April 30, 2009

8 Year Old Saudi CHILD DIVORCES 50 Year Old Husband! Her Father SOLD Her For $13,000! DISGUSTING The Kingdom's Senior Cleric Said It Was Permissible!

Yes, I am disgusted by this news! She is a CHILD for heaven's sake. Her father sold her to this 50 year old man for $13,000 when she was ONLY 7 years old! My gosh, I am so creeped out by the father who sold her like a piece of meat and the man who bought her... This is so wrong it's not even funny! Every CHILD around the world DEPENDS upon the adults for safety and protection. We are held responsible!

Look I do respect all religions and the traditions of man. You are born with the free-will to worship whomever you want or worship whatever you want or not. As long as you are kind and respectful to the whole of society. I'm happy that you are happy. However, I DRAW the line when a religion such as the Saudi Arabia Muslim community accepts the following, "The kingdom's most senior cleric said it was permissible for 10-year-old girls to marry and those who believe they are too young are doing the girls an injustice." ~ WTF they are promoting child molestation and prostestuting a child?! This is a fine example of being filthy on the inside and clean on the outside.

Creepy people have always used the church or religion to defend and promote their SICK PERVERTED MINDSET! What's worse, their sheeple eat it up because the clergymen, pastors and priest are revered within their congregations!!! This also applies to those of you who PROMOTE hate by way of religion! SHAME on ALL of you! Unfortunately, there will always be wolves in shepherd's clothing and wolves in sheep's clothing!


Associated Press
Thursday, April 30, 2009

CAIRO (AP) — An 8-year-old Saudi girl has divorced her middle-aged husband after her father forced her to marry him last year in exchange for about $13,000, her lawyer said Thursday. Saudi Arabia has come under increasing criticism at home and abroad for permitting child marriages. The United States, a close ally of the conservative Muslim kingdom, has called child marriage a "clear and unacceptable" violation of human rights.

The girl was allowed to divorce the 50-year-old man who she married in August after an out-of-court settlement had been reached in the case, said her lawyer, Abdulla al-Jeteli. The exact date of the divorce was not immediately known.

A court in the central Oneiza region previously rejected a request by the girl's mother for a divorce and ruled that the girl would have to wait until she reached puberty to file a petition then.

There are no laws in Saudi Arabia defining the minimum age for marriage. Though a woman's consent is legally required, some marriage officials don't seek it.

But there has been a push by Saudi human rights groups to define the age of marriage and put an end to the phenomenon.

One Saudi human rights activist Sohaila Zain al-Abdeen was optimistic that the girl's divorce would help efforts to get a law passed enforcing a minimum marriage age of 18.

"Unfortunately, some fathers trade their daughters," she told The Associated Press. "They are weak people who are sometimes in need of money and forget their roles as parents."

It was not clear if the man received money for the divorce settlement. The man had given the girl's father 50,000 riyals, or about $13,350, as a marriage gift in return for his daughter, the lawyer said.

The 8-year-old girl's marriage was not the only one in the kingdom to receive attention in recent months. Saudi newspapers have highlighted several cases in which young girls were married off to much older men or young boys including a 15-year-old girl whose father, a death-row inmate, married her off to a cell mate.

Saudi Arabia's conservative Muslim clergy have opposed the drive to end child marriages. In January, the kingdom's most senior cleric said it was permissible for 10-year-old girls to marry and those who believe they are too young are doing the girls an injustice.

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Anonymous said...

You say that "We are held responsbible."

Who or what holds us responsible?

Princess Mononoke said...

Future generations.