February 9, 2009

President Obama: Options You May Want to Consider that WILL More Effectively Stimulate the Economy!

President Obama, many of your citizens are hurting like never before. With so many new taxpaying citizens finding themselves unemployed by the MASSIVE layoffs. President Obama perhaps you could cut these folks a break and REMOVE the penalties they would incur if they withdraw money from their 401(k)s that they have rolled over into IRAs.

Also, for those that still remain employed perhaps consider cutting their Federal income tax that would put MORE money in their pocketbook to be able to spend on living expenses.

Furthermore, for those struggling with their mortgages and working hard to avoid foreclosure perhaps President Obama you can consider cutting them a break and give them the $15,000 tax break on their mortgage as a write off. INSTEAD of giving a home buyer the $15,000 tax break!

President Obama can also offer the unemployed a GREATER increase than the crumb you are tossing them. You are giving the welfare recipients more! How is that for a SLAP IN THE FACE! The taxpayer PAYS their entire working life for Unemployment Insurance, its mandatory just look at your paycheck deductions and this is what they get!!!

If you are one of the millions receiving unemployment compensation President Obama has honored your hard work by granting you a $25 increase in your weekly benefit amount. Wow, what a guy! That's really going to stimulate the economy.[/sarcasm]

Do you know the average weekly unemployment compensation a taxpaying citizen receives???? $300 divide that by 40 hrs = $7.50 per hour Do you really believe that is going to sustain the Unemployed American population. California's minimum wage is $8.00 per hour. Consider rent or mortgage, utilities, food, car payment, credit card payments, etc.

This in itself with the MILLIONS that are NOW unemployed will cause the NEXT Tsunami wave. And yes believe me it will be catastrophic! More foreclosures, more auto repossessions, more credit card defaults, more homeless!!!! How is that for f**king stimulating the economy??!?!?

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