March 13, 2009

Geraldo Rivera Confronts Ronald Cummings, Haleigh's Father Regarding Abuse! Aired 02/21/09

Ronald Cummings is an outright liar. You have to watch these two videos. Ronald is totally scripted, he's been coached. DCF? An abuser is known to use the word NEVER because they're in denial. A well rounded person would admit to raising their voice or loosing it every once in awhile. Nobody is perfect like he is portraying himself to be. The top video is Haleigh's mother describing only some of the abuse she endured when they were together. I'm telling you I keep getting the feeling that he did something. Misty is covering up for him. Not the other way around.


Geraldo Rivera asked Ronald Cummings point blank, "They told me that you hit Haleigh. Is that true?"

Ronald Cummings responded, " No never ever have I ever hit my child. Me and my child have an agreement, daddy daughter. She has been spanked on her behind the way DCF says that you can take care of discipline your children. [Bullsh*t toooooo neatly scripted]

Geraldo Rivera asked, "You never back handed her to the face?"

Ronald Cummings responded, "Never never have I ever back handed my child in her face."

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