July 23, 2014

AFGHANISTAN: 6 Islamist Suicide Bombers Blown Up By Own Explosives In Logar Today And 5 Taliban Islamist Militants Died In Premature Suicide Blast On Monday. You Know How I Feel About This... lol ;)

Khaama Press, Afghanistan
written by Staff
Wednesday July 23, 2014

At least six suicide bombers were killed in a premature explosion in eastern Logar province of Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said Wednesday that the incident took place on Tuesday morning in Pul-e-Alam, the provincial capital of Logar province.

MoI following a statement said the suicide bombers were looking to transport the suicide bombing vests in Pul-e-Alam city when the incident took place.

The statement further added that the group was looking to carry out coordinated attacks in Pul-e-Alam city.

MoI also added that no one else was killed or injured following the explosion.

The anti-government armed militant groups have not commented regarding the report so far.

Khaama Press, Afghanistan
written by Staff
Tuesday July 22, 2014

At least five Taliban militants were killed following a premature suicide blast in eastern Paktika province of Afghanistan.

According to local government officials, the incident took place late Monday in Sorubi district.

The officials further added that the explosives of the suicide bomber went off while he was preparing to leave the area to carry out a suicide attack in an unknown location.

At least seven Taliban militants were also injured following the explosion, the officials said, adding that local residents did not suffer any casualties.

The Taliban militants group has not commented regarding the report so far.

Paktika is among the volatile provinces in eastern Afghanistan where anti-government armed militant groups are actively operating in its various districts.

Dozens of people were killed or injured after a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle packed with explosives in Paktika province last week.

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Islamist Militants Attack On Civilian Car Leaves 6 Dead In Laghman

Khaama Press, Afghanistan
written by Staff
Tuesday July 22, 2014

At least six people including five civilians and an Afghan policeman were killed following an attack by Taliban militants in eastern Laghman province of Afghanistan.

Provincial governor spokesman, Sarhadi Zwak, said Tuesday that the incident took place late Monday in Alingar district.

Zwak furhter added that Taliban militants opened fire on a civilian car, leaving six people dead including a policeman and another civilian injured.

The Taliban militants group has not commented regarding the incident so far.

Laghman is amogn the relatively volatile provinces in eastern Afghanistan where anti-government armed militant groups are active in a number of its districts.

At least two people were killed and 14 others were injured following an explosion in Mehtarlam city on Friday morning.

AFGHANISTAN: Islamist Suicide Bomber MURDERED 2, Injured 15 Others In Helmand Province

Khaama Press, Afghanistan
written by Staff
Monday July 21, 2014

A heavy explosion rocked Helmand province in southern Afghanistan on Monday, leaving at least two people dead.

The incident took place around 12:00 pm local time after a suicide bomber rammed a vehicle packed with explosives in to the vehicles convoy of the Afghan security forces.

Provincial governor spokesman, Omar Zwak, confirmed that two people including a police man were killed following the attack.

Zwak further added that fifteen others including eight policemen were injured following the explosion.

No group including the Taliban militants has so far claimed responsibility behind the incident.

IRAQ: Islamist Suicide Bomber Murdered 31 INNOCENT SOULS In Baghdad

The Daily Star, Lebanon
written by Sinan Salaheddin, AP
Wednesday July 23, 2014

BAGHDAD: Iraqi officials say the death toll from a late night suicide attack targeting a police checkpoint in Baghdad has climbed to 31 people, most of them civilians.

The bomber had rammed his explosives-packed car into a checkpoint in Baghdad's northern neighborhood of Kazimiyah where people lined up in cars for security checks en route to a revered Shiite shrine during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Police officials said Wednesday that along with 31 killed, the explosion also left at least 58 people wounded. Initial reports had 21 killed. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they are not authorized to talk to media.

Baghdad has been on edge since the Sunni militant blitz led by the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria seized large swaths of northern and western Iraq.

KENYA: al-Shabaab Islamist Militant Group Warns Tourists To Stay Away From Kenya As It Claims Responsibility For Massacre Of 49 Non-Muslims (Infidels)

The Telegraph, UK
written by Agencies
Wednesday July 16, 2014

Al-Shabaab, Somalia’s al-Qaeda-linked terror group, has claimed responsibility for an attack by dozens of extremists on a Kenyan coastal town on Sunday night in which 49 people were killed.

The Islamist group also told tourists and foreigners to stay away from Kenya.

"To the tourists visiting Kenya we say this: Kenya is now officially a war zone and as such any tourists visiting the country do so at their own peril," the group said.

"Foreigners with any regard for their safety and security should stay away from Kenya or suffer the bitter consequences of their folly. You have been forewarned!" it added.

The Shebab statement vowed more attacks would follow.

The claim came after witnesses reported gunmen killing anyone who wasn't Muslim and those who didn’t know the Somali language in the attack on Mpeketoni.

The assault began on Sunday night as residents watched World Cup matches on TV and lasted until early Monday, with little resistance put up by Kenya’s security forces. Cars and buildings still smouldered at daybreak.

Authorities blamed al-Shabaab, who have vowed to carry out terror attacks to avenge the Kenyan military presence in Somali. Along with its Somali fighters, the group also has many Kenyan adherents. By midday Monday the group had not claimed responsibility.

Like the gunmen who attacked Nairobi’s Westgate Mall last year, the Mpeketoni attackers gave life-and-death religious assessment, a witness said, killing those who were not Muslim.

“They came to our house at around 8pm and asked us in Swahili whether we were Muslims. My husband told them we were Christians and they shot him in the head and chest,” said Anne Gathigi.

Another resident, John Waweru, said his two brothers were killed because the attackers did not like that the brothers did not speak Somali.

“My brothers who stay next door to me were killed as I watched. I was peeping from my window and I clearly heard them speak to my brothers in Somali and it seems since my brothers did not meet their expectations, they sprayed them with bullets and moved on,” said Waweru.

At the Breeze View Hotel, the gunmen pulled the men aside and ordered the women to watch as they killed them, saying it was what Kenyan troops are doing to Somali men inside Somalia, a police commander said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to share such details of the attack.

Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku said the attackers fled into the nearby wilds, known as the Boni Forest after a “fierce exchange of fire” with security forces. He said 20 vehicles had been set on fire.

At a news conference, Ole Lenku was forced to defend the government’s security record after a string of attacks. He also warned opposition politicians against inciting violence, saying it was possible the attack was linked to politics. The claim was immediately dismissed by security experts.

Kenya’s top police commander, David Kimaiyo, said the death toll was 48. A police spokeswoman said authorities believe that several dozen attackers took part.

Mpeketoni is about 20 miles southwest of the tourist centre of Lamu. Any tourism in Mpeketoni is mostly local, with few foreigners visiting the area. The town is 60 miles from the Somali border and 360 miles from the capital, Nairobi.

Kenya has experienced a wave of gunfire and explosive attacks in recent months. The US, UK, France, Australia, and Canada have all recently upgraded their terror threat warnings for the country. US marines behind sandbag bunkers are now stationed on the roof of the US embassy in Nairobi.

The Interior Ministry said that at about 8pm on Sunday, two minivans entered the town. Militants disembarked and began shooting. Kenya’s National Disaster Operations Center said military surveillance planes were launched shortly afterward.

Lamu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the country’s oldest continually inhabited town. The region saw a spate of kidnappings of foreign tourists in 2011 that Kenya said was part of its motivation for attacking al-Shabab in Somalia. Since those attacks and subsequent terror warnings, tourism has dropped off sharply around Lamu.

At least 67 people were killed in September when four al-Shabab gunmen attacked an upscale mall in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Kenya sent its troops to Somalia in October 2011.

KENYA: Al-Shabaab Islamist Militants Gun Attack On Bus MURDERED 7 INNOCENT SOULS

The Telegraph, UK
written by AFP staff
Sunday July 19, 2014

Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shebaab have claimed responsibility for an attack on a bus and police vehicle that killed at least seven people in Kenya.

The group denied involvement in a separate incident – an alleged suicide bomb attack on a militia leader in Somalia that reportedly killed six people.

The Kenyan Red Cross said five civilians and two police officers were killed in the shooting, which took place on Friday near the town of Witu – about 50 kilometres (30 miles) from the tourist island of Lamu which borders Somalia.

Local authorities said four police officers were among the dead.

An al-Shebaab spokesman told AFP by telephone the group was "ready to act or attack anywhere necessary within Kenya."

"The attacks are a clear response to the government of Kenya's false claim that they beefed up security in the area," said al- Shebaab military spokesman Abdulaziz Abu Musab.

He added that the withdrawal of Kenyan troops from Somalia "is the only hope for a sort of normality."

According to police gunmen opened fire on a bus as it travelled from Mombasa to the popular tourist island of Lamu. They then targeted a police car which stopped to intervene, and also hit a third car.

Some reports claim several people from the bus have gone missing and may have been taken by the attackers, but officials have refused to comment.

Lamu, a UNESCO World Heritage site, has been hit by a series of attacks since mid-June which, according to the Red Cross, has left a total of 94 dead.

Somalia's al-Shebaab has carried out similar attacks in the past, saying they were in retaliation for Kenya's military presence in Somalia as part of the African Union force supporting the country's fragile government.

On Saturday, a prominent militia leader in southern Somalia blamed al-Shebaab after an alleged suicide bomber killed six people in an attack on his home.

Iftin Hassan Basto, a tribal leader who has fought with the Islamist group in the past, said a child was among those killed by the blast in the port city of Kismayo.

"The explosion occurred soon after I entered the house," Basto said in a statement. "My security guards saw a man who tried to infiltrate and when they confronted him he blew himself up."

"We knew [al-Shebaab] were planning such attacks and we will continue fighting these terrorists," he added.

One witness, Ali Mohamed, said: "The explosion was huge and several dead bodies were removed from the house. Security forces have cordoned off the area after the explosion."

But al-Shebaab were quick to deny involvement in the explosion, instead claiming that one of Basto's guards was responsible.

"There was no attack on his home, but his amateur guards fired a rocket launcher inside the house," Musab, the group's military spokesman told AFP.

Kismayo was a former stronghold of the Shebab before Kenyan troops captured it in late September 2012.

Al-Shebaab have increased their scope of operations since September, when they launched an attack on Nairobi's Westgate mall in which at least 67 people were killed.

In May the group carried out a restaurant bombing in Djibouti. Uganda and Ethiopia – countries which also contribute to the AU force in Somalia – have also been on high alert.

CHINA: 150 People Under Quarantine After Plague Breaks Out In Western China. Lovely :/

The Telegraph UK
written by Malcolm Moore, Beijing
Tuesday July 22, 2014

More than 150 people are under quarantine in the far western Chinese city of Yumen after a 38-year-old man died from pneumonic plague.

The man died last week, three days after finding a dead marmot on the grasslands outside Yumen in Gansu province and chopping it up to feed to his dogs.

Rodents living on the grasslands of Gansu, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia are responsible for one or two cases of plague each year, on average. In 2004, there was a mini-outbreak of 13 cases in Qinghai.

Because of the virulence of the disease, China has built a rapid response network, with 400 counties monitoring plague transmission among animals and watching for signs of human cases.

As a result, officials quickly cordoned off four areas where the man had been in contact with others: the patch of grassland where he found the marmot, the nearest town, his home village and the area in Yumen where he was treated.

More than 150 people who came into contact with him have been put under observation and quarantined, but officials said there had not been any signs of further infection.

Pneumonic plague is one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases, according to the World Health Organisation. It is caused by the bacterium Yersinia Pestis, which is also responsible for its two sister diseases, bubonic plague and septicaemic plague.

Meanwhile, four cases of pneumonic plague have recently been reported in Colorado, in the United States, after a dog was infected by a rodent carrying the disease.

SCIENCE: Researchers Fully 'Delete' HIV From Human Cells For The First Time

written by Steve Dent
Tuesday July 22, 2014

So far, HIV has eluded a cure because it installs its genome into human DNA so insidiously that it's impossible for our immune system to clear it out. While current treatments are effective, a lifetime of toxic drugs is required to prevent its recurrence. But researchers from Temple University may have figured out a way to permanently excise it using a highly-engineered HIV "editor." Here's how it works: the team analyzed a part of our immune system that fights infection and built a "guide RNA" strand consisting of 20 nucleotides (RNA building blocks). Those strands were then injected into cells typically infected with HIV, like T-cells. There, they targeted the end parts of the virus's gene and snipped out all 9,709 nucleotides that made up its genome. Since the guide RNA strand contained no human DNA sequences, it left the host cell intact -- but free from HIV.

Though scientists eliminated the virus from cultured cells, there's still a lot of hurdles to clear before such therapy is ready for human trials. The virus's highly mutative nature means that there are numerous variants that the treatment would have to remove. The other challenge is to deliver the treatment to every infected cell, since complete removal of the virus is required to cure AIDS. However, Temple researcher Kamel Khalili said that "we are working on a number of strategies so we can take the construct into preclinical studies... we want to eradicate every single copy of HIV-1 from the patent. That will cure AIDS."

INDIA: Your Callousness Is The Story, CM Siddaramaiah – Karnataka CM And Uttar Pradesh Governor Think Rapes Should Be Ignored Or Left To The Lord. :o

The Times of India
written by Srijana Mitra Das
Tuesday July 22, 2014

They’ve shown us their true colours – and these aren’t pretty.

Bangalore’s residents were shocked to their souls by the rape of a six-year-old child by a monster masquerading as a ‘teacher’ in school.

But not Karnataka chief minister K Siddaramaiah. Oh no.

Leaving grief, shock and shame over what’s happened to lesser mortals – the kind that carry the burden of a heart – Siddaramaiah instead snapped angrily at questioning reporters – Is this the only news which is happening here?

Interestingly, Siddaramaiah would find a buddy in Uttar Pradesh governor Aziz Qureishi.

UP has clearly been overrun by rapist criminals – who, in a horrendous act, gang-raped and tortured a woman to death last week, a hop away from a village Bill Clinton was visiting then – determined that their state hits the headlines for the most foul reasons every day.

But does the state’s governor – supposedly representing distinction and direction – chastise a rotting law and order machinery for failing so miserably at its job?

Instead, Qureishi says that perhaps only if the gods descend from heaven can rapes be stopped.

Which raises the question – why is he there?

Why are any of these public servants – governors who live in the lap of luxury, whose every mouthful of Raj Bhavan food is paid for by tax-payers, CMs who hiss angrily at citizens daring to complain about toddlers being brutally violated and rapists roaming free – even there?

If they cannot do their jobs to administer well or even make the right noises that soothe trauma, they should get lost.

Their disappearance will prevent rapes.

Because once they get out of the way, the police guarding them can guard the people who actually pay for their services.
You and me.

But till that day comes, let’s agree with Siddaramaiah.

Yes, a helpless child being raped and your administration taking days to philosophise over whether or not to arrest its rapist isn’t the only story from Karnataka.

Your unbelievable callousness is.

INDIA: 'Pillow' School Principal Sexually Assaulted 30 Underage Girls In Hostel

Bangalore city is in the state of Karnataka, India.
Can you see it in the South right next to Goa.

The Times of India
written by Staff
Wednesday July 23, 2014

BANGALORE - A school principal who was arrested last month for sexually harassing hostel inmates, didn't stop with drinking on campus or asking girls for their pillows. He allegedly sexually assaulted at least 30 girls in the hostel.

Horrific tales of sexual attacks by Mallikarjun Swamy, 52, came to light when the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) recently met students of the residential school in Anekal taluk. The principal removed the latches of doors to rooms in which older girls were staying, and allegedly took their photographs when they were bathing, the CWC alleged.

Swamy was arrested last month after TV channels telecast footage of him and his associates consuming alcohol on the hostel premises. He was booked under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. The principal allegedly borrowed pillows from the girls, saying they helped him dream.

CWC members said they found the girls in a state of shock, and managed to get them to open up after a lot of convincing. "Once they started opening up, we were shocked by revelations about what the principal was doing to them," said Vishalakshi CS.

A 15-year-old girl, who was the constant target of the principal's assaults, was so disturbed that her statement had to be recorded in front of a magistrate to strengthen the case. "Although most of the girls were sexually harassed, she was his target," she said. Mallikarjun allegedly touched the girl and her friends inappropriately and sexually assaulted them. When CWC members inspected the girls' rooms, they found most of them had no latches.

Though parents lodged several complaints with police, there was no response.

Bangalore Rural SP B Ramesh said Swamy was booked and the girls' statements to the CWC would be added to the case.

INDIA: Two Minors Gang-Raped Over Weekend; 14-Year-Old Girl Was Gang-Raped By 6 Monsters In Farah And 17-Year-Old Girl Was Gang-Raped By 3 Monsters In Firozabad. >:/

Mathura and Firozabad districts are in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

The Times of India
written by Staff
Monday July 21, 2014

AGRA - Two instances of gang-rape were reported from Mathura and Firozabad over the weekend. A 14-year-old girl was raped by six men in Farah, 10 km from Mathura. In Firozabad, another minor was raped by three people. Police have lodged FIRs in both cases.

The 14-year-old girl was kidnapped by the accused when she went to relive herself in the fields on Saturday. Reports said she was in the village to take part in a religious event. She took a break from the religious event around 9 pm, and went missing afterwards. SSP Mathura Nitin Tiwari said the girl, in her statement, told police that the accused men took her to the fields and raped her.

She said the men threatened her, and told her not to reveal that she had been raped. The girl managed to reach home and revealed her ordeal to her parents, who approached the police. An FIR was registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act against six men, all of whom are absconding. The girl was sent for medical examination and counselling.

In the case of gang-rape reported from Firozabad, a 17-year old student of intermediate college was raped by three men in Abbas Nagar under Ramgarh police station. In her statement to police, the girl said she had been abducted and raped while out to draw water from a hand-pump on Saturday night. Police nabbed two of the accused, while the third managed to escape.

An FIR under Sections 364 (kidnapping) and 376 (rape) of IPC has been registered. Meanwhile, a Dalit woman in Agra complained that local goons roughed her up in Fatehbad after she resisted their attempts to assault her. Police, however, claimed she had some dispute with the accused men.

INDIA: Woman Abducted, Gang-Raped By 3 Monsters On Monday. >:/

Fatehpur district is in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

The Times of India
written by Staff
Wednesday July 23, 2014

KANPUR - A middle-aged married woman was allegedly abducted and gang-raped by three villagers of Devchali village in Fatehpur district on Monday. The survivor somehow managed to reach home and inform her husband, who reported the matter with the Chandpur police station. An investigation is currently underway.

According to reports, the 30-year-old victim left her house to answer nature's call on Monday morning. Near Narakha Baba temple, she was waylaid by three villagers identified as Sarnam Singh, Pintu Singh and Jalla Singh of the same village. The survivor alleged that the trio forcibly took her to a nearby jungle and gang-raped her, the police said. The accused warned her against informing anyone and dumped her on the spot. The woman managed to reach a nearby village and inform her husband, who reported the matter with the police station. A case of abduction and rape was registered against the trio.

Chandpur station officer said that the victim was sent for medical examination and efforts were underway to nab the accused.

INDIA: Teenage Girl Gang-Raped At Bihar Hospital With Older Sister Tied Up, And While Mother Was Working Night Shift. Police Are Searching For The Monsters Who Fled The Scene Of Crime. >:/

The Indian state of Bihar borders Nepal and Uttar Pradesh.

Gulf News
written by Lata Rani
Monday July 21, 2014

Patna: A teenage girl was gang-raped at a hospital in Bihar, sending shock waves in the area.

The incident took place at a private nursing home at Sonepur in Saran district on late Saturday night, where the victim’s mother was posted as a nurse.

Reports said the victim along with her elder sister had gone to meet their mother in the hospital but as she was away on official duty, they stayed in one of the hospital’s rooms. During the night, some four youths barged into their room and then gang-raped the girl after tying the victim’s elder sister to a chair. The victim is a class IX student.

Meanwhile, a case has been registered against some unidentified persons. The police are investigation while the victim has been admitted to a local hospital for treatment.

“We are conducting raids to arrest the culprits who are absconding,” the local police inspector Chandra Bhushan Kumar said.

Police said the culprits also stabbed the victim when she protested.

The incident is reminiscent of a December 2012 incident in which a mentally ill woman was raped by a hospital staff at a government hospital in east Champaran district of Bihar.

The victim was raped on the premises of the Sadar hospital during the late hours when the hospital campus was largely deserted.

Incidents of rape have registered an alarming rise in Bihar in the past few years.

According to an official report, a total of 478 cases of rape were reported in the first five months of Bihar. That means an average 95 cases of rape were taking place every month in the state.

Last year, a total of 1,128 incidents of rape were reported, followed by 927 in 2012, 934 in 2011 and 795 in 2010.

The state recorded 929 cases in 2009, 1,041 in 2008 and 1,122 in 2007.

Previously, it had seen 1,083 in 2006 and 973 in 2005 — the year the Janata Dal (United) government came to power in Bihar after 15 years of the Rashtriya Janata Dal government headed by Lalu Prasad and his wife Rabri Devi.

July 22, 2014

USA: George Carlin Gets Manhattan Street Named In His Honor, After Compromise With Catholic Church :)

The New York Daily News
written by Erin Durkin
Wednesday July 9, 2014

Legendary comedian George Carlin now has a Manhattan street named in his honor, but it took a compromise with an old nemesis — the Catholic Church — to make it happen.

Mayor de Blasio signed legislation Wednesday renaming W. 121st St. between Morningside Drive and Amsterdam Ave. as “George Carlin Way” for the “Seven Dirty Words” comic.

That’s one block from the Morningside Heights block where Carlin grew up — because the Catholic Church did not want his name displayed on the stretch where Corpus Christi Church is located.

Although he was born Catholic, Carlin was no altar boy. In his routines, he often took aim at organized religion in general and at the Catholic Church in particular.

“It was an acrimonious relationship. But we’re pleased with the resolution,” said Joseph Rosenberg of the Catholic Community Relations Council.

“The church just didn’t want the sign to be on the block where Corpus Christi Church was. We were never opposed to a street co-naming, we just didn’t want it on that block.”

The distaste was mutual: Carlin, who attended both the Corpus Christi Church and its school as a boy, once quipped, “I used to be Irish Catholic. Now I’m an American.”

A previous effort to name a street for Carlin, who died in 2008, fizzled amid opposition from the church, but the local community board endorsed the compromise to honor him one block over.

A bill drafted this year by the City Council included both blocks, in what officials described as a mistake. The language was tweaked at the last minute.

As he signed the bill, de Blasio called the renaming “one I’m sure a lot of people have an opinion on. I have a good opinion.”

Carlin was “a New Yorker whose voice was heard literally around the world, born and raised in Morningside Heights, a true New Yorker, told it like it was, smart and blunt and honest and not afraid of controversy,” he said.

“It is only fitting that the corner of a street where a young Carlin once lived and entertained his neighbors will now bear his name,” said Councilman Mark Levine (D-Manhattan), who sponsored the name change.

USA: Prostitute With AIDS Charged With Knowingly Spreading HIV

Inquistr news
written by Staff
Sunday July 6, 2014

A prostitute named Antionette Clark is being charged with the crime of knowingly exposing her clients to the HIV virus.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a woman named Kirsty Edmondson made a sex tape next to the dead body of her murder victim, and even posted selfies online for everyone to see.

Columbia police say they caught 20-year-old Clark allegedly posted an online ad related to sex. According to the probable cause statement, an undercover cop arrested her after she agreed to have sex for money.

But then the case became even worse:
“Originally charged with prostitution, a misdemeanor, in late June, Antionette L. Clark now faces the felony of knowingly being infected with HIV while performing the act of prostitution after prosecutors amended the case this week. Columbia resident Clark was arrested June 19 at a hotel in the 900 block of Port Way in east Columbia during an undercover operation.”
Clark was originally charged with misdemeanor prostitution but when she admitted she knew she was HIV positive the prosecutors amended the charges to include knowingly being infected with HIV while performing the act of prostitution.

The case is a big deal for the area since Boone County only has 221 people infected with HIV, which represents 0.0013 percent of the population according to a 2013 census. Andrea Waner, spokeswoman for the health department, does point out that symptoms can sometimes take years to show up, but it is still pretty rare for anyone to knowingly expose anyone to the risk of contracting HIV:
“I think that overall people living with HIV are responsible and are taking precautions to protect their own health from other issues and also to protect the health of people around them.”
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 1.2 million Americans are HIV-positive in the United States, but only 940,000 know this to be the case. 34 states have made it illegal to knowingly spread the virus and in the worst cases some people have been sentenced to many years in prison, with some people even claiming the death penalty was necessary.

What do you think is a reasonable punishment for someone who knowingly spreads the HIV virus without warning others? Or do you think it should be a crime at all?

USA: Violent Weekend, 40 Shot, 4 Killed In Chicago By Street Gangs Including 11-Year-Old, Shamiya Adams. Chicago Has Strictest Gun Control Laws In America.

This guy tells it like it is and I like how he describes the inner city of Chicago, Chiraq! Yes, because innocent people are being killed at the same rate or close to the massacres in Iraq. These street gangs are no different than the Islamist militants around the world. Well, the Islamist militants are beheading, executing, stoning, gang-raping hmm what else oh yeah bombing buildings, roads, bridges. They are the same in that both are extremely evil, they have no conscience and have no respect for human life or civilization.

The following data is taken from Chicago Tribune webpage titled, Crime in Chicagoland that keeps track of these figures on a daily basis for the public.

Chicago homicides January 1, 2014 - Present: 207
Chicago shooting victims January 1, 2014 - July 14, 2014: 1,254

The New York Daily News
written by Doyle Murphy
Sunday July 20, 2014

A stray bullet killed an 11-year-old Chicago girl playing at a sleepover during a bloody weekend in the city.

Shamiya Adams and friends were eating s’mores around a pretend campfire on Friday night when the bullet ripped through the house and slammed into the little girl’s head, CBS Chicago reported.

Distraught relatives rushed to Mt. Sinai Hospital where they stood vigil, crying out early Saturday morning when they learned Shamiya had died.

“A great-grandmother should not have to bury her great grandchild,” Shamiya’s great-grandmother, Lourene Miller, told ABC 7. “This is a pain I can’t even explain it hurts so bad.”

Cops are still searching for the killer, and local political and religious leaders have offered an $8,000 reward for information.

Investigators are hopeful surveillance cameras in the Garfield Park neighborhood will provide clues, according to media reports.
Shamiya’s death was part of a brutal round of shootings on Friday night into Saturday morning.

More than 20 people, including a 12-year-old girl, were wounded in little more than 12 hours, the Chicago Tribune reported.
The girl was shot in the foot when unknown shooters opened fire on her, a 33-year-old woman and a 44-year-old man on Friday afternoon.

All three survived the attack, the newspaper reported.

Three 15-year-old boys were wounded by gunfire in three separate incidents during the bloody span of attacks, and a 30-year-old man was found dead in a car about 3 a.m. on Saturday.

His body was riddled with bullets, slumped over in the front seat, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel choked back tears after speaking to Shamiya’s mother.

“I got nothing left to say to these moms,” Emanuel told reporters. “I don’t know where they find the strength to go, put one foot in front of another. We’re a better city than that. We’re better people.”

Miller, Shamiya’s great-grandmother, pleaded for an end to the gun violence.

“People got to learn to put the guns down,” Miller told ABC 7. “They do too much damage. They cause too much pain. Not just Shamiya’s life gone, but the boy — whoever did it — his life is gone too, because he’s going to be behind bar.”

Breitbart News
written by Warner Todd Huston
Monday July 21, 2014

Chicago once again boiled over this weekend with gang violence driven by the Mexican cartels and their drug trade. Forty were shot and four killed, including an 11-year-old girl.

The girl, Shamiya Adams, was struck by a stray bullet that entered through a window where she was attending a sleepover.

The violence was so heavy that during a 12-hour period between Friday evening and Saturday morning, 22 people were shot in Mayor Rahm Emanuel's city.

It was during this 12-hour bloodletting that the girl was shot in the head in the West Garfield Park neighborhood.

Six hours later, a second person was gunned down in Chicago. By Sunday afternoon, two more were killed.

Chicago's NBC affiliate reported that between Friday at 12 a.m. and Sunday afternoon, 40 had been shot over the July 18 weekend.

Those killed were 11-year-old Shamiya and three males, 21, 24, and 30 years of age.

Thus far in July, 34 Chicagoans have been killed and 188 wounded.

USA: Michigan Toddler Shot Point Blank In Face, Neighbors Respond In Outrage Claiming It Violated The ‘Code Of The Streets’. Michigan Has Strict Gun Control Laws.

Inquistr news
written by Staff
Thursday July 3, 2014

A fatal shooting in a Detroit suburb ended in tragedy as an innocent toddler paid the ultimate price as she became a victim in response to a nightclub shooting that happened in April of this year.

The unspeakable incident occurred Tuesday in Inkster Michigan as 2 year old Kamiya French was playing outside in her front yard, supervised by her father and a 12 year old girl. The attacker walked into the yard and shot Kamiya point blank in the face, killing her instantly. Her father was shot multiple times resulting in non-life threatening wounds. The 12 year old girl, Chelsea Lancaster was a relative of Kamiya, was critically injured.

Monique Cruz, a neighbor, stated:
“This Inkster, stuff like this happens all the time, but not to kids. Not the babies. It don’t make sense because her daddy is loved by everybody.”
A neighbor visiting the area described the scene, still in shock. Andy Anderson was visiting family that lived nearby and witnessed the shooting. He explained that the shooter walked toward the children and shot Kamiya first at point blank range before moving his aim toward the other two.
“He shot the baby. I thought, no, he didn’t. And then he turned the gun and started shooting the porch.”
Andy Anderson took cover behind a car, worried that the shooter would focus his aim on the onlookers as well. He continued to explain that the gunman arrived in a van that was driven by another individual. When the shooter finished murdering Kamiya and wounding the others, he returned to the van and left promptly.

In less than two weeks, Kamiya would be turning 3.

Police do not believe that the children were targeted, but instead became victims of circumstance. The shooting suspect was later arrested at his girlfriend’s house and they are still searching for the driver of the van.

Antwan Harrison, another neighbor, was outraged by the incident:
“We’re talking about a senseless murder. A guy with no morals. The innocent shouldn’t have to pay for our suffering.”
Community activist, Aaron Simms, is organizing a vigil for Kamiya and is placing signs throughout the neighborhood that read, “I am not a snitch, I am a neighbor.” He went on to say:
“People are just shooting because they don’t know how to do anything else”

On a positive note, Chelsea Lancaster’s family stated that although she was shot in the leg and stomach, her surgery went well and she is not paralyzed. Her grandmother, Porcia Holt, said:

“She woke up, opened her yes and squeezes her mom’s hand”

VENEZUELA: Venezuelan Airport Now Charges Passengers For The Air They Breathe :o

FOX News Latino
written by Staff
Monday July 21, 2014

Travelers who use the Maiquetía International Airport in Caracas and are paying attention may be quite surprised to see that, in Nicolas’ Maduro Venezuela, breathing comes with a cost.

Starting July 1, every passenger departing Maiquetía has to pay 127 bolivares (somewhere between $2 and $20, depending on the exchange rate used) during check-in, in order to pay for the air conditioner that now flows out of the airport’s ducts.

In a press release, the Maiquetia Airport said the project was put in place to ensure the quality of oxygen and keep the premises free of pathogens.

Some 30,000 passengers use the facility every day, according to El Nacional newspaper.

The new tax has generated all kinds of reactions in the Latin American country, mostly outrage, as the new fee must be added to the already exorbitant airline tickets.

Most international airlines have ceased operations in the country and the reduced number of flights has sent ticket prices to the moon: such is the crisis that a Caracas-Miami ticket these days can cost close to $4,000.

"We are on the path to getting Venezuela isolated and to having to do as Cubans do, who throw themselves to the sharks to be able to get other countries,” said Ibrahín Rojas, a Venezuelan citizen, to Spanish daily ABC, while trying to buy flights to Miami.

At the center of the problem is that foreign airlines are no longer allowed to send back their profits.

According to International Air Transport Association, foreign carriers are owed $4 billion from their Venezuela sales.

A couple of weeks ago, United Airlines became the latest to announce it will reduce flights to Venezuela. American Airlines Group Inc., Delta Air Lines Inc. and several foreign airlines have previously announced cutbacks.

American Airlines now has 10 weekly flights to Venezuela, down from 48 last month.

July 21, 2014

USA: California State Senator Representing Montebello, Democrat Ron Calderon, Indicted On Two Dozen Counts Of Bribery, Fraud, Money Laundering And Other Charges.

I couldn't find this information in any of the articles that I read about his indictment. I thought it was important to know what area he represented.
Ron Calderon was elected to the 30th Senate District, which includes: Bell, Bell Gardens, Commerce, Cudahy, Huntington Park, La Mirada, Los Angeles, Montebello, Norwalk, Pico Rivera, California, Santa Fe Springs, South El Monte, South Gate, Whittier, East La Mirada, East Los Angeles, Florence-Graham, Hacienda Heights, South Whittier, and West Whittier.[source: wikipedia]
Reuters News
written by Dan Whitcomb
Friday February 21, 2014

A California state senator has been indicted on federal charges that he accepted some $100,000 in bribes from a businessman and undercover FBI agents posing as Hollywood movie executives in exchange for steering legislation in their favor, prosecutors said on Friday.

Democrat Ron Calderon, 56, has agreed to turn himself in on Monday to face two dozen counts of bribery, fraud, money laundering and other charges, said Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Los Angeles.

Calderon's brother, Tom Calderon, a former member of the California State Assembly, was also named in the U.S. District Court indictment and charged with conspiracy and seven counts of money laundering. Tom Calderon, 59, has surrendered to federal authorities and was expected to face an arraignment on Friday, Mrozek said.

"Public corruption is a betrayal of the public trust that threatens the integrity of our democratic institutions," U.S. Attorney André Birotte said in announcing the charges.

"Senator Calderon is accused of accepting tens of thousands of dollars in bribes and using the powers of his elected office to enrich himself and his brother Tom, rather than for the benefit of the public he was sworn to serve," Birotte said.

Phone calls made to Ron Calderon's offices in the Los Angeles area and in Sacramento were not answered on Friday.

According to a 28-page indictment handed down on Thursday, Ron Calderon is accused of accepting roughly $100,000 in cash bribes, along with plane trips, golf outings and jobs for his children, in exchange for influencing legislation.


In one of those schemes, prosecutors say, the senator took bribes from Long Beach, California, hospital owner Michael Drobot to preserve a legislative loophole that allowed Drobot to defraud the state's health care system out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Drobot has agreed to plead guilty to separate charges stemming from that scheme and is cooperating in the case against the Calderon brothers, Mrozek said.

Ron Calderon is also accused of taking bribes from undercover FBI agents who he thought worked for an independent Hollywood movie studio in exchange for supporting an expansion of film tax credits in California.

Both Calderons, part of a powerful family dynasty in California state politics dating back several decades, are accused of laundering the bribe money by funneling it through Tom Calderon's consulting firm, Californians for Diversity.

If convicted at trial, Ron Calderon, who also faces tax fraud charges, could face a statutory maximum of nearly 400 years in prison, although federal sentencing guidelines typically call for much less time. Tom Calderon could face a maximum of 160 years behind bars.

In June, FBI agents raided the Sacramento offices of Ron Calderon and the legislature's Latino Caucus, of which he was a member of the executive board.

At the time, high-profile Los Angeles attorney Mark Geragos told the Sacramento Bee newspaper that prosecutors had no case against Calderon and should be "ashamed of themselves" because he believed they had leaked word of the raid to the media.

Geragos could not be reached for comment on Friday afternoon and his office declined to say if he was still representing Calderon.

In November, Calderon was removed from the board of the Latino Caucus and from his legislative committee assignments by his colleagues because of the investigation.

If convicted at trial, Ron Calderon, who also faces tax fraud charges, could face a statutory maximum of nearly 400 years in prison, although federal sentencing guidelines typically call for much less time. Tom Calderon could face a maximum of 160 years behind bars.
Fox New Latino
written by AP staff
February 22, 2014

A California state senator was charged Friday with accepting $100,000 in bribes, lavish trips and no-show jobs for his children in exchange for pushing legislation to benefit a hospital engaged in billing fraud and participating in a film industry tax scheme that actually was an FBI sting.

The 24-count federal indictment against Sen. Ron Calderon, a Democrat from a politically prominent family in Los Angeles' blue-collar suburbs, depicts a rogue legislator eager to trade his clout at the state Capitol to enrich himself and his family. His brother Tom, a former state lawmaker-turned-lobbyist, was charged with money-laundering for funneling bribes through a tax-exempt group he controlled, prosecutors said.

"When public officials choose to callously betray the trust of the people they serve and selfishly abuse the privileges of public office, then we will take all necessary steps to hold those persons fully accountable for their behavior," U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte said.

The charges come after a long-running corruption investigation that has tarnished the state's majority party — Democrats hold every statewide office and control both chambers in the Legislature. The charges also threaten the patriarchs of a family that rose to political prominence from the heavily Hispanic, working-class communities southeast of Los Angeles.

"Because they knew how to run elections and they knew how to speak to a newly incorporating group, Latinos, they knew how to get people elected," said political scientist Fernando Guerra, director of the Center for the Study of Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University. For any would-be candidate around their home base "you needed their support."

If convicted on all counts, Ron Calderon, who is expected to surrender Monday, could face nearly 400 years in federal prison. His brother, if convicted, could face a maximum penalty of 160 years in confinement, prosecutors said.

The indictment details a rampant pay-to-play culture in which Ron Calderon used his influence in the Legislature to extract money or other financial benefits from those who wanted favors.

Those bribes, prosecutors said, included trips to Las Vegas, flights on privately chartered planes and jobs for Ron Calderon's son and daughter in which they were paid but did little, if any, work. The film studio, an FBI ruse, hired his daughter for a $3,000-a-month job, and a Long Beach hospital executive involved in the medical scam hired his son for three summers at a rate of $10,000 per summer, the indictment said.

USA: CA State Senate Democrats Blocked A Republican Bill That Proposed Some Of The Toughest Ethics And Campaign Finance Restrictions.

The Los Angeles Times
written by Patrick McGreevy
June 24, 2014

State Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a Republican bill that proposed some of the toughest ethics and campaign finance restrictions put forward since three Democratic lawmakers were suspended while facing criminal charges, two of them involving corruption.

SB 1379 fell one vote short of the majority needed to pass out of the Senate Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee after Democratic Sens. Hannah-Beth Jackson of Santa Barbara and Loni Hancock of Berkeley withheld their votes. Two other Democrats voted for the measure, and Republican Sen. Joel Anderson of San Diego voted no.

The Republican proposal would have required faster public disclosure of campaign contributions, prohibited lawmakers from paying their spouses and children with campaign funds, barred the use of certain political funds for criminal defense expenses and doubled the penalty for bribery convictions.

“The unprecedented corruption charges brought against two members of this house has caused many of us to look at both campaign finance and ethical reforms,” Senate Republican leader Bob Huff of Diamond Bar told the panel.

He cited the suspension of Democratic Sens. Leland Yee of San Francisco, Ronald S. Calderon of Montebello and Roderick Wright of the Inglewood area.

Wright has been convicted of perjury and voter fraud for lying about living in his Senate district, while Calderon and Yee have been charged with accepting payments for official favors.

“Due to bad behavior alleged against the suspended members, the integrity of the Senate has been dealt a serious blow,” Huff said. “We have to act with urgency to strengthen current law in order to win back the public trust.”

Hancock withheld her vote because she wanted more analysis of the impact of the proposed longer criminal penalties in the bill, according to spokesman Larry Levin. Jackson did not say why she withheld her vote.

Meanwhile, a bill that would create a campaign fundraising blackout at the end of the legislative session stalled in an Assembly committee Tuesday on a 1-1 vote, with four assemblymembers withholding their votes. Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) authored SB 1101.

“I believe that a fundraising blackout period, particularly at the end of legislative session, is good public policy,” Padilla said. “It shows we are serious about reform and committed to separating fundraising and votes. I am disappointed that the bill did not pass.”

San Jose Mercury News
written by Jessica Calefati
July 6, 2014

SACRAMENTO -- After state Sen. Leland Yee's stunning arrest earlier this year, the Legislature's highest-ranking member urged his colleagues to finally fix a long-standing problem in California politics -- the corrupting allure of money.

"Sometimes it takes a crisis," Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said after denouncing the San Francisco Democrat's alleged ties to international gunrunning during a speech on the Senate floor.

Since voting to suspend Yee and two other California senators indicted in recent months, Sacramento lawmakers have held a "day of reflection" and considered more than a dozen new pieces of ethics reform legislation. But while support for bills requiring more disclosure of gifts and contributions remains strong, interest in tougher proposals that would restrict politicians' fundraising and access to lavish free trips around the globe has waned significantly in the last three months.

"You can't be against an ethics bill the day after the scandal, but it's no longer the day after the scandal," said Jessica Levinson, a Loyola Law School professor who specializes in campaign finance law.

Proposals that seek to ban fundraisers at lobbyists' homes, double the amount of campaign finance reporting required annually and limit the value of gifts lawmakers can receive from outside groups passed nearly unanimously.

These are worthy pursuits, Levinson said, but they're clearly not the kind of systemic changes Steinberg was talking about several months ago when he lamented the distrust sown by the "legal, acceptable and necessary" truth that money can corrupt.

"We're nibbling around the edges, grabbing the low-hanging fruit," Levinson said.

In February, Sen. Alex Padilla introduced a bill that would create fundraising "blackout" periods when lawmakers running for re-election are barred from accepting campaign contributions. Under the proposal, fundraising while negotiating the budget and during the last several weeks of the legislative session would be forbidden.

Lawmakers have tried to impose such blackout periods three other times over the past decade, but none of the attempts were successful in passing legislation in effect in 15 states.

With three colleagues -- Yee and Sens. Ronald Calderon, D-Montebello, and Roderick Wright, D-Inglewood -- possibly facing prison time (Wright has already been convicted of voter fraud), Padilla said he hoped this year the timing would be right. Instead, his bill is on life support.

"Every legislator I've talked to swears up and down that their political activities are separate from how we make policy and how we cast our votes," Padilla said. "We can all say that until we're blue in the face. But if public perception is otherwise, that's not good for democracy."

Senate Bill 1101 survived a vote in the Senate only after Padilla agreed to an amendment sought by Senate Republicans that also imposes fundraising restrictions on non-incumbent candidates for the Legislature. Otherwise, those challengers would have an unfair fundraising advantage, the lawmakers argued.

Now Padilla is hearing new complaints from Democrats who sit on the Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee. A majority of the panel's members declined to cast votes on the bill when they reviewed the proposal last month, leaving it without enough support to advance.

"It's been a grind," said Padilla, a candidate for secretary of state in November's election.

Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Oakland, said the proposed legislation "simply had too many inconsistencies and unresolved issues" to win his support in committee. He noted that the ban wouldn't apply to non-legislator candidates seeking local or statewide office. That's unfair to sitting lawmakers running for those offices, he said.

Asked why the bill couldn't be amended to address that concern, Padilla said court decisions in other states indicate that it would invite legal challenges.

Last month, the Senate adopted a new rule that imposes a fundraising ban on its members for the last four weeks of the legislative session, but there are no legal penalties for officials who break the rules. Senators who accept checks during the blackout period can only be reprimanded by their colleagues.

So far, the Assembly has declined to adopt a similar rule.

Padilla isn't the only lawmaker to have an ethics reform bill picked apart this year.

Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, saw key elements of a wide-ranging proposal to strengthen California's landmark Political Reform Act deleted by the Senate Appropriations Committee, led by Sen. Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, who will replace the termed-out Steinberg as the Senate's leader.

The committee is supposed to amend legislation that would be too costly to implement. In Hill's case, however, the committee eliminated pieces of his proposal that would have barred lawmakers from taking expensive free trips and prevented indicted lawmakers from using their campaign accounts as legal defense funds.

Hill, who sits on the committee, said he doesn't know why those changes were made. Had he objected, he added, he would have been forced to kill his own bill.

"What works for the committee may not work for you, but if you want the bill to move forward, that's how it goes," Hill said.

Provisions of the bill that remain intact will prohibit elected officials from contributing campaign funds to nonprofits run by their family members, block lawmakers from using campaign funds to pay their bills and require groups that pay for legislators' travel to disclose their donors and the cost of the trip.

De Leon declined to say why Hill's bill was amended by the committee. But Dan Reeves, de Leon's chief of staff, defended the changes.

"It's both commonplace and expected that the Appropriations Committee will, in the course of its duties, make improvements to bills to make them more workable," Reeves said.

Steinberg was unavailable for comment last week.

Senate Republican leader Bob Huff, R-Diamond Bar, also authored a sweeping ethics reform bill that would, among other things, prohibit lawmakers from using campaign accounts for criminal defense or to pay the salaries of their relatives, but it failed to clear a committee last month when two senators -- Hannah-Beth Jackson, Democrat-Santa Barbara, and Loni Hancock, Democrat-Berkeley -- withheld their votes.

De Leon and Steinberg deserve credit for pushing through new Senate rules that impose fundraising restrictions, offer whistle-blower protection to Senate staff and require the chamber to hire an ombudsman, but overall lawmakers' efforts to reform Sacramento politics have been lukewarm, said Dan Schnur, director of the Unruh Institute of Politics at the University of Southern California.

"It's pretty clear that most legislators are only interested in political reform in months when one of their colleagues is being arrested," said Schnur, who lost a bid to become secretary of state in June's primary election. "As soon as the headlines faded, so did the interest in the Capitol for any meaningful effort to clean up the system."