May 29, 2009

Getting Tough On Child Abuse ~ The Molestors Are In Essense KILLING The Child's Spirit! NO Child Should Be Made To ENDURE Such A Horrific Act!

Herald Sun Australia
Getting tough on child abuse
May 28, 2009 12:00am

AT LAST we are seeing real action from the courts to get tough on the ABHORRENT crime of child sexual abuse.

As the Herald Sun reveals today, the Court of Appeal has sent a powerful message on what minimum jail terms should be set to help protect the MOST INNOCENT members of our society.

By increasing the minimum terms to be served by two pedophiles, the Court of Appeal has signalled to other judges the intention of parliament in setting tougher sentences cannot be ignored.

In one of its findings, the court said the longest sentence for a sexual penetration crime against a child under 10 in the past seven years was 6 1/2 years, well short of the maximum penalty of 25 years.

Unfortunately, it has until now been another case of the courts lagging behind community expectations, which demand these cruel offenders be hit with the toughest sanctions possible. They deserve nothing less.

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