February 22, 2017

USA: North Carolina Muslim Charged With Threatening Non-Muslims (Kuffar) Because He Was Pissed Off, Had AK-47 And Ammo. Potential Terror Act Foiled.

ABC News channel 11, North Carolina
written by Angelica Alvarez
Wednesday February 22, 2017

CARY, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Residents in Cary's Weston Lakeside Apartments complex are finding out one of their neighbors is charged after authorities said he posted an online threat against non-Muslims.

They were also shocked to find out that police said they found hundreds of rounds of ammunition in their neighbor's apartment, along with an assault rifle.

The United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina said on Tuesday that a criminal complaint was filed against Garrett Grimsley, 27.

Grimsley, of the 3100 block of Lakeside View Court, has been charged with transmitting a threat in interstate commerce to injure the person of another.

According to an affidavit, on Sunday, February 19, Grimsley posted an online message that said, "don't go to Cary tomorrow." This was posted on a messaging app called Whisper. A cooperating witness for the authorities was also on the app and pressed Grimsley, who was writing under the username, "Spark_Pure," for more information.

In a private message, authorities said Grimsley stated, "Salam, some of you are alright, don't go to Cary tomorrow." In the background of the post was a picture of a bearded, middle-aged man wearing camouflage pants and holding a red flag with a black star in the middle.

When the witness asked what was happening in Cary, authorities said Grimsley responded by using a derogatory word for non-Muslims and said that for too long, "they have spit in our faces and trampled our rights."

He went on to say that it could not continue, "Say your dua (prayers), sleep and watch the news tomorrow. It will only be the beginning."

Then he said he would be deleting his Whisper account. However, Whisper was able to pinpoint the location of "Spark_Pure" and helped send police to the Weston Lakeside Apartments.

The affidavit details that as authorities were arriving, Grimsley was messaging someone on Facebook about his posts on Whisper. Police said the two were writing that they were sure Grimsley would get "raided" by law enforcement.

A search of Grimsley's apartment by the FBI, SBI, and the Cary Police Department revealed an AK-47 assault rifle with a collapsible stock, four 30-round magazines, and approximately 340 rounds of 7.62 millimeter ammunition.

If convicted, Grimsley faces five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The Islamic Association of Raleigh told ABC11 that "IAR always condemns any sort of violence and all kind of terrorist actions committed by anyone regardless of his faith or background. The action of this Cary man if true is no exception is condemned and should be punished in accordance with the law of the land."
The Status of Non-Muslim Minorities Under Islamic Rule
[source: Dhimmitude.org]

Dhimmitude: the Islamic system of governing populations conquered by jihad wars, encompassing all of the demographic, ethnic, and religious aspects of the political system. The word "dhimmitude" as a historical concept, was coined by Bat Ye'or in 1983 to describe the legal and social conditions of Jews and Christians subjected to Islamic rule. The word "dhimmitude" comes from dhimmi, an Arabic word meaning "protected". Dhimmi was the name applied by the Arab-Muslim conquerors to indigenous non-Muslim populations who surrendered by a treaty (dhimma) to Muslim domination. Islamic conquests expanded over vast territories in Africa, Europe and Asia, for over a millennium (638-1683). The Muslim empire incorporated numerous varied peoples which had their own religion, culture, language and civilization. For centuries, these indigenous, pre-Islamic peoples constituted the great majority of the population of the Islamic lands. Although these populations differed, they were ruled by the same type of laws, based on the shari'a.

This similarity, which includes also regional variations, has created a uniform civilization developed throughout the centuries by all non-Muslim indigenous people, who were vanquished by a jihad-war and governed by shari'a law. It is this civilization which is called dhimmitude. It is characterized by the different strategies developed by each dhimmi group to survive as non-Muslim entity in their Islamized countries. Dhimmitude is not exclusively concerned with Muslim history and civilization. Rather it investigates the history of those non-Muslim peoples conquered and colonized by jihad.

Dhimmitude encompasses the relationship of Muslims and non-Muslims at the theological, social, political and economical levels. It also incorporates the relationship between the numerous ethno-religious dhimmi groups and the type of mentality that they have developed out of their particular historical condition which lasted for centuries, even in some Muslim countries, till today.

Dhimmitude is an entire integrated system, based on Islamic theology. It cannot be judged from the circumstantial position of any one community, at a given time and in a given place. Dhimmitude must be appraised according to its laws and customs, irrespectively of circumstances and political contingencies.

Dhimmitude in History

Dhimmitude can only be understood in the context of jihad, because it originates from this ideology. Infidels who submit without fighting to the Islamic armies, are granted a pledge of security. They are protected from the jihad laws against infidels which command killing, slavery, ransom or deportation for the enemies. Peace and security for non-Muslims are recognised only after their submission. Protection status is provided through the Islamization of conquered lands.

Rules of dhimmitude

The vanquished non-Muslims peoples are granted security for their life and possessions, as well as a relative self-autonomous administration and limited religious rights according to the modalities of the conquest. These rights are subject to two conditions: the payment of a poll tax (the jizya) and submission to the provisions of Islamic law.

The concept of toleration is linked to a number of discriminatory obligations in the economic, religious and social fields, imposed by the shari'a on the dhimmis. The transgression by the dhimmis of some of these obligations, abolished their protection, and threaten them with death or slavery. Dhimmis suffered many legal disabilities intended to reduce them to a condition of humiliation, segregation and discrimination. These rules, established from the eight to nine centuries by the founders of the four schools of Islamic law, set the pattern of the Muslim's community's social behavior toward dhimmis.

Jews and Christians are referred to as the People of the Book, they share the same legal status, while other religious group - like the Zoroastrians for instance - were more despised and treated harsher.

Dhimmitude covers more than a millennium of Christian and Jewish history, as well as of other groups. It is a comprehensive civilization encompassing customs, legislation, social behavior. Numerous laws were enacted over the centuries by the Muslim authorities, to implement its principles. It was abolished during the 19th -20th centuries under European pressure and colonization of Arab countries.

Today the resurgence of traditional Islam revitalizes the spirit of jihad against the dar al-harb and of dhimmitude for the non-Muslim minorities.

Rights of Non-Muslims under Islamic Rule

Zimmis (Dhimmis) and Religious Practices

Muslims believe that the Zimmis are Mushrikun (polytheists) for they see the belief in the Trinity as belief in three gods. Islam is the only true religion, they claim. Therefore, to protect Muslims from corruption, especially against the unforgivable sin of shirk (polytheism), its practice is forbidden among Muslims, because it is considered the greatest abomination. When Christians practice it publicly, it becomes an enticement and exhortation to apostasy. It is significant here to notice that according to Muraghi, Zimmis and infidels are polytheists and therefore, must have the same treatment. According to Muslim jurists, the following legal ordinances must be enforced on Zimmis (Christians and Jews alike) who reside among Muslims:

1) Zimmis are not allowed to build new churches, temples, or synagogues. They are allowed to renovate old churches or houses of worship provided they do not allow to add any new construction. "Old churches" are those which existed prior to Islamic conquests and are included in a peace accord by Muslims. Construction of any church, temple, or synagogue in the Arab Peninsula (Saudi Arabia) is prohibited. It is the land of the Prophet and only Islam should prevail there. Yet, Muslims, if they wish, are permitted to demolish all non-Muslim houses of worship in any land they conquer.

2) Zimmis are not allowed to pray or read their sacred books out loud at home or in churches, lest Muslims hear their prayers.

3) Zimmis are not allowed to print their religious books or sell them in public places and markets. They are allowed to publish and sell them among their own people, in their churches and temples.

4) Zimmis are not allowed to install the cross on their houses or churches since it is a symbol of infidelity.

5) Zimmis are not permitted to broadcast or display their ceremonial religious rituals on radio or television or to use the media or to publish any picture of their religious ceremonies in newspaper and magazines.

6) Zimmis are not allowed to congregate in the streets during their religious festivals; rather, each must quietly make his way to his church or temple.

7) Zimmis are not allowed to join the army unless there is indispensable need for them in which case they are not allowed to assume leadership positions but are considered mercenaries.

Mawdudi, who is a Hanifite, expresses a more generous opinion toward Christians. He said:

"In their own towns and cities they are allowed to do so (practice their religion) with the fullest freedom. In purely Muslim areas, however, an Islamic government has full discretion to put such restrictions on their practices as it deems necessary."

The Jizya (tribute): Pay Islamist so you can stay alive under Islamist oppression and be left alone.

Jizya literally means penalty. It is a protection tax levied on non-Muslims living under Islamic regimes, confirming their legal status. Mawdudi states that "the acceptance of the Jizya establishes the sanctity of their lives and property, and thereafter neither the Islamic state, nor the Muslim public have any right to violate their property, honor or liberty." Paying the Jizya is a symbol of humiliation and submission because Zimmis are not regarded as citizens of the Islamic state although they are, in most cases, natives to the country. Such an attitude alienates the Zimmis from being an essential part of the community. How can a Zimmi feel at home in his own land, among his own people, and with his own government, when he knows that the Jizya, which he pays, is a symbol of humiliation and submission? In his book The Islamic Law Pertaining to non-Muslims, Sheikh `Abdulla Mustafa Al-Muraghi indicates that the. Jizya can only be exempted from the Zimmi who becomes a Muslim or dies. The Shafi`i reiterates that the Jizya is not automatically put aside when the Zimmi embraces Islam. Exemption from the Jizya has become an incentive to encourage Zimmis to relinquish their faith and embrace Islam.

Sheik Najih Ibrahim Ibn Abdulla summarizes the purpose of the Jizya. He says, quoting Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya, that the Jizya is enacted:

"...to spare the blood (of the Zimmis), to be a symbol of humiliation of the infidels and as an insult and punishment to them, and as the Shafi`ites indicate, the Jizya is offered in exchange for residing in an Islamic country." Thus Ibn Qayyim adds, "Since the entire religion belongs to God, it aims at humiliating ungodliness and its followers, and insulting them. Imposing the Jizya on the followers of ungodliness and oppressing them is required by God's religion. The Qur'anic text hints at this meaning when it says: `until they give the tribute by force with humiliation.' (Qur'an 9:29). What contradicts this is leaving the infidels to enjoy their might and practice their religion as they wish so that they would have power and authority."

USA: Muslim Preschool Teacher In Texas Urges Social Media Followers 'Kill Some Jews' And Tweeted: “How Many Jews Died In The Holocaust? Not Enough…HAHAHAHA.” omg 😧😠

World Net Daily News, USA
written by Chelsea Schilling
Wednesday February 22, 2017

A Jew-hating Muslim preschool teacher in South Arlington, Texas, was fired Wednesday after she urged her social media followers to “kill some Jews” and tweeted: “How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough…HAHAHAHA.”

Nancy Salem taught preschoolers at the Children’s Courtyard in South Arlington. She is also an activist with Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Texas, Arlington, according to campus watchdog group Canary Mission. Salem also supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, or BDS, an anti-Israel movement that advocates severing global economic relations with the Jewish state.

Salem also tweeted the following in 2013 and 2014 from her now-deleted Twitter account, according to Canary Mission:
  • “@DictatorHitler: Gassed a Jew, I’m sweating #Heil’ OMG.”
  • “Have a safe trip Lulu. I love you baby girl! See you in 3 weeks! Kiss the Palestine ground for me and kill some jews! <3 br="" issyoualready.=""> “‘How was the copper wire invented? They threw a penny between two Jews.’ LOLACHAUST.”
  • “@hanansalemxo: I hate Makki more than I hate Israeli Jews and math combined.”
  • “Some of the signs I made for the protest.” Salem’s tweet showed photos of signs that read: “Israel Is Real Terrorism.” “Dear USA, your 9/11 is our 24/7,” and another sign accusing Israel of apartheid.
  • “I can’t wait for the day America stops being Israel’s little lap dog and wakes up. #BigDreams #Inshallah.”
  • “@Nihad909 anything is better than Israel. But nothing is better than Palestine. #PaliPride.”
  • “Hamas is actually defending our people unlike the Israeli army who will kill anyone.”
When parents learned of Salem’s tweets, they flooded the school’s Facebook page with demands that it fire her.
  • “Absolutely appalled that Salem is teaching impressionable pre-schoolers,” Sierra Milton wrote. “She needs to be immediately terminated for racist incitement of murder.”
  • Maor Malul inquired, “How can you hire someone filled with such hatred to teach children?”
  • Randi Shuster posted: “I would strongly urge parents to think twice before sending their child/children to a school that employs hateful, terrible teachers. Nancy Salem should be ashamed preaching the murder of Jews. I hope you reconsider her hire.”
  • And Ivan Lazarus: “If this was a Catholic or gawd forbid Jewish teacher preaching death to Muslims, they’d be world headlines, protests, bombings, death threats, deaths, violence etc. But if the shoe is on the other foot, we sweep it under the carpet and hope it goes away. The Religion of Peace claims it is the net receiver of ‘islamophobia,’ yet reality dictates it delivers far more anti-Semitic rhetoric, and this proves it. This teacher, responsible for caring for young individuals must be fired and prosecuted, not suspended. But the world we are in today dictates that we must not offend the so called religion of peace!”
  • Heidi Marie: “What would happen if if this teacher were pro-Trump and advocated killing Muslims? Anyone hazard a guess?”
Pamela Geller, president of the National Freedom Defense Initiative and author of “Stop the Islamization of America,” told WND: “The worst aspect of this story is that Nancy Salem is not singular. She was one of many Muslim students at the University of Texas at Arlington who regularly published on social media hateful incitement and genocidal comments against Jews. If the establishment media were honest about the rise in antisemitism that they’re trying to blame on Trump, they would be looking at groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine.”

Students for Justice in Palestine, or SJP, reportedly has been tied to an affiliate of the terror group, Hamas. SJP is linked to American Muslims for Palestine, whose members were also members of the Holy Land Foundation, an organization that sent $12.4 million to Hamas.

“Alarmingly, AMP is also active on campuses throughout our country,” wrote the Stanford Review’s John Rice-Cameron. “AMP is a major source of funding and support for SJP: in 2014, it put $100,000 into campus efforts, and it routinely provides SJP with speakers, training, funds, and printed materials. Moreover, [congressional] testimony revealed that AMP ‘even has a campus coordinator on staff whose job it is to work directly with SJP and other pro-BDS groups across the country.’ SJP’s close association with AMP, whose members are tied to terrorists, is sickening.”

A Children’s Courtyard spokeswoman indicated in a post on Facebook Wednesday that Salem “is no longer with the company.”

“Providing a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment is of the utmost importance to us,” Director of Communication Lydia Cisaruk told Fox News. “The offensive comments certainly don’t reflect our views. Our employees are expected to uphold certain standards of person and professional conduct. Our senior leadership thoroughly investigated this matter.”

CUBA: Because Of Obama Directive Before He Left WH, 680 Cubans WHO ESCAPED CUBA Returned Since End Of 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot'. Will Likely Be Sent To Prison. It's illegal To LEAVE CUBA!

written by AP staff
Saturday February 18, 2017

HAVANA – About 680 Cubans have been returned to the island from various countries since then-President Barack Obama ended a longstanding immigration policy that allowed any Cuban who made it to U.S. soil to stay and become a legal resident, state television reported Friday.

Cuba's government had long sought the repeal of the "wet foot, dry foot" policy, which it said encouraged Cubans to risk dangerous voyages and drained the country of professionals. The Jan. 12 decision by Washington to end it followed months of negotiations focused in part on getting Havana to agree to take back people who had arrived in the U.S.

Cuban state television said late Friday that the returnees came from countries including the United States, Mexico and the Bahamas, and were sent back to the island between Jan. 12 and Feb. 17. It did not break down which countries the 680 were sent back from.

The report said the final two returnees arrived from the United States on Friday "on the first charter flight especially destined for an operation of this type."

Florida's El Nuevo Herald newspaper reported that the two women were deemed "inadmissible" for entry to the United States and placed on a morning flight to Havana.

Wilfredo Allen, an attorney for one of the women, says they had arrived at Miami International Airport with European passports. The women requested asylum and were detained.

The repeal of the "wet foot, dry foot" policy was Obama's final move before leaving office in the rapprochement with the communist-run country that he and Cuban President Castro began in December 2014. The surprise decision left hundreds of Cubans stranded in transit in South and Central America.

Before he assumed the presidency on Jan. 20, Donald Trump criticized the detente between the U.S. and Cuba, tweeting that he might "terminate" it.

FRANCE: French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen Refuses To Wear Hijab, Muslim Headscarf, Walks Out Of Meeting With Grand Mufti. w00t! LOVE HER. Yay For Women! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Jihad Watch
written and shared by Christine Williams
Tuesday February 21, 2017
Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen cancelled a meeting with Lebanon’s Grand Mufti after refusing to wear a headscarf.
Brava to Marine Le Pen! She is the model of a modern leader who respects human rights and equality for all, unlike her leftist faux-feminist political counterparts of Sweden’s “first feminist government,” who donned headscarves in Iran, and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who sat with a headscarf in the back corner of a mosque while the men prayed. Le Pen refused to bow in shame to a misogynistic culture in which men subjugate women as inferiors.
The regular use of the term “far-right” to describe sensible politicians such as Le Pen and citizens who refuse to be subjugated by Islamic supremacists is intended to malign them and discredit their fine work.

Ms Le Pen said that in a meeting in Egypt with the Grand Imam of al-Azhar – considered by some Muslims to be the highest authority in Sunni Islamic thought – she had not been forced to cover her head.

Le Pen refuses to wear headscarf, walks out of meeting with Grand Mufti

Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen cancelled a meeting with Lebanon’s Grand Mufti after refusing to wear a headscarf.

Brava to Marine Le Pen! She is the model of a modern leader who respects human rights and equality for all, unlike her leftist faux-feminist political counterparts of Sweden’s “first feminist government,” who donned headscarves in Iran, and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, who sat with a headscarf in the back corner of a mosque while the men prayed. Le Pen refused to bow in shame to a misogynistic culture in which men subjugate women as inferiors.

The regular use of the term “far-right” to describe sensible politicians such as Le Pen and citizens who refuse to be subjugated by Islamic supremacists is intended to malign them and discredit their fine work.

Ms Le Pen said that in a meeting in Egypt with the Grand Imam of al-Azhar – considered by some Muslims to be the highest authority in Sunni Islamic thought – she had not been forced to cover her head.

“Marine Le Pen walks out of meeting with Lebanon’s Grand Mufti after refusing to wear headscarf,” by May Bulman, Independent, February 21, 2017:

Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen cancelled a meeting with Lebanon’s Grand Mufti after refusing to wear a headscarf.

“You can pass on my respects to the Grand Mufti, but I will not cover myself up,” she told reporters.

The front National leader was told by Lebanese officials that she would have to wear a veil for her audience with Grand Sunni Muslim Mufti, Sheikh Abdel-Latif Derian.

Video footage shows Ms Le Pen at the entrance to his office shaking her head.

Ms Le Pen said that in a meeting in Egypt with the Grand Imam of al-Azhar – considered by some Muslims to be the highest authority in Sunni Islamic thought – and she had not been forced to cover her head.

“He did not have this demand,” said Ms Le Pen. “But it’s not a problem, you can pass on to the Grand Mufti my considerations, but I am not putting the veil on.”

Once told that customs were different in Lebanon, Ms Le Pen walked out of the building and left in her car.

Her aides had reportedly been informed before her visit that she would be required to wear a headscarf.

The anti-immigration politician made a three-day visit to Lebanon this week to meet officials in an effort to bolster her presidential credentials two months before the first round of voting in the French presidential election.

Polls suggest Ms Le Pen is likely to get the highest proportion of votes in the first round of voting in April, but then lose to a more mainstream candidate in the second round in May…..

USA: Iran Tells U.S. Chess Champion To Wear A Hijab, Muslim Headscarf, SHE SAID NO. Refusing To Submit To Forms Of Oppression Designed Specifically For Women. LOVE HER! w00t! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

The Blaze News, USA
written by Carlos Garcia
Tuesday February 21, 2017

Nazi Paikidze is the reigning U.S. chess champion, but when the Iranian government told her she had to wear a hijab, the Muslim head veil, and restrict contact with men in order to compete in the world competition hosted by Iran this year, she refused. The “morality laws” were supported by FIDE, the international organization that coordinates the world chess championship event.

“By participating, I would be forced to submit to forms of oppression designed specifically for women,” Paikidze told Marie Clare magazine. “It sets the wrong example, particularly for young girls interested in chess.”

Paikidze further explained her decision in a post on Instagram in September.
This is a post for those who don’t understand why I am boycotting FIDE’s decision. I think it’s unacceptable to host a WOMEN’S World Championship in a place where women do not have basic fundamental rights and are treated as second-class citizens. For those saying that I don’t know anything about Iran: I have received the most support and gratitude from the people of Iran, who are facing this situation every day.
Paikidze also retweeted this tweet noting the irony of members of the Swedish team, a country known for its feminist advances, giving in to the gender-specific oppression imposed by Iran by wearing the hijab.
“I will NOT wear a hijab and support women’s oppression.” She told the founder of a group organizing against Iran’s hijab laws. “Even if it means missing one of the most important competitions of my career.”

When an Iranian chess player criticized her boycott saying that the tournament were important for women in Iran and presented them with an opportunity for show their strength, Paikidze appeared to respond on her Instagram account to the charge.
A message to the people of Iran: I am not anti-Islam or any other religion. I stand for freedom of religion and choice. I’m protesting FIDE’s decision not because of Iran’s religion or people, but for the government’s laws that are restricting my rights as a woman.
The world chess championship began February 10th and will continue until March 5th. For boycotting the event, Paikidze forfeits the opportunity to win over $100,000 in award money.

She posted this tweet during while the competition continued without her:

USA: Columbia University Clamps Down On Dinesh D’Souza Talk After Campus Riot Against Israeli Ambassador. 😦

The College Fix
written by Toni Airaksinen
Wednesday February 22, 2017

College Republicans: ‘That wasn’t in the agreement’

NEW YORK – The raucous protests at last week’s campus speech by Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations have apparently spooked Columbia University.

About a quarter of the students who were registered to attend a Tuesday night speech by conservative author Dinesh D’Souza, hosted by the College Republicans chapter, did not appear to get in the room when they tried, as counted by The College Fix.

This was despite the fact that they had email confirmations from Eventbrite showing that they had registered for the “sold out” event.

The CRs blamed the administration for the snafu, saying it didn’t want a repeat of the seven reported shoutdowns of Amb. Danny Danon – invited by Students Supporting Israel – as he addressed a mixed crowd of open-minded attendees and hecklers.

At least five administrators were supervising every movement at the check-in table for the D’Souza event, often interjecting when there was a dispute over registration, as witnessed by The Fix, which was also kept out of part of the event.
‘Sorry, you’re not on the list’

D’Souza was at Columbia to make “The Case For Trump,” sponsored by Young America’s Foundation.

Posters for the event featured D’Souza saying “You’re entitled to your opinions, but not your own facts” and “Trigger Warning for Leftist Snowflakes @ Columbia: Find Your Safe Space.”

The lobby quickly devolved into mayhem as students showed up to check in. Numerous people were told some variation of “Sorry, you’re not registered,” “Sorry, you’re not on the list” and “If you’re not on the list, you can’t get in,” when they presented their Eventbrite confirmations.

The event was apparently listed as public on Facebook, but members of the general public – mostly middle-aged adults – were told at the door it was only open to the Columbia community. It’s unclear how many people were turned away.

CRs press officer Arina Merkulova told The Fix that 168 people had registered to attend, but she left the event before providing the final tally of who made it in.

Merkulova believed the registration problems were most likely because of last week’s Danon protest, organized on Facebook. It started outside the venue and continued as the ambassador tried to speak over chants of “From Palestine to Mexico, All The Walls Have Got to Go.”

Students waiting in the lobby were told multiple times by CRs that they couldn’t let in anyone else to the D’Souza event, in spite of many visible empty seats in the room.

“Because of the protests that happened, Columbia is trying not to let any protesters in,” Merkulova said. “Everything changed as soon as the [Danon] protests happened.” She called the administration “scared.”

Halfway through the event, administrators guarding the event doors led their guard down. Some students that were initially turned away were allowed to sign up on a “waitlist” and then enter.

Many graduate students also signed up for the event. But on the spot, administrators told them the event was for “undergrad students only.”

The CRs were shocked and confused. “That wasn’t in the agreement” for the event, Merkulova told The Fix.

By the end of the event almost all of the room’s 164 seats were full, though many who had initially registered, but who were denied access, gave up before they were allowed entry, while others snuck in.

‘My goal here is to not vindicate Trump’

When D’Souza took the stage, he crowed about the underdog non-politician’s election victory.

“Trump’s election was stunning because it was actually achieved against what seemed to be insurmountable odds,” and those who “put Trump over the top are none other than the working-class Democrats.”

The Republican candidate focused tightly on “economic and social issues,” taking advantage of the Democratic Party’s failure to address issues that have depressed working-class wages, D’Souza said: “Trump had actually a very decisive victory.”

He derided progressives who say Trump “didn’t win” because of his popular-vote loss, which is “not what our Constitution says,” and questioned why they feel “morally licensed” to disrupt presidential and campus events.

“Where does that moral indignation come from?” D’Souza said, starting a long history lesson on campus politics, the Civil War, slavery and the evolving nature of the two major parties over the past century.

Near the end of his speech, D’Souza veered toward campus politics.

“My goal here is to not vindicate Trump,” he said. “It’s to vindicate the absurdity, that in the American intellectual environment, including the most elite sectors of American life, these arguments have been shut out — on the pretense that they are somehow beyond the pale.”

Rather than obsessing over how to remove a purported “fascist in the White House,” D’Souza said, students should instead ask: “Where has American history brought us?”

Several students thanked D’Souza for coming to campus during a civil question-and-answer portion.

Club leaders were initially ‘apprehensive’ about D’Souza

Merkulova, the press officer for the CRs, said she was happy to host D’Souza because “this campus is one big safe space” for many students, where “more often than not” they only hear “a very liberal perspective.”

Referring to students who opposed Trump, she said “it might be beneficial for some to open their minds a little to see what the other half of the country [Trump voters] has to say about our current situation.”

That’s not to say the very conservative D’Souza was an easy pick for the club, which includes “moderate” and “establishment Republicans” and even some Democrats, Merkoluva said. Many board members were “apprehensive” about him, but “ultimately” voted to bring D’Souza.

The administration did not immediately respond to a request for comment about its handling of check-in for registered attendees.

USA: UC San Diego Students Protest Visit by ‘Oppressive and Offensive’ Dalai Lama. Wth?! 😦 These Students Have Been Brainwashed By Communist China! πŸ˜’

written by Kieran Corcoran
Thursday February 16, 2017

Students at the University of California, San Diego are protesting an upcoming visit by the Dalai Lama – claiming the Tibetan leader is “oppressive”.

Chinese students are leading objections to the event, which will see the Dalai Lama give a commencement speech on graduation day.

They have claimed that his presence is offensive because of his campaign to make Tibet more independent – contrary to the Communist government’s position that Tibet is a region of China under their control.

Arguments over Tibetan independence have raged for decades – but this dispute is remarkable because activists are conducting it through the language of social justice.

As noted by Quartz, the Chinese student association framed their complaints as an example of cultural oppression and a problem of equality.

A statement accused university leaders of having “contravened the spirit of respect, tolerance, equality, and earnestness—the ethos upon which the university is built.”

One student posting on Facebook said: “So you guys protest against Trump because he disrespects Muslims, blacks, Hispanics, LGBT.., but invites this oppresser [sic] to make a public speech?? The hypocrisy is appalling!”

Likewise, an alumni group based in Shanghai said UCSD will be breaching its ethos of “diversity” and will leave them “extremely offended and disrespected” if the Dalai Lama’s speech dips into the political.

Chinese officials are known to be extraordinarily hostile to any groups who get close to the Dalai Lama, and do their best to punish governments who engage with the exiled Tibetan regime.

They consider the Dalai Lama a threat to stability in China, akin to a terrorist who wants to split the country.

This is despite his stated aim being increased autonomy – rather than outright independence – for Tibet, which he fled in 1959.

His insistence on peaceful protest and non-violent resistance won him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989. It is hard to see who he is oppressing by touring the world, giving speeches and promoting peaceful opposition to China.

Questions have been raised about whether the Chinese government is directly involved in lobbying against the address.

A statement by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association originally said it was seeking support from the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, but later denied that claim.

Government officials are certainly not above getting involved in campus politics.

At the University of Durham in northern England, the Chinese Embassy in London tried to stop a Chinese-born activist and beauty queen speaking in a debate.

Anastasia Lin, a Miss World Canada winner, was asked to speak at the Durham Union Society on whether China was a “threat to the West”

But the students organizing the debate received angry calls from embassy officials, claiming that if Lin spoke it could damage UK-China relations, according to a BuzzFeed report.

The students ignored them and went ahead with the debate anyway (Lin’s side lost).

But the incident underlines that China is prepared to take advantage of a newly censorious atmosphere on campus – and its supporters are happy to use the posture of SJWs to get their way.
The College Fix
written by Kate Hardiman - University of Notre Dame
Tuesday February 21, 2017

Tweet ‘#ChineseStudentsMatter’

The University of California San Diego recently announced that the Dalai Lama will offer its keynote commencement address, much to the disatisfaction of many of its Chinese students, who call the choice “controversial” and “disrespectful.” Some go so far as to say the university’s decision shows a lack of cultural respect and campus inclusiveness.

The exiled spiritual head and leader of the Tibetan people is a controversial figure in China, according to senior John Leo, an officer of the university’s Chinese Student Scholars Association.

“Inviting such a controversial figure…is very disrespectful,” Leo told ABC 10.

Though the history between Tibet and China is complicated, Chinese students such as Lee allege that the Dalai Lama’s failed negotiation with China for Tibetan independence actually sparked an uprising in 2008.

UCSD students have also recently popularized the hashtag #ChineseStudentsMatter in an effort to bring attention to this matter.

Chinese student Ruixuan Wang published an op-ed in the UCSD Guardian explaining that “the Dalai Lama spent his whole life trying to separate Tibet from the mainland of China, regardless of how much privilege and freedom the government offered the people of Tibet.”

“His conflict with our government caused property loss, deaths of innocent people and panic among the general public — even though he claims that he advocates for a nonviolent revolution.”

Yet, UCSD Chancellor Pradeep Khosla called the Dalai Lama “a man of peace” who “promotes global responsibility and service to humanity” in a statement.

“These are the ideals we aim to convey and instill in our students and graduates at UC San Diego,” Khosla said.

The Dalai Lama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 for his non-violent struggle for the liberation of Tibet, and has been recognized for his global environmental concern.

Wang noted in his piece that these accomplishments are admirable, but wrote that “the main reason why many Chinese students are upset is that our university shows little consideration about cultural respect.”

The UCSD Shanghai Alumni Group interestingly used the common campus rhetoric of diversity and inclusion to voice its protest.

“When addressing such a diverse community, there is a greater responsibility to spread a message that brings people together, rather than splits them apart,” they wrote.

Yet some counter that invoking diversity, given China’s general aversion to this principle, is inappropriate.

Tibetan native and graduate of UCSD Dr. Tsering Topgyal called it “unsurprising” that most Chinese students agree with their communist government’s stance on Tibet.

“If the Chinese students wish to exploit diversity, they would come across as more convincing if they were more committed and supportive of this principle back home,” he said. “If they are so committed to diversity, it behooves them to be more accepting of the Dalai Lama’s talk, especially since I am sure that many of the non-Chinese student community would wish to hear the Dalai Lama.”

In response to the Chinese students’ disapproval, UCSD said in a statement that “the University of California San Diego has always served as a forum for discussion and interaction on important public policy issues and respects the rights of individuals to agree or disagree as we consider issues of our complex world. Our 2017 speaker, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, carries a message that promotes global responsibility and service to humanity that is of great interest to the UC San Diego community and to our students as they enter their professional lives. As a public university dedicated to the civil exchange of views, the university believes commencement is one of many events that provide and appropriate opportunity to present to graduates and their families a message of reflection and compassion.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association has issued a statement that “if the university insists on acting unilaterally and inviting the Dalai Lama to give a speech at the graduation ceremony, our association vows to take further measures to firmly resist the university’s unreasonable behavior. Specific details of these measures will be outlined in our future statements.”

No specific request for disinvitation has been issued at this time, however.

February 20, 2017

The Philosophy of Words (So to Speak)

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The Philosophy of Words (So to Speak)
Authors: Some are from George Carlin and Stephen Wright; others are unknown
Contributors: Wanda Wilson & John Masher
[source: Alpha Dictionary]

◦Why isn't phonetics spelled phonetically?
◦Why are there Braille signs at the drive-through windows at the bank?
◦If a deaf kid swears, does his mom wash his hands with soap?
◦What's another word for synonym?
◦Why do we drive on a parkway but park in a driveway?
◦Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practice?"
◦Where do forest rangers go to "get away from it all?"
◦Is it possible to be "totally partial?"
◦Would a fly that loses its wings be called a "walk?"
◦If a turtle loses its shell is it naked or homeless?
◦If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?
◦If people can have triplets and quadruplets why not singlets and doublets?
◦Is Atheism a non-prophet organization.
◦I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, "Where is the self-help section?" She said that if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.
◦Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?
◦Why don't you ever see the headline, "Psychic Wins Lottery"?
◦Why is "abbreviated" such a long word?
◦Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?
◦Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker?
◦Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?
◦Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?
◦If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?
◦If flying is so safe, why is the airport called 'terminal'?

Critical Thinking Is Self-Guided, Self-Disciplined Thinking

written Linda Elder, September 2007
[source: The Critical Thinking Community]

Critical thinking is self-guided, self-disciplined thinking which attempts to reason at the highest level of quality in a fair-minded way. People who think critically consistently attempt to live rationally, reasonably, empathically. They are keenly aware of the inherently flawed nature of human thinking when left unchecked. They strive to diminish the power of their egocentric and sociocentric tendencies. They use the intellectual tools that critical thinking offers – concepts and principles that enable them to analyze, assess, and improve thinking. They work diligently to develop the intellectual virtues of intellectual integrity, intellectual humility, intellectual civility, intellectual empathy, intellectual sense of justice and confidence in reason.

They realize that no matter how skilled they are as thinkers, they can always improve their reasoning abilities and they will always at times fall prey to mistakes in reasoning, human irrationality, prejudices, biases, distortions, uncritically accepted social rules and taboos, self-interest, and vested interest. They strive to improve the world in whatever ways they can and contribute to a more rational, civilized society. At the same time, they recognize the complexities often inherent in doing so.

They strive never to think simplistically about complicated issues and always consider the rights and needs of relevant others. They recognize the complexities in developing as thinkers, and commit themselves to life-long practice toward self-improvement. They embody the Socratic principle: The unexamined life is not worth living, because they realize that many unexamined lives together result in an uncritical, unjust, dangerous world.

Concept and Definition of Critical Thinking

[source: The Critical Thinking Community]

Why Critical Thinking?
The Problem

Everyone thinks. It is our nature to do so. But much of our thinking, left to itself, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed, or downright prejudiced. Yet, the quality of our life and that of what we produce, make, or build depends precisely on the quality of our thought. Shoddy thinking is costly, both in money and in quality of life. Excellence in thought, however, must be systematically cultivated.

A Definition

Critical thinking is that mode of thinking — about any subject, content, or problem — in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing it. Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. It presupposes assent to rigorous standards of excellence and mindful command of their use. It entails effective communication and problem-solving abilities, as well as a commitment to overcome our native egocentrism and sociocentrism.

To Analyze Thinking

Identify its purpose, and question at issue, as well as its information, inferences(s), assumptions, implications, main concept(s), and point of view.

To Assess Thinking

Check it for clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, significance, logic, and fairness.

The Result

A well-cultivated critical thinker:
  • Raises vital questions and problems, formulating them clearly and precisely
  • Gathers and assesses relevant information, using abstract ideas to interpret it effectively
  • Comes to well-reasoned conclusions and solutions, testing them against relevant criteria and standards
  • Thinks openmindedly within alternative systems of thought, recognizing and assessing, as needs be, their assumptions, implications, and practical consequences
  • Communicates effectively with others in figuring out solutions to complex problems
The Etymology & Dictionary Definition of "Critical Thinking"

The concept of critical thinking we adhere to reflects a concept embedded not only in a core body of research over the last 30 to 50 years but also derived from roots in ancient Greek. The word ’’critical’’ derives etymologically from two Greek roots: "kriticos" (meaning discerning judgment) and "kriterion" (meaning standards). Etymologically, then, the word implies the development of "discerning judgment based on standards."

In Webster’s New World Dictionary, the relevant entry reads "characterized by careful analysis and judgment" and is followed by the gloss, "critical — in its strictest sense — implies an attempt at objective judgment so as to determine both merits and faults." Applied to thinking, then, we might provisionally define critical thinking as thinking that explicitly aims at well-founded judgment and hence utilizes appropriate evaluative standards in the attempt to determine the true worth, merit, or value of something.

The tradition of research into critical thinking reflects the common perception that human thinking left to itself often gravitates toward prejudice, over-generalization, common fallacies, self-deception, rigidity, and narrowness.

The critical thinking tradition seeks ways of understanding the mind and then training the intellect so that such "errors", "blunders", and "distortions" of thought are minimized. It assumes that the capacity of humans for good reasoning can be nurtured and developed by an educational process aimed directly at that end.

The history of critical thinking documents the development of this insight in a variety of subject matter domains and in a variety of social situations. Each major dimension of critical thinking has been carved out in intellectual debate and dispute through 2400 years of intellectual history.

That history allows us to distinguish two contradictory intellectual tendencies: a tendency on the part of the large majority to uncritically accept whatever was presently believed as more or less eternal truth and a conflicting tendency on the part of a small minority — those who thought critically — to systematically question what was commonly accepted and seek, as a result, to establish sounder, more reflective criteria and standards for judging what it does and does not make sense to accept as true.

Our basic concept of critical thinking is, at root, simple. We could define it as the art of taking charge of your own mind. Its value is also at root simple: if we can take charge of our own minds, we can take charge of our lives; we can improve them, bringing them under our self command and direction. Of course, this requires that we learn self-discipline and the art of self-examination. This involves becoming interested in how our minds work, how we can monitor, fine tune, and modify their operations for the better. It involves getting into the habit of reflectively examining our impulsive and accustomed ways of thinking and acting in every dimension of our lives.

All that we do, we do on the basis of some motivations or reasons. But we rarely examine our motivations to see if they make sense. We rarely scrutinize our reasons critically to see if they are rationally justified. As consumers we sometimes buy things impulsively and uncritically, without stopping to determine whether we really need what we are inclined to buy or whether we can afford it or whether it’s good for our health or whether the price is competitive. As parents we often respond to our children impulsively and uncritically, without stopping to determine whether our actions are consistent with how we want to act as parents or whether we are contributing to their self esteem or whether we are discouraging them from thinking or from taking responsibility for their own behavior.

As citizens, too often we vote impulsively and uncritically, without taking the time to familiarize ourselves with the relevant issues and positions, without thinking about the long-run implications of what is being proposed, without paying attention to how politicians manipulate us by flattery or vague and empty promises. As friends, too often we become the victims of our own infantile needs, "getting involved" with people who bring out the worst in us or who stimulate us to act in ways that we have been trying to change. As husbands or wives, too often we think only of our own desires and points of view, uncritically ignoring the needs and perspectives of our mates, assuming that what we want and what we think is clearly justified and true, and that when they disagree with us they are being unreasonable and unfair.

As patients, too often we allow ourselves to become passive and uncritical in our health care, not establishing good habits of eating and exercise, not questioning what our doctor says, not designing or following good plans for our own wellness. As teachers, too often we allow ourselves to uncritically teach as we have been taught, giving assignments that students can mindlessly do, inadvertently discouraging their initiative and independence, missing opportunities to cultivate their self-discipline and thoughtfulness.

It is quite possible and, unfortunately, quite "natural" to live an unexamined life; to live in a more or less automated, uncritical way. It is possible to live, in other words, without really taking charge of the persons we are becoming; without developing or acting upon the skills and insights we are capable of. However, if we allow ourselves to become unreflective persons — or rather, to the extent that we do — we are likely to do injury to ourselves and others, and to miss many opportunities to make our own lives, and the lives of others, fuller, happier, and more productive.

On this view, as you can see, critical thinking is an eminently practical goal and value. It is focused on an ancient Greek ideal of "living an examined life". It is based on the skills, the insights, and the values essential to that end. It is a way of going about living and learning that empowers us and our students in quite practical ways. When taken seriously, it can transform every dimension of school life: how we formulate and promulgate rules; how we relate to our students; how we encourage them to relate to each other; how we cultivate their reading, writing, speaking, and listening; what we model for them in and outside the classroom, and how we do each of these things.

Of course, we are likely to make critical thinking a basic value in school only insofar as we make it a basic value in our own lives. Therefore, to become adept at teaching so as to foster critical thinking, we must become committed to thinking critically and reflectively about our own lives and the lives of those around us. We must become active, daily, practitioners of critical thought. We must regularly model for our students what it is to reflectively examine, critically assess, and effectively improve the way we live.

Critical thinking is that mode of thinking — about any subject, content, or problem — in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing it. Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. It presupposes assent to rigorous standards of excellence and mindful command of their use. It entails effective communication and problem-solving abilities, as well as a commitment to overcome our native egocentrism and sociocentrism.

February 19, 2017

The Boss ~ by Diana Ross ❤ I Included A Bonus Track/Vid For More INSPIRATION And To Let You Know That YOU ARE NOT ALONE! :)

My mom has always been a huge Diana Ross fan. I grew up listening to her albums and dancing in the living room with my mom. I was also fortunate enough as a child to experience Diana Ross live in concert with my mom on several occasions. Diana Ross would always wear the most beautiful elaborate gowns on stage and change gowns after every set. She would also walk out into the audience and shake everybody's hand. She always without fail LEFT ME MESMERIZED! Diana Ross is an amazing entertainer! Pure CLASS.

The Boss was a huge disco hit when it came out. Nevertheless, this is actually a very powerful spiritual song if you really choose to listen. God is LOVE. Love is God. Therefore, God is The Boss! Creator and Source of ALL living things. Sending lot's of love to you all. Enjoy this song and lyrics! This was me. I can totally relate to this song, as I am sure many of you can as well or soon will. ♥

This is such an AWESOME song! I can't get enough of it tonight! :) This was not released as a spiritual song. It was a dance hit in 1979. The lyrics just have more meaning for me. ♥

The Boss ~ by Legendary Diana Ross

Fancy ME
Thought I had my degree
In life and how LOVE
Ought to be a run
I had a one step plan to prove it
Guide in my pocket for FOOLS
Folly and fun
LOVE had to show me ONE THING:

I was so right
So right
Thought I could turn emotion
On and off
I was so sure
So sure (I was so sure)
Who was who was who was The Boss!
(Taught me who was who was The Boss)

Anyone who claimed that I
Didn't control whatever moved in MY SOUL
I could tempt
Touch delight
Just because you fell for me
Why should I feel uptight
LOVE had to show me ONE THING:

I was so right
So right
Thought I could turn emotion
On and off
I was so sure
So sure (I was so sure)
Who was who was who was The Boss!
(Taught me who was who was The Boss)

Taught ME
Taught ME
Taught ME

I was so right
So right
Thought I could turn emotion
On and off
I was so sure
So sure (I was so sure)
Who was who was who was The Boss!
(Taught me who was who was The Boss)

God wants you to know: If you need me, call me. No matter where you are, no matter how far. Just call my name. I'll be there in a hurry. On that you can depend and never worry.

I know you must follow the sun. Wherever it leads. But remember. If you should fall short of your desires. Remember life holds for you one guarantee. You'll always have me. ♥

I Am...❤ This Is So Beautiful. So Much Wrapped Up God's Name.

While praying a woman asked, "Who are you, God?"

He answered, "I Am."

"But who is I Am?", she asked.

He replied, "I Am Love, I Am Peace, I Am Grace, I Am Joy, I Am Strength, I Am Safety, I Am Shelter, I Am Power, I Am The Creator, I Am The Comforter, I Am The Beginning and I Am The End, I Am The Way The Truth and The Light."

With tears in her eyes she looked toward Heaven and said, "Now I understand. But who am I?"

God tenderly wiped the tears from her eyes and whispered,
"You Are Mine."

My Daily Prayer... ♥

I would like to share two of my daily prayer's with you. The first is one I received from Paula White Ministries 10 years ago. While the second is one that I personalized for myself. You are welcome to use these prayers. Soon your spirit will personalize one for you. You shall know the Truth when you seek God's face daily. I don't mean in the traditional sense. I mean spending time getting to know Him. You can start by talking with Him like you would a friend. He will guide you on your spiritual path as you grow closer and closer to Him. Allow God's LIGHT to permeate every fiber of your being and transform you from the inside out. "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind." [Romans 12:2] This has nothing to do with religion. This is about God, your Heavenly Father wanting to have a "personal" relationship with you. ♥

God is God all by Himself. The same is true for Jesus (Yahshua), the living breathing WORD of God and the Holy Spirit, the breath of God. God doesn't need a religious group or organization to make Him so. God almighty is above all and sovereign. God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. God is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. God is INFINITE and ETERNAL.

The Power Of Prayer from Paula White Ministries

Dear Heavenly Father, I give You praise for my life and all that is in it. You are my Creator, my Provider, my Comforter and I worship You from the depths of my soul. My desire is to know You... to truly know You in an intimate way. Please grant me a mind filled with Spiritual wisdom and a heart that continues to long for You.

This is my prayer personalized...

Thank you God for loving me unconditionally. Thank you God for never giving up on me. Thank you God for always believing in me. Thank you God for taking care of all of my needs. I am an instrument of Your will LORD, use me for Your greater good. I am ready, willing and able to effect change on Your behalf. Awaken Your Spirit within me LORD. Lend me Your strength, Your courage and Your wisdom. I will continue to abide in Your WORD as your WORD continues to abide in me. You are my ROCK and my foundation! Your presence makes me feel unspeakable love and joy. Direct my steps LORD and connect me to the right people that are in line with Your will for my life. I will continue to Trust and Believe in You LORD. I love you. In Yahshua's precious name, AMEN!

I go on to pray, Jesus (Yahshua) please cleanse my spirit from all impurities, please purify me Lord, wash me in Your blood, cover me and protect me against all evil. Please fill my spirit with Your love, Your peace and Your joy. Lend me Your strength, courage and wisdom. AMEN!

God's Divine favor surrounds me like a shield! Amen. ♥