December 20, 2010

Gemini Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight (Spiritual Meaning) EXCELLENT PIECE! Long, But Truly Worth The Read Pt. 1 of 2

Crystal Wind "Pathfinders"
written by Dale Osadchuk
December, 2010

Full Moon 21 December 2010 at 3:15am EST; 12:15am PST and 8:15am GMT

Imagine you are an ancient one following the rhythm of the seasons and always guided by Grandfather Sun and Sister Moon. You are in alignment with All That Is. You have learned to listen to the messages from the Starry Ones, the Earth Mother’s Kingdoms, and Creator and Great Mystery. You live in harmony and balance. You see all life as Sacred.

On this particularly evening you hear the haunting sound of a flute as Grandfather Sun sets in the west turning the horizon to golden orange and crimson. You know this is the night when Sister Moon will show her fullness and there are no Cloud People to hide her light. Following the sound of the flute you climb the path to the Star Temple. When you arrive, sitting in the middle of that sacred space Snowy Owl and Shooting Star are there to welcome you. They say in unison “welcome, ancient one, we have been waiting for you for many Moons.”

As you join the Medicine Women in the sacred circle the flute continues to play calling to someone else to enter the Star Temple. At that moment all the Spirit Walkers appear one by one. First Snow Goose, Otter, Cougar and Wolf enter followed by Red Tailed Hawk, Beaver and Deer. Then come Flicker Woodpecker, Salmon, and Brown Bear. Next to enter are Crow and Raven, Snake, Elk and Owl. Finally Eagle, Coyote, Grizzly Bear and White Buffalo complete the circle. Shooting Star turns to you and says “These are the Animal Spirit Guides who work with all the two-leggeds who walk the Medicine Wheel of Healing. Each Moon cycle one or more offer their Medicine Wisdom to help you on your path. This Full Moon ceremony Deer, Elk, and Owl guide you. Their gifts are Unconditional Love, Community Support, and Truth and Wisdom.” You open your mind and heart to receive these gifts for you know they will be needed in the times ahead.

Snowy Owl and Shooting Star nod in agreement reading your thoughts. The haunting music of the flute suddenly stops. You are compelled to look up into the Indigo sky. Sister Moon in her fullness becomes tinged at the right edge with the colour of burnt sienna. As you watch, in fascination, she moves further and further into the Earth Mothers shadow and turns crimson orange. Sister Moon speaks directly to you “Child of the Universe, and of Creator and Great Mystery, it is now time for you to release any limitations or restrictions that block you from giving your Soul’s gift. At this sacred time embrace your true self and be who you are meant to be.” You feel the power of this Crimson Moon and accept the challenge.

Sister Moon, after much time, returns to her silver face but you remember her message when she was Crimson. It has awakened your Soul Purpose and you step onto the new path of being your true self and giving your gift to the world. You now remember who you really are.

This Full Moon Total Lunar eclipse is very sacred in many ways. It is asking you to embrace balance and release duality. It is asking you to integrate knowledge and meaning. It is asking you, as you face the exciting challenges ahead, to listen to your Soul’s Guidance and Wisdom and make conscious choices that give your life a spiritual purpose. It is asking you to remember who you really are and live that fully.

This theme of finding the courage and strength to be your true self has been the focus since you were born. I love Abraham’s (through Esther Hicks) perceptive that life is a river. Here is my interpretation. Of course not everyone on the planet will have this experience but through my astrological counselling I have found most people do. You are born into a family and tribe. Your parents put your boat into their river and teach you how to paddle upstream against the current. You try really hard to fulfill THEIR hopes, wishes, and dreams for you. At some point in the journey you realize you do not belong on their river. This often happens when we are teenagers but for some people it occurs at the Saturn Return at age 29/30. For others this happens at the mid-life adventure at age 40 to 42 or the Chiron Return at age 49 to 51. Beyond that it usually becomes more difficult to change.

So you take your boat (you) out of your family’s river and search for one that is more in alignment with your vibration. Often you end up on someone else’s river still rowing and paddling up stream until you “get it”. You are not meant to paddle AGAINST THE CURRENT. So you pull in the oars letting the current turn you around and you now effortlessly and easily flow with your own stream. You are free to be your true self. I believe that is what this Full Moon Total Lunar eclipse is asking each of us to do.

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