September 25, 2016

How Old Would You Be If...❤

A friend gave me this magnet years ago. She said she thought of me after she read it. Have you ever been asked this question? What is the first thing that comes to mind for you? Take some time to think this through.

For me, I see age as being fluid. I am as old as I feel and my response depends on what the situation and moments in time call for. There are times when I need to be serious and there are times when I can feel free to let my inner child come through. There is a full range of possibilities within. Although, I am keenly aware of the set time I have spent on this earth and I do treasure every one of those years; the good, the bad. and the ugly. YES! I treasure all of the years I have experienced on earth.

Since we have no knowledge of when our time will expire, we do need to cherish every moment and make the most of every moment. Hugs! ❤

P.S. UPDATE 9/25/16: I would like to share with all of my cherished readers that my youthful grandfather who was 98 years old passed away in his sleep two Friday's ago. So yeah, I am treasuring my life regardless of the circumstances I find myself in and you should too. Love you all.

Here is a picture of my inner child
and YES I love tutu's! ;)

Laughter Came from Every Brick, A Poem ♥

Laughter Came from Every Brick
from Love Poems from God, by Daniel Ladinsky

Just these two words He spoke
changed my life,
“Enjoy Me.”
What a burden I thought I was to carry -
a crucifix, as did He.
Love once said to me, “I know a song,
would you like to hear it?”
And laughter came from every brick in the street
and from every pore in the sky.
After a night of prayer,
He changed my life when
He sang,
“Enjoy Me.”

Tips to help you put more laughter in your life:
* Figure out what makes you laugh and do it (or read it or watch it) more often.
* Surround yourself with funny people — be with them every chance you get.
* Develop your own sense of humor but never at anyone else’s expense.

A Faith To Imitate Child-Like Qualities And Its Blessings part 2 of 2

A Faith To Imitate Child-Like Qualities And Its Blessings

In working through this text I came across a poem that provides a fitting conclusion for what we’ve been talking about today. It’s actually a prayer, so in simple, humble and trusting faith I’d ask that you bow your heads and fold your hands. We pray:

Make me, O Lord, a child again. So tender, frail and small.
In self, possessing nothing. In Thee, possessing all.

O Savior, make me small once more. That downward I may grow
And in this heart of mine restore, The faith of long ago.

With Thee may I be crucified, No longer I that lives.
O Savior, crush my sinful pride. By grace, which pardon gives.

Make me, O Lord, a child again. Obedient to Thy call;
In self, possessing nothing. In Thee, possessing all. Amen.

A Faith To Imitate Child-Like Qualities And Its Blessings part 1 of 2

A Faith To Imitate Child-Like Qualities And Its Blessings

“People were bringing little children to Jesus to have him touch them, but the disciples rebuked them. When Jesus saw this, he was indignant.” If you took a walk through the hallways and the various rooms of our school you’d see them hanging on the walls. They also adorn the walls of many Christian homes. In the world of Christian art are many, many pictures of Jesus with little children.

The Gospels make this abundantly clear: Jesus dearly loved little children. He held them up as examples of faith, as He does in our text for today. He watched them at play and drew lessons from them. And He gave a stern warning to anyone who might cause them spiritual harm. You may recall this pronouncement from last week’s Gospel lesson: “If anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck.”

Yes, Jesus loved the little children. Perceiving this, parents would bring their children to Jesus so that, as we are told in our text, He might touch them – meaning that He might favor them with a special prayer or blessing.

But the disciples apparently didn’t see it this way. When the parents come with their children in tow (by the way, the Greek word used in the corresponding account in the Gospel of Luke indicates that among them were the very young, or infants), the disciples shooed them away. As they saw it, Jesus was a first century VIP and they didn’t want themselves or the Savior bothered with such unimportant or trivial matters.

However, Jesus viewed things quite differently. We are told that He became indignant.

That’s a pretty strong term. It clearly conveys that Jesus was angry and upset with the behavior of His disciples. And the reason He became justifiably angry (or as we sometimes say, “righteously indignant”) was because, in a sense, they had mistreated the little ones He loves so much.

What the disciples considered a nuisance Jesus clearly considered an infraction. So in response to their actions: “He said to them, ‘Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will not enter it.’”

His point: The faith of a child – the kind of faith that takes Jesus at His word and believes the message of salvation and all the other promises of God without a hint of hesitation – that is what our Lord holds up as a faith to imitate. Let’s talk about this kind of faith on the basis of these three descriptions: Simple… Humble… Trusting…

A child-like faith is first of all SIMPLE. As you observe the faith of a child you’ll find this to be true. Ask one of our lower level Sunday School or Lutheran Elementary School teacher and they’ll tell you. Because my wife and I both worked there in our college years, this aspect of child-faith also reminds me of the residents of Bethesda Lutheran Home for the developmentally disabled in Watertown. Spend some time working there – or in any kind of similar situation with a similar clientele – and you’ll understand both the meaning and depth of simple faith.

And you will also learn quite quickly not to mistake a simple faith for a shallow faith. Shallow faith is often a mile wide but an inch deep. Simple faith is just the opposite.

What I mean is this: Neither a young child raised in a Christian home nor the devout resident of Bethesda will be able to give you a thumbnail sketch of each book of the Bible, and it is highly unlikely that you’ll find a Greek or Hebrew Bible on their nightstand as they pour through Scripture in the original. They will not possess that kind of academic knowledge.

But what they do know is this: Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

What they do know is that long ago on a hill outside of a city they’ve never been to named Jerusalem Jesus died on a cross to take away all their sins. And they know why: So they would be clean and pure in the eyes of God and someday live with Him forever in heaven.

What they also know is that Jesus didn’t stay dead, but that He rose from the grave. And they know Him to be their invisible but living friend who listens intently to them when they talk to Him in their prayers.

Those are the elementary, rudimentary truths of Scripture. Nothing complicated or complex about them. The child Jesus holds up as an example simply takes at face value the truths God tells us in His Word. A child-like faith is SIMPLE.

Likewise, A child-like faith is HUMBLE. When problems come it looks upward rather than inward for solutions. We live in a world which instructs us to look deeply “inside ourselves” for answers to our difficulties. And certainly we do have a responsibility to apply the Word of God we’ve been taught to our various situations in life.

But those with a child-like faith know that the power to change things comes not from within, but from without. Not from inside us, but from above us.

Children don’t let things go that far. Child-like faith humbly approaches the throne of grace well before the crisis point, recognizing that God is good and God is great and God is ever-present to help us in every situation. A child-like faith is HUMBLE.

Finally, a child-like faith is TRUSTING. Think once more of a child, this time at prayer. Hands folded, head bowed, eyes purposely shut. This is a picture of trust, because that is what they do. They trust that the Lord will hear them and that He is capable of doing everything they ask of Him.

Simple… humble… trusting. These are the elements of a child like faith. These are the components Jesus holds up before us when He speaks about the “little ones who believe in me.” In this same child-like way Jesus invites, counsels and asks us to trust Him, His Word, His promises and His offer of salvation.

And we say, yes, we really ought to do that. But we say it more in the wistful terms of a wish or a dream, as if it would be nice, but it’s really not possible. Too simplistic, we may think. Trust Jesus and everything will work out. Sounds great, but life is bit too complicated to reduce handling it in such an uncomplicated way…

And that, friends, is our biggest mistake. It is the mistake of not taking Jesus at His Word. Because when it gets right down to it, taking Him at His Word is what Jesus means by “child-like faith.”

Let me give you a Scriptural example of this. At the very outset of this sermon we mentioned the name of King David as one of the “Great Cloud of Witnesses” we looked at this summer...

Well, if anyone can lay claim to having a complicated life, it would be him. As the ruler of Old Testament Israel in its golden age of power and influence, every decision, problem and concern eventually came to roost at his doorstep. Nonetheless, listen to the inspired words this man wrote in Psalm 131. It’s only three verses long, but the child-like attitude of this hero of faith is one we’d do well to imitate.

1 My heart is not proud, O LORD, my eyes are not haughty; I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me.

2 But I have stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me.

3 O Israel, put your hope in the LORD both now and forevermore.

These are the words of a man who did not question the Lord; a man who came before the Lord in humility, confidence and trustfulness. They are words for us all.

So, do we find ourselves worried? Are we anxious about life? Are we scared of what that great unknown we call the future might bring? If and when we are, our primary problem is probably this: we’re acting altogether too much like adults.

Jesus says when it comes to matters of faith, be a child. Trust. Believe. Then relax in the confidence that no matter how things may look or how things may go, God has them under control.

We Are NOTHING Without A Healthy Sense Of Humor. ;) LAUGHTER Will Set You FREE!

Create Chances For Other People To Laugh

- Osho, It is for the first time I have been so close to you. When I am sitting here with you I feel my heart in tune with your heart, I feel a deep love for you. But i also feel my outer seriousness. Why is laughter so difficult for me?

- Laughter is one of the things most repressed by society all over the world, in all the ages. Society wants you to be serious. Parents want their children to be serious, teachers want their students to be serious, the bosses want their servants to be serious, the commanders want their armies to be serious. Seriousness is required of everybody. Laughter is dangerous and rebellious.

When the teacher is teaching you and you start laughing, it will be taken as an insult. Your parents are saying something to you and you start laughing -- it will be taken as an insult. Seriousness is thought to be honor, respect.

Naturally laughter has been repressed so much that even though life all around is hilarious, nobody is laughing. If your laughter is freed from its chains, from its bondage, you will be surprised -- on each step there is something hilarious happening. Life is not serious. Only graveyards are serious, death is serious.

Life is love, life is laughter, life is dance, song. But we will have to give life a new orientation. The past has crippled life very badly, it has made you almost laughter blind, just like there are people who are colorblind. There are ten percent of people who are colorblind -- it is a big percentage, but they are not aware that they are colorblind.

George Bernard Shaw was colorblind, and he came to know it when he was sixty years old. On his birthday somebody sent a present, a beautiful suit, a coat, but the person forgot to send a tie. So Bernard Shaw went with his secretary to find a matching tie. He liked the suit very much. He looked at ties and he chose one, and the secretary was surprised; she could not believe it -- because the suit was yellow and the tie was green.

She said, "What are you doing? This will look very strange."
He said, "Why will it look strange? It is the same color."

The manager, the salesman... they all gathered, and they tried in many ways to find out.... He could not distinguish between yellow and green; they both appeared the same to him. He was colorblind. But for sixty years he was not aware of it. And there are ten percent of people in the world who are colorblind. Some color they are missing, or maybe they are mixing it up with some other color. The constant repression of laughter has made you laughter blind.

Situations are happening everywhere, but you cannot see that there is any reason to laugh. If your laughter is freed from its bondage, the whole world will be full of laughter. It needs to be full of laughter; it will change almost everything in human life.

You will not be as miserable as you are. In fact, you are not as miserable as you look -- it is misery plus seriousness that makes you look so miserable. Just misery plus laughter, and you will not look so miserable!

In one apartment house... And modern apartments have such thin walls that whether you want to or not, you have to hear what is going on on the other side of the wall. In a way, it is very human. The whole apartment house was puzzled about one thing.... Every couple was fighting, throwing pillows, throwing things, breaking cups and saucers, shouting at each other, husbands beating wives, wives screaming -- and they don't need any loudspeaker systems or anything, and the whole apartment house enjoyed.

The only problem was with one sardarji. From his flat they never heard any fight; on the contrary, they always heard laughter. The whole crowd was puzzled: "What is the matter? These people never fight. There is always laughter -- and both are laughing so loudly that the whole building can hear it!"

One day they decided that it had to be looked into: "We are missing so much, and they are enjoying so much. What is their secret?"

So they caught hold of the sardarji as he was coming from the market, carrying vegetables and other things. They all caught hold of him and they said, "First you have to tell us that what the secret is -- why do you laugh when everybody fights?"

The sardar said, "Don't force me, because the secret is very embarrassing."

They said, "Embarrassing? But we thought you are doing great. We always hear laughter -- either you laugh or your wife laughs... no fight."

The sardar said, "What happens is, she throws things at me. If she misses, then I laugh; if she hits me then she laughs. The same things are going on, but it is just that we have made a different arrangement -- what is the point? So I have learned how to dodge her, and she is learning how to...."

After twenty years the same sardar wanted to divorce his wife. The magistrate had heard about them, that this was the only couple in the whole city who had never been known to fight. They simply laugh -- the whole city knows them as the laughing couple.

The magistrate said, "What has gone wrong? You are so famous."

The sardar said, "Forget all about that -- just give us permission to divorce."

But the magistrate said, "I have to know the reason."

He said, "The reason is very clear -- she hits me. And it is too much; I have been getting those hits for years."

The magistrate asked, "How long have you been married?"

He said, "Almost thirty years."

The magistrate said, "If you have been able to cope with the woman for thirty years, then just ten, twenty years more...."

He said, "That is not the point. At first I used to dodge, but now she has become such a good... there is no way that I can dodge! So only she laughs, I have not laughed for ten years. This is unbearable. In the beginning it was perfect; it was almost fifty-fifty, there was no problem. I was laughing, she was also laughing. But now a hundred percent of the time she laughs, and a hundred percent I am just standing there, looking like a fool. No, I cannot tolerate it any more."

Just look around at life and try to see the humorous side of things. Every event that is happening has its own humorous side, you just need a sense of humor. No religion has accepted the sense of humor as a quality. I want a sense of humor to be a fundamental quality of a good man, of a moral man, of a religious man. And it does not need much looking; you just try to see it, and everywhere....

Once I was traveling in a bus when I was a student. The bus conductor was in trouble because there were thirty-one passengers and he had money only for thirty tickets. So he was asking, "Who is the fellow who has not given his money?"

Nobody would speak.

He said, "This is strange; now how am I going to find out?"

I said to him, "Do one thing: tell the driver to stop the bus, and tell the people that unless the person who has not given the money confesses, the bus will not move."

He said, "That's right."

The bus was stopped. Everybody looked at each other, now what to do? Nobody knew who the person was....

Finally one man stood up and said, "Forgive me, I am the person who has not given the money. Here it is."

The bus conductor asked, "What is your name?"

He said, "My name is Achchelal." Achchelal means "a good man."

And I was surprised that out of thirty people, nobody laughed! When he said "Achchelal" I could not believe it -- a "good man" doing such a thing... and nobody seemed to see the humor in it.

Seriousness has become almost part of our bones and blood. You will have to make some effort to get rid of seriousness, and you will have to be on the lookout -- wherever you can find something humorous happening, don't miss the opportunity.

Everywhere there are people who are slipping on banana peels -- just nobody is looking at them. In fact, it is thought to be ungentlemanly. It is not, because only bananas slip on banana peels.

Laughter needs a great learning, and laughter is a great medicine. It can cure many of your tensions, anxieties, worries; the whole energy can flow into laughter. And there is no need that there should be some occasion, some cause.

In my meditation camps I used to have a laughing meditation: for no reason, people would sit and just start laughing. At first they would feel a little awkward that there was no reason -- but when everybody is doing it... they would also start. Soon, everybody was in such a great laughter, people were rolling on the ground. They were laughing at the very fact that so many people were laughing for no reason at all; there was nothing, not even a joke had been told. And it went on like waves. So there is no harm... even just sitting in your room, close the doors and have one hour of simple laughter. Laugh at yourself. But learn to laugh.

Seriousness is a sin, and it is a disease. Laughter has tremendous beauty, a lightness. It will bring lightness to you, and it will give you wings to fly. And life is so full of opportunities. You just need the sensitivity. And create chances for other people to laugh. Laughter should be one of the most valued, cherished qualities of human beings -- because only man can laugh, no animals are capable of it. Because it is human, it must be of the highest order. To repress it is to destroy a human quality.

HAPPY Sunday Everybody! The Most Wonderful Thing About Tiggers Is... I'm The Only One! :D

Yay! Needing to take a much needed break from the nonsense of this world. I already watched some football earlier today, so now I am going to switch it up and watch The Tigger Movie on DVD. This movie is wonderfully lighthearted and one of my faves... because I AM a Tigger! lol ;) Hope this helps to put a smile on your face. Hugs :D

The wonderful thing about Tiggers... Is Tiggers are wonderful things... Their tops are made out of rubber... The bottoms are made out of springs... They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy... Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun... But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is... I'm the only one... The wonderful thing about Tiggers... Is Tiggers are wonderful chaps... They're loaded with vim and vigor... They love to leap in your laps... They're jumpy, bumpy, clumpy, thumpy... Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun... But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is... I'm the only one... Tiggers are cuddly fellows... Tiggers are awfully sweet... Everyone else is jealous... That's why I repeat... The wonderful thing about Tiggers... Is Tiggers are wonderful things... Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

12 Laughter Quotes To Get You Revved Up For The Week Ahead! Laughter And A Good Sense Of Humor Helps Us To Alleviate Any Angst And Remain Balanced In Life. ❤


12 Laughter Quotes To Get You Ready For The Week!
By Various Extra-Ordinary People
  1. A sense of humor... is needed armor. Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life. ~ by Hugh Sidey

  2. A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life. ~ by William Arthur Ward

  3. Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritation and resentments slip away, and a sunny spirit takes their place. ~ by Mark Twain

  4. All you need in the world is love and laughter. That's all anybody needs. To have love in one hand and laughter in the other. ~ by August Wilson

  5. At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. ~ by Jean Houston

  6. Back of every mistaken venture and defeat is the laughter of wisdom, if you listen. ~ by Carl Sandburg

  7. Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors. ~ by Norman Cousins

  8. I always knew looking back on my tears would bring me laughter, but I never knew looking back on my laughter would make me cry. ~ by Cat Stevens

  9. I think laughter may be a form of courage. As humans we sometimes stand tall and look into the sun and laugh, and I think we are never more brave than when we do that. ~ by Linda Ellerbee

  10. If love is the treasure, laughter is the key. ~ by Yakov Smirnoff

  11. In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. ~ by Kahlil Gibran

  12. Laughter is an instant vacation. ~ by Milton Berle

Everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is a universal connection. ~ by Yakov Smirnoff

Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you. ~ by Eileen Caddy

Hello... I'm Still Here. ♥ Happy Sunday. :)

I sat here for a while asking what is it that I need to focus on today for my readers and myself. The answer I received was laughter. We need to take time to make ourselves laugh, even if we have to force ourselves. With all the crap happening in the world, and for most people all the crap in our lives, or crap trying to disrupt our lives, it is of utmost importance to take time to laugh and enjoy ourselves in order to maintain our sanity, and in order to revive our zest for living.

So, with that being said, let's find something we enjoy that will make us laugh, and smile, and even giggle again. That will be my primary focus today. I hope you choose to do the same today too. Love you. Giving you a great big hug! :)
Do you guys get the reference? Ah, come on.

September 21, 2016

CHINA: US and China target Chinese firm suspected of North Korean nuclear link: WSJ

Business Times
written by WSJ staff
Tuesday September 20, 2016

[BENGALURU] The United States and China are targeting the finances of Hongxiang Industrial, a Chinese company headed by a Communist Party cadre which the Obama administration thinks has a role in assisting North Korea's nuclear program, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

Police in Liaoning, the northeastern border province of China, started a probe into the firm's alleged long-term involvement in "serious economic crimes" over the course of its trading activities, the paper reported.

Certain assets related to the company, its founder and top executive Ma Xiaohong, and some of her relatives and associates, have been frozen by the Chinese authorities in recent weeks according to the government and corporate filings cited in the report.

US Department of Justice prosecutors visited Beijing twice last month to make their Chinese counterparts aware about alleged criminal activities being committed by Hongxiang Industrials, it said.

The Justice Department is preparing as early as this week to announce legal action against Chinese firms suspected of providing financial assistance to Pyongyang, the Journal reported, citing officials familiar with the matter.

US President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang agreed on Monday to step up cooperation in the United Nations Security Council and in law-enforcement channels after North Korea's fifth nuclear test, the White House said.

The US Congress passed legislation this year that would sanction anyone who engages in, facilitates or contributes to North Korea's proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Representatives of the US Department of Justice, Chinese Government and Hongxiang Industrial were unavailable for immediate comment.

BRAZIL: Brazil's Ex-President Lula To Stand Trial For Corruption In Bribery Scandal.

The Guardian, UK
written by Jonathan Watts in Rio de Janeiro
Tuesday September 20, 2016

Judge who oversaw investigation into bribery and kickbacks at Petrobras and other major groups must assess if Workers’ party figurehead accepted bribes.

The stage has been set for the most politically charged court case in Brazil’s modern history after a judge ruled that former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva must stand trial on charges of corruption.

Judge Sergio Moro – who has overseen the Lava Jato (Car Wash) investigation into bribery and kickbacks at Petrobras and other major corporations – must now assess allegations that the Workers’ party figurehead accepted 3.7m reais ($1.1m) in bribes.

Lula denies the accusations, which he claims are an attempt to prevent him from running in the next presidential election in 2018.

The decision to go ahead with the trial – which will take place in the city of Curitiba – comes amid a period of intense political and economic turmoil, which has been exacerbated by the two-year Lava Jato investigation and a conspiracy to end 13 years of Workers’ party rule.

Last month, Lula’s successor president Dilma Rousseff was impeached and ejected from office less than halfway through her mandate on relatively minor charges of window-dressing state accounts ahead of the 2014 election.

Last week, Brazil’s congress expelled the politician who orchestrated that campaign, former speaker Eduardo Cunha, who is accused of accepting millions in bribes and stashing them in secret Swiss bank accounts.

New president Michel Temer has also been implicated in the scandal, three of his ministers have been forced to resign, and other senior figures in his ruling Brazilian Democratic Movement party (PMDB) are expected to come under more pressure in the weeks ahead.

Brazil’s major cities have witnessed sporadic, large and sometimes violent street protests for much of the past year, most recently focussed on a Fora Temer (Temer Out) campaign. The president is booed whenever he appears in public and has also divided the region. When he spoke at the United Nations on Tuesday, delegates from Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Costa Rica walked out in a sign that they refuse to recognise his legitimacy.

The trial of Lula could raise temperatures further. The former union leader has dominated the political landscape since he led the Workers’ party to its first presidential victory in 2002.

Prosecutors allege that he kept his party – and its allies, including Temer’s PMDB – in power with funds illegally obtained from over-inflated contracts from government-run companies, such as Petrobras.

Last week, public prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol, said Lula was the “kingpin” in the Petrobras scheme, which caused an estimated 42bn reais ($12.6bn) in losses.

“He was the conductor of this criminal orchestra,” Dallagnol said. “The Petrobras graft scheme aimed at keeping the Workers’ party in power by criminal means.”

Prosecutors also allege that Lula benefited through refurbishments carried out by construction companies at two properties. This is denied by the former president and his lawyers, who say he does not own the properties in question and has not even visited one of them.

Workers’ party supporters claim the Lava Jato investigation is politically biased and that most of those accused in other parties will not be held to justice. Underlining their fears, congressmen last night attempted to push through legislation that would grant sitting lawmakers amnesty.

The implications go far beyond the trial itself. Ana Claudia Farranha, a law professor at the University of Brasilia, said the legal case – although contentious – will distract Da Silva and complicate the next presidential election in which he is the frontrunner.

Ultimately, she said, it could lead to a realignment of political parties.

“The fence is closing around Lula,” said Farranha.

“As the investigations progress, Lula weakens. I think we will see big surprises for 2018 … I don’t think the PT (Workers Party) will disappear, but there will be a redefinition of party blocs.”

WORLD: Russian Head Transplant Surgeon Plans Controversial 'Frankenstein' Experiments To Reanimate Human Corpses :o

The Daily Mail, UK
written by Richard Gray for MailOnline
September 20, 2016

A controversial neurosurgeon who wants to carry out the first human head transplant has outlined plans to conduct 'Frankenstein' experiments to reanimate human corpses to test his technique.

Dr Sergio Canavero, director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, and his collaborators believe they may be able to conduct the first human head transplant next year.

They have outlined plans to test whether it is possible to reconnect the spinal cord of a head to another body with tests that will stimulate the nervous system in fresh human corpses with electrical pulses.

However, the Russian man who has volunteered to have the first transplant has also revealed that his girlfriend is opposed to him having the operation.

he aim of the surgery is to first cut the spinal cord and then repair it before using electrical or magnetic stimulation to 'reanimate' the nerves and even movement in the corpse.

In an article for the Surgical Neurology International, Dr Canavero and his colleague in South Korea and China drew parallels to the infamous story of Frankenstein, where electricity is used to reanimate the fictional monster.

He pointed to experiments conducted in the 1800s using the corpses of criminals who had been hung as proof such tests could be successful.

Dr Canavero and his colleagues said: 'A fresh cadaver might act as a proxy for a live subject as long as a window of opportunity is respected (a few hours).

'It also implies that the process of deathly disintegration is not an immediate process. We name this effect the "Frankenstein effect".

It comes as Dr Canavero and his colleagues have announced the results of experiments to show they can reconnect the spinal cord after it was severed in a dog.

A series of research papers published today detail how the animal was able to walk and wag its tail three weeks after being paralysed from the neck down.

Dr Canavero claims the results prove the technique used, known as GEMINI spinal cord fusion, will also work in humans to fuse two ends of a spinal cord together.

This could then be used to connect a transplanted head to a donor body, allowing a paralysed patient regain control of a body.

Valery Spiridonov, a 30-year-old Russian computer programmer suffering from a form of spinal muscular atrophy called Werdnig-Hoffmann, has volunteered to undergo the surgery.

However, the claims have been met with scepticism by many in the scientific community who warn the experiments in animals do not yet prove a head transplant will work in humans.

It is unclear exactly how completely the dog's spinal cord was severed before it was treated and its injury is some way from having a total head transplant.

Writing in the journal Surgical Neurology International, Dr Canavero said the results of the experiments should dispel the hysteria around full head transplants 'once and for all'.

He said: 'While of course these results are in need of duplication, there can be no doubt that this new batch of data confirm that a spinal cord, once severed, can be refused with useful behavioral recovery.

'Despite these exciting animal experiments, the proof of the pudding rests in human studies.'

He said that initial tests will be carried out using the bodies of brain dead organ donors where the spinal cord will be severed and treated to see if it can be repaired.

He explained how techniques, such as electrically stimulating movements through the spinal cord or with magnets applied to the brain, known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, will be used to test the connections.

If the spinal cord has reconnected, such stimulation should produce tiny electrical pulses in the nerves further beneath the point where the spinal cord was cut.

Dr Canavero said: 'We believe this has a neuropathological basis.'

He first announced his plans to conduct head – or body – transplant in 2013 and he in 2015 he believed the challenges involved were surmountable.

Together with colleagues in South Korea, China and the US, he set up the head anastomosis venture, or HEAVEN, project to develop the techniques needed to carry out such an operation.

Earlier this year, Dr Canavero claimed scientists in China had performed a head transplant on a monkey where they connected up the blood supply between the head and the new body.

They did not, however, reconnect the spinal cord and the animal was unable to regain movement.

Dr XiaoPing Ren, a neurosurgeon in China who Dr Canavero claimed had conducted the work later said it could be some time before the first transplant in humans will be carried out.

Speaking last year he said that experiments in rats have only had a 30 per cent to 50 per cent survival rate.
He told 'Some rats survived a few hours, the longest is one day.'

In a new set of papers published in the journal Surgical Neurology International and edited by Dr Canavero, researchers in South Korea and the US claim to have reconnected the spinal cords in mice and in a dog.

Dr C-Yoon Kim, a neurosurgeon at Konkuk University in Seoul who has been collaborating with Dr Canavero, severed the spinal cords of 16 mice.

They injected a chemical called polyethylene glycol (PEG) into the gap between the cut spinal cord in half of the mice.

After four weeks, five of the eight mice who received PEG regained some ability to move but three of the mice died.

Those who did not receive PEG also died.

Similar tests using an enhanced version of PEG was given to five rats with severed spinal cords and the South Korean researchers showed electrical signals passed down it after treatment.

However, four of the rats were killed in a flood at the team's laboratory and so they were not able to see if movement was restored.

n a final experiment the South Korean team tested the PEG solution in a dog after it's spinal cord was almost completely severed. They claim 90 per cent of the cord had been severed.

While the dog was initially paralysed, three days later the team report it was able to move its limbs. By three weeks it could walk and wag its tail. There was no control in the experiments.

According to New Scientist, however, other scientists have raised serious concerns about the results.

Dr Jerry Silver, a neuroscientist at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, told the magazine: 'These papers do not support moving forward in humans.

'They claim they cut the cervical cord 90 per cent but there's no evidence of that in the paper, just some crude pictures.'

Others said it could still at least eight years before a human head transplant could realistically be carried out.

Speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain, however, Dr Canavero said his team intended to conduct experiments on dead bodies before attempting ahead transplant with Valery Spiridonov.

He said the operation on a living patient would only go ahead when there was at least a 90 per cent chance of them surviving the procedure.

He said: 'The first humans to receive this sort of head transplant will not be Valery, but we will just be performing the first on brain dead organ donors, so the first live head transplant will come about somewhere where we'll be able to transfer the head of a brain dead organ donor onto the body of a decapitated, brain dead organ donor.

'So only after extensive cadaveric rehearsals and this final proof of principle surgery on brain dead organ donors we will move on Valery.

'Actually the list of patients is so long that we can't actually begin to give you all the names including several patients from England.'

However, his plans to 'reanimate' corpses will doubtless require ethical approval and may pose a barrier to the experiments.

CLICK HERE to watch all of the videos and pictures The Daily Mail, UK shared with their article.

USA: President Obama Paid Ransom to Iran to Free Hostages. :/

The Washington Free Beacon
written by Charlie Hoffmann
September 20, 2016

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) said Tuesday on Fox News that President Obama “paid a ransom” with his administration’s $1.7 billion payment to free hostages held by the Iranian government.

McCarthy made his statement the day after new information surfaced prompting Congressional leaders to claim the Obama administration may have laundered money to Iran for the release of American hostages.

The Treasury Department said over the weekend that the U.S. wired money to Tehran multiple times in the past year, undercutting claims the president has made about such payments, Politico reported Sunday.
The United States made at least two separate payments to the Iranian government via wire transfer within the last 14 months, a Treasury Department spokesman confirmed Saturday, contradicting explanations from President Barack Obama that such payments were impossible.
“The Treasury Department said wire transfers were made, but the president said there was no system for that set up,” Fox News host Bill Hemmer said to McCarthy. “Either he did not know or he was not telling the truth. Which one is it?”

“The administration is not being forthright with us about what’s going on. We had not found out about the money until afterward. They had the capability of wiring the money,” McCarthy said. “But, no, they did exactly what Iran asked them to do, pay them in cash so they could fund terrorism around the world.”

A recent Washington Free Beacon story details how the Obama administration was able to move three separate cash payments to Iran through the New York Federal Reserve and multiple European banks, the first of which coincided with Iran releasing four American hostages. These payments, which settled a decades-old failed arms deal between both countries, added up to $1.7 billion.

McCarthy said he believed the Obama administration caved to Iranian demands. He cited reports that Obama’s own Justice Department argued against the payments because of the precedent they would set for other countries who could hold Americans hostage.

McCarthy noted that this precedent set by the Obama administration could show other countries weakness and that America will pay ransom to retrieve hostages.

“What do you think this has done to the power of Iran. The authority they have now achieved?” Hemmer asked.

“America has taken a step back. And who has filled that void? Iran, Russia and North Korea,” McCarthy said. “Why is North Korea testing more now after they watched the way the President handled Iran? It goes to show this administration will give more to its enemies than to its allies.”

September 19, 2016

12 Truly Inspiring Vision Quotes

12 Truly Inspiring Vision Quotes
  1. “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” ~ by Jonathan Swift

  2. “Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.” ~ by Gail Devers

  3. “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” ~ by Jack Welch

  4. “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.” ~ by James Allen

  5. “Only those who look with the eyes of children can lose themselves in the object of their wonder” ~ by Eberhard Arnold

  6. "Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!" ~ by Bob Marley

  7. "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." ~ by Carl Jung

  8. "All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose." ~ by Brian Tracy

  9. "Children are remarkable for their intelligence and ardor, for their curiosity, their intolerance of shams, the clarity and ruthlessness of their vision." ~ by Aldous Huxley

  10. "A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown." ~ by Denis Waitley

  11. "Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired." ~ by Martha Graham

  12. "A man to carry on a successful business must have imagination. He must see things as in a vision, a dream of the whole thing." ~ by Charles M. Schwab

"Vision - It reaches beyond the thing that is, into the conception of what can be. Imagination gives you the picture. Vision gives you the impulse to make the picture your own." ~ by Robert Collier


"Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice. Not something to wish for, but to attain.” ~ by William Jennings Bryan

What Is Your Attitude Going To Be Today? You Get To Choose.

written by unknown author
[source: The Motivational Poem]

I woke up early today, excited over all I get to do before the clock strikes midnight.

I have responsibilities to fulfill today.

I am important. My job is to choose what kind of day I am going to have.

Today I can complain because the weather is rainy
or I can be thankful that the grass is getting watered for free.

Today I can feel sad that I don’t have more money
or I can be glad that my finances encourage me to plan my purchases wisely and guide me away from waste.

Today I can grumble about my health
or I can rejoice that I am alive.

Today I can lament over all that my parents didn’t give me when I was growing up
or I can feel grateful that they allowed me to be born.

Today I can cry because roses have thorns
or I can celebrate that thorns have roses.

Today I can mourn my lack of friends
or I can excitedly embark upon a quest to discover new relationships.

Today I can whine because I have to go to work
or I can shout for joy because I have a job to do.

Today I can complain because I have to go to school
or eagerly open my mind and fill it with rich new tidbits of knowledge.

Today I can murmur dejectedly because I have to do housework
or I can feel honored because the Lord has provided shelter for my mind, body, and soul.

Today stretches ahead of me, waiting to be shaped,
and I am the sculptor who gets to do the shaping.

Today, my attitude is the difference. I get to choose what kind of day I will have!

September 18, 2016

What is meant by the grace of God? I Was Just Led To This Beautiful Message I Would Like To Share It With You

written by Rev. Dr. Katherine M. Lehman

When we speak of God's grace, we mean all the good gifts we enjoy freely in life. There are so many. We could spend a lifetime celebrating them: blackberries, buttercups, moonlight, salamanders, etc. A more summary approach is to affirm that life itself is the fundamental gift, with all its delights. For us, the gift of life includes the wondrous gift of being human, finding ourselves plopped down in the midst of the larger gift of creation. That is the bedrock of grace—creation, life, human being. As humans, we are given a unique place in the created order. The creation stories in Genesis are ways of celebrating this original grace. In the stories, God pronounces all creation, including humankind, very good, that is, full of grace.

We also use the word grace to mean the secondary gifts we perceive in the skill and intelligence of creatures. The gospel says the boy Jesus grew in grace and favor, meaning he began to exhibit his unique personality and potential to contribute to his community. We speak of the beauty of a lion or a dancer, saying they exude an animal grace, discerned in the vitality and fluidity of their movement. When we use the word graceful to describe a creature, it's because the creature is being expressive of its God-given self.

There is another way of speaking about grace that is more about redemption than about creation. Whereas God pronounced original grace, the other side of the story is when we head off on our own, ignoring the Giver. This headstrong straying we have called original sin, meaning our freedom to choose the not so good, to turn aside from original grace. Ironically, this freedom is itself the most unique grace given humankind by God, the capacity to choose our own way, which must necessarily entail the possibility of choosing poorly. Because we have not always chosen the most graceful path, we have ended up in some miserable, blind alleys along the way. When we grasp our predicament and call for the help we had previously spurned, amazing grace comes to the rescue.

As in the beloved old hymn, the amazing kind of grace is God's gift of redemption, the grace which prompts us to repent, causing us to think again when we find ourselves in a bad way, and which prompts us to return, putting us back on a more godly path. This turning and returning we call conversion. As another simple hymn says, conversion is turning, turning, til we come round right. When we forget grace and our need of it, amazing grace prompts our memory and then upholds our will, our intention to right our lives, to make amends. The process of continual conversion is the grace most associated with the Holy Spirit. It is also called sanctifying grace. The action of this kind of grace is summarized as repentance, confession, and amendment of life. We rely on grace to make us whole, personally and communally, over time.

Redemptive grace is focused most clearly in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, whom Christians call Christ, meaning the one chosen to deliver this particular grace. We might refer to Jesus as Grace himself, as Grace in the flesh, as Grace walking around. The grace of Christ can inspire us in such a transformative way as to change our awareness of ourselves, of our potential as human beings and as humankind, and our awareness of God's gracious purpose for us and through us for all creation. It is this changed awareness which recognizes a still more specialized form of grace—the grace made available to all who choose to serve God's hope for all in Christ. This is the grace which makes us disciples and is available as spiritual power for goodness' sake. Jesus exhibited this kind of power and challenged us to do the same.

The spiritual power demonstrated by Jesus, and the saints who have sought to imitate his cooperation with God, is the energy which continues to heal the world, to bring it into more and more wholeness. This specialized grace is available to any who want to offer themselves in gratitude, to enlist in God's vision for humankind and to discover our proper place in creation as we serve. This is the grace that makes us into earth stewards for Christ's sake. This grace is the assistance given us when we choose to become the people that God means us to be, giving ourselves over to whatever goodness we are meant to create, to redeem, to sustain. This kind of grace comes with the breathtaking awareness that we are participating in the very life of God, and it's awesome good!

September 17, 2016

10 Amazing Quotes by Rene Descartes. He Is One Of My Favorite Philosophers Of All Time. :)

René Descartes (31 March 1596 – 11 February 1650), also known as Renatus Cartesius (Latinized form), was a French philosopher, mathematician, physicist, and writer who spent most of his adult life in the Dutch Republic. He has been dubbed the "Father of Modern Philosophy", and much of subsequent Western philosophy is a response to his writings, which continue to be studied closely to this day. In particular, his Meditations on First Philosophy continues to be a standard text at most university philosophy departments. Descartes' influence in mathematics is also apparent, the Cartesian coordinate system allowing geometric shapes to be expressed in algebraic equations being named for him. He is credited as the father of analytical geometry. Descartes was also one of the key figures in the Scientific Revolution. In his theology, he insists on the absolute freedom of God’s act of creation. [source: wikipedia]

10 Amazing Quotes by Rene Descartes
  1. A state is better governed which has few laws, and those laws strictly observed.

  2. Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it.

  3. In order to improve the mind, we ought less to learn, than to contemplate.

  4. If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.

  5. The first precept was never to accept a thing as true until I knew it as such without a single doubt.

  6. It is only prudent never to place complete confidence in that by which we have even once been deceived.

  7. The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.

  8. Travelling is almost like talking with those of other centuries.

  9. Whenever anyone has offended me, I try to raise my soul so high that the offense cannot reach it.

  10. You just keep pushing. You just keep pushing. I made every mistake that could be made. But I just kept pushing.

I doubt therefore I think; I think therefore I am.
(transalated to latin: Dubito ergo cogito; cogito ergo sum)


It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well.

Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma

You are driving down the road in your car on a wild, stormy night, when you pass by a bus stop and you see three people waiting for the bus:

1. An old lady who looks as if she is about to die.
2. An old friend who once saved your life.
3. The perfect partner you have been dreaming about.

Which one would you choose to offer a ride to, knowing that there could only be one passenger in your car.

Think before you continue reading. This is a moral/ethical dilemma that was once actually used as part of a job application. You could pick up the old lady, because she is going to die, and thus you should save her first. Or you could take the old friend because he once saved your life, and this would be the perfect chance to pay him back. However , you may never be able to find your perfect mate again.

The candidate who was hired (out of 200 applicants) had no trouble coming up with his answer. He simply answered:

"I would give the car keys to my old friend and let him take the lady to the hospital. I would stay behind and wait for the bus with the partner of my dreams."

Sometimes, we gain more if we are able to give up our stubborn thought limitations. Never forget to "Think outside of the Box."

HAPPY Saturday Night Everybody! Let Your Cares Fall To The Wayside, Loosen Up, And Dance. :D Sharing Melody Of Love ❤ by Donna Summer ❤

I have always LOVED the Queen of Disco! I grew up listening to her music since I was child. My mom was a huge fan of her music and always took me with her to all of her concerts. The tables turned when I became an adult, I was the one surprising my mom with concert tickets for both of us to enjoy Donna Summer perform live.

This song starts off slow for the 1st minute, then picks up to a great dance tune with AWESOME lyrics! A message I can relate to. Let this music permeate every fiber of your BEING! ❤

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend doing whatever it is that puts a great big smile on your face! Always remember to not sweat the small stuff. What is the small stuff you ask? EVERYTHING! Life is good. Enjoy the ride. And if you find yourself thrust into deep waters, become a diver. Love you. You will get through this. The key word is "through". God is saying "Be still and know that I am with you. I will give you strength, courage and wisdom to see you through" Put your trust in God that everything is going to be okay in the end. :)

"Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God. Anyone who loves is a child of God and knows God. 8 But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is LOVE." [1 John 4:7-8 NLT] ❤

Melody of LOVE ~ by Donna Summer

I always
Stayed away from love
Afraid of what might
Might happen
Till I thought
I heard a sound above
Singing through my very
Own heart
Was a melody
I never heard
Like birds singing loud
To the sky

Never dreamed that
True love would help me
Find my way
Didn't know how deep I'd fallen
Until you rescued, rescued me
Strings began
I heard the melody again and again
The sound of music
Flowing through my head
So rare
I'm walking on air

Melody of LOVE
Sing that song for me yeah
I want to hear somebody sing
Melody of LOVE
Oh take me away

One lonely night
You up and danced into my dreams
Baby you set my heart on fire
So I've been burning
Burning ever since yeah
Strings began
I heard the melody again and again
The sounds of trumpets
Flowing through my head
So rare I'm walking on air

Melody of LOVE
Sing that song for me yeah
I want to hear somebody sing
Melody of LOVE
Oh take me away
Melody of LOVE
Oh set me free yeah
I want to hear somebody sing
Melody of LOVE
Oh take me away

Oh melody
Oh melody
I can really feel it
You can feel it too
Oh melody
Oh melody

Melody of LOVE
Sing that song for me yeah
I want to hear somebody sing
Melody of LOVE
Oh take me away
Melody of LOVE
Oh set me free yeah
I want to hear somebody sing
Melody of LOVE
Oh take me away

Experiencing The Joy Of Non-Attachment

Hakuin and the infant child

[source: Osho International]

Go on feeling something in you that is the same no matter what happens on the periphery. When someone is insulting you, focus yourself to the point where you are just listening to him--not doing anything, not reacting, just listening. He is insulting you. And then someone is praising you--just listen. Insult-praise, honor-dishonor, just listen. Your periphery will get disturbed. Look at that also, don't try to change it. Look at it; remain deep in your center, looking from there. You will have a detachment which is not forced, which is spontaneous, which is natural. And once you have the feeling of the natural detachment, nothing can disturb you.

In a village where the great Zen master Hakuin was living, a girl became pregnant. Her father bullied her for the name of her lover and, in the end, to escape punishment she told him it was Hakuin. The father said no more, but when the time came and the child was born, he at once took the baby to Hakuin and threw it down. "It seems that this is your child," he said, and he piled on every insult and sneer at the disgrace of the affair.

Hakuin only said, "Oh, is that so?" and took the baby in his arms. Wherever he went thereafter, he took the baby, wrapped in the sleeve of his ragged robe. During rainy days and stormy nights he would go out to beg milk from the neighboring houses. Many of his disciples, considering him fallen, turned against him and left. And Hakuin said not a word.

Meantime, the mother found she could not bear the agony of separation from her child. She confessed the name of the real father, and her own father rushed to Hakuin and prostrated himself, begging over and over for forgiveness. Hakuin said only, "Oh, is that so?" and gave him the child back.

For the ordinary man what others say matters too much, because he has nothing of his own. Whatever he thinks he is, is just a collection of opinions of other people. Somebody has said, "You are beautiful," somebody has said, "You are intelligent," and he has been collecting all these. Hence he's always afraid: he should not behave in such a way that he loses his reputation, respectability. He is always afraid of public opinion, what people will say, because all that he knows about himself is what people have said about him. If they take it back, they leave him naked. Then he does not know who he is, ugly, beautiful, intelligent, unintelligent. He has no idea, even vaguely, of his own being; he depends on others.

But the man of meditation has no need of others' opinions. He knows himself, so it does not matter what others say. Even if the whole world says something that goes against his own experience, he will simply laugh. At the most, that can be the only response. But he is not going to take any step to change people's opinion. Who are they? They don't know themselves and they are trying to label him. He will reject labeling. He will simply say, "Whatever I am, I am, and this is the way I am going to be."

September 16, 2016

Blessings in Disguise! God Has A Reason For Everything Don't Fret, Just Trust... This Is A Great Story! Enjoy :)

Blessings in Disguise
The fortunes and misfortunes of a villager
[source: Osho International]

The only problem with sadness, desperateness, anger, hopelessness, anxiety, anguish, misery, is that you want to get rid of them. That's the only barrier. You will have to live with them. You cannot just escape. They are the very situation in which life has to integrate and grow. They are the challenges of life. Accept them. They are blessings in disguise.

A man had a very beautiful horse, and the horse was so rare that even emperors had asked the man to sell it--whatsoever the price--but he refused. Then one morning he found that the horse had been stolen.

The whole village gathered to sympathize, and they said, "How unfortunate! You could have got a fortune--people were offering so much. You were stubborn and you were stupid. Now the horse is stolen."

But the old man laughed; he said, "Don't talk nonsense! Only say that the horse is no more in the stable. Let the future come, then we will see."

And it happened that after fifteen days the horse came back, and not only alone--it brought a dozen wild horses with it from the forest. The whole village gathered, and they said, "The old man was right! His horse is back and has brought twelve beautiful horses with him. Now he can earn as much money as he wants." They went to the man and they said, "Sorry. We could not understand the future and the ways of god, but you are great! You knew something about it; you have some glimpse of the future."

He said, "Nonsense! All that I know now is that the horse has come back with twelve horses--what is going to happen tomorrow, nobody knows."

And the next day it happened that the old man's only son was trying to break in a new horse and he fell, and his legs were broken. The whole town gathered again and they said, "One never knows--you were right; this proved to be a curse. It would have been better that the horse had not come back. Now your son will remain crippled for his whole life."

The old man said, "Don't jump ahead! Just wait and see what happens. Only say this much, that my son has broken his legs--that's all."

It happened after fifteen days that all the young men of the town were forcibly taken away by the government because the country was going to war. Only this old man's son was left, because he was of no use. Everybody gathered--they said, "Our sons are gone! At least you have your son. Maybe he is crippled, but he is here! Our sons are gone, and the enemy is far stronger; they are all going to be murdered. In our old age we will have nobody to look after us, but you at least have your son and maybe he will be cured."

But the old man said, "Say only this much--that your sons have been taken by the government. My son has been left, but there is no conclusion."

Just state the fact! Don't think of anything as a curse or a blessing. Don't interpret it, and suddenly you will see that everything is beautiful.