December 20, 2010

FYI: TRIPLE POTENCY! Dec 21st, Winter Solstice, Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse!

FYI: TRIPLE POTENCY! December 21, 2010: Winter Solstice, Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse! Starts Monday night for us on the west coast at 10:30pm-2am PST / 1:33am-5am EST :) I suggest you use this window of opportunity and focus on what you want to come into your life. VISUALIZE whatever your desire is "as if" it was already done or you were already living it out and TRUST that it will manifest itself. ♥

It's raining here in Los Angeles, CA. So I will miss seeing this spectacular moment. But I will most definitely be feeling it. ;)


Cyrstal Winds "Pathfinder"
written by Rev. Ana Jones
December 10, 2010

On Tuesday December 21, 2010 something truly wonderful is about to happen!! On this day of the annual Winter Solstice when the sun enters the astrological sign of Capricorn, there will be a full moon and a total eclipse of the moon. In addition, there will also be a meteor shower, and all of this will be happening within the final mercury retrograde period of the year. While this uncommon combination of events does happen from time to to time, rarely do they all occur at the same time, AND there is something happening simultaneously that makes this day truly unique!

On the same date (Dec. 21, 2010) our sun and our solar system will collectively begin a 3 year galactic journey from Dec. 21, 2010 through to Dec. 21, 2013, ushering us into a new world age. This is the 3 year period that will bring the fulfillment of what many modern and ancient seers have prophesied as the "Shift of The Ages" that is taking place in our lifetime. During this 3 year period many experts believe that we will not only be completing our regular annual cycles around the sun but that our sun will be completing one Grand Cycle of 26,000+ years. While we have been feeling the strong energetic effects of this for at least 18+ years, NOW begins the sacred time we have been waiting for! It's the time that many of us have come here for. All of the changes and transformations that we have been undergoing have been preparing us for this time period that we are just now entering into.

It is not a time of fear but a time of creation, a time when the creative force and power of our galactic center is energetically available to us. We can use this creative force to co-create our highest vision for ourselves and for the planet. How do you choose to use the creative energy that is streaming through you right now? What do you choose to create for yourself that is for your highest good and the highest good of all beings, today and in the next 3 years and beyond?

While there are diverse & differing opinions on exactly when the galactic alignment will reach it's "totality," the apex of the galactic alignment is believed by many experts to occur on December 21, 2012. The mere scope of this, combined with a great deal of false information out there, is what can make this so confusing to us. It may be helpful to think of the galactic alignment in terms of an eclipse. When the sun, moon, and earth all come into alignment there is an eclipse. During the galactic alignment our sun comes into alignment with the galactic center and we can envision this occuring very much the same way an eclipse occurs.

Just as there are 3 stages to every eclipse there are 3 stages to this galactic alignment, that I like to roughly call the entry stage, the totality stage, and the exiting stage. Based on 20+ years of my research on this and on powerful angelic messages I have received in mystical experiences and meditative states over the the last 2 decades about this, it is my belief that we will not be experiencing the energies of the alignment all at once but over the course of these three stages. I like to think of it in terms of winter solstice 2010-2011 being the entry stage, winter solstice of 2011-2012 being the totality stage, and winter solstice of 2012-2013 being the exiting stage. Does that mean that everything goes back the way it was after the winter solstice of 2013? No! As Frederick Neitche once said, "you can't step into the same river twice." Once we cross the galactic equator we begin a new cycle with new energies, there's no going back, only going forward. Is it the end of the world? No! It's just the end of another cosmic year, the end of an era, and the end of a way of thinking, acting & feeling that has been based on the old energy patterns.

Now is the time to increase your capacity to tap this creative power and use this energy as a force for the highest good to re-create yourself and re-create our collective reality.

The winter solstice of 2010 will occur later this month on Tuesday December 21st and will be a day when all spiritual practices and spiritual activiites will be amplified by the energies of the solstice (earth & sun alignment), the energies of the full moon, the energies of the full moon lunar eclipse (earth, moon, & sun in alignment) and the energies of the galactic alignment (earth, sun, moon, and galactic center coming into alignment). I encourage you all to take full advantage of this sacred time, to create sacred space for yourself, and to engage in sacred activites.

Happy Holy Days and Happy Solstice!

Love and Light,
Rev. Ana Jones

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