A. party movement. We are Americans from all political affiliations converged to the CENTER, who have come together, helping each other stay informed and involved in tracking and reading the legislative bills. We do not welcome the extreme far-right nor do we welcome the extreme far-left. You are doing precisely what you are critising the rest of Americans from doing and that is JUDGING US based on ONLY WHAT YOU'VE HEARD! What happened to your independent thinking suggestions and getting the facts about a group BEFORE STEREOTYPING us by what you've been SPOONFED?! Hmm?

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