November 12, 2010

Louisiana FREE Tony The Truck Stop Tiger NOW!!!

Help Tony the Truck Stop Tiger get away from the gas station and into an accredited sanctuary.

Please SIGN PETITION to FREE Tony the Tiger!

We still get calls and emails every day about what can be done to save Tony the truck stop tiger. It has been the most publicly decried account of animal abuse to come to our attention. WE CANNOT BUY HIM as it is illegal to buy or sell a tiger across state lines and just perpetuates the trade.

Michael Sandlin's permit is up for renewal soon and with your help the La. Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries and USDA may choose to not renew him. Here is what we need:

Veterinarians who will send us notarized affidavits that it is unhealthy to cage an animal at a truck stop next to gas pumps due to the fumes from the pumps and the 24/7 traffic of diesel trucks.

Statements from veterinarians and other experts that attest to the fact that being kept on concrete is detrimental to the health and comfort of big cats. He has a grass yard, but is often prevented from accessing it, and there is no shade there.

Eye witness reports, photos and videos of Tony living in squalor at the Tiger Truck Stop.

Please mail these to MakeADifference @ or 12802 Easy St. Tampa, FL 33625

Until the laws change there isn't anything that anyone can do except keep on the pressure to pass laws that make it illegal for the private sector to breed, possess and exhibit big cats. You can do that with easy to send letters to lawmakers at

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