September 1, 2009

North American Union and V-Chip (RFID) TRUTH!!!

I am RE-POSTING these videos because of the information I found in the H.R. 3200 bill: The National Medical Device Registry IMPLANT! No I am NOT fearmongering. I copied this section directly from the bill for all of you to read in my previous post. It totally makes sense now why our federal government GAVE $1.2 BILLION in grant money to the HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY so they can UPGRADE To Electronic Record Keeping Using OUR TAXPAYER Stimulus Money! Now I understand why our government would GIVE money to the PRIVATE Healthcare Industry after bashing them for grossly profiting off of the sick! Because every healthcare provider in the U.S. needs to be in accord ready for this IMPLANT they have planned for us! Knowledge is POWER folks!

I discovered these two video's back on January 13, 2008. I want to share my initial reaction to the information in these videos that I copied for you below. Now instead of President Bush, it's President Obama who is carrying out the same damn agenda.


Oh my beloved GOD! I can NOT believe this information... Everything makes sense to me NOW! You have to seriously watch these videos. I began contemplating what news I needed to post for you tomorrow and something inside of me said V-chip (like a whisper). So I began researching the V-chip on the web and I stumbled onto these videos and the article below.

We've all been wondering why this financial mess is being allowed to unfold and why it was never regulated in the first place by the "Powers That Be" around the World. Well these two 10 minute videos will explain it ALL to you! Everything I've been writing about, that I've been feeling these past three months is TRUE! I now understand why God had me create this blog. Oh my God, please continue to show us the truth, the way, and the light. God please give us the strength we will need to overcome this evil.

Darkness can NOT exist where there is LIGHT!

The Dictators of the World HAVE been colluding against us ALL! I knew the People In Power were responsible for Benazir Bhutto's assassination on December 27, 2007. She would have ruined everything for them. She knowingly and deliberately risk her life in order to raise awareness of this obscene GLOBAL crisis! I NOW understand why President Bush et al choose the Dictators they want to keep in POWER and only get rid of those who don't cooperate!

I am so tripping out right now! This is bull-shit! This is NO joke. Seriously, just read everything I wrote since this past Friday, the messages I was receiving that led to this moment, this revelation if you will. I'm sorry for not waiting until tomorrow to post, you need to know this NOW!

Here is an article you can also read regarding the V-Chip the governments of the World are proposing click here titled "California could become third state to BAN forced microchip tag implants (RFID)." Ask yourselves if this was all a LIE, like many would like for you to believe why are States BANNING it from the Federal Government!?

The North American Partnership was created on March 2005 without any soundbites via the Republican owned MEDIA! Click here to visit the official website! (Now it's the Democratic owned MEDIA! We are ALL being played. The joke is on us folks!!!)

Click here to read 'The Constitution for the Americas Union'.... This is serious folks!

Power Corrupts; Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely ~by Lord Acton

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