July 24, 2016

I know this is somewhat random. This song came to me in the spirit while I was cooking dinner tonight. It came playing in my spirit over and over again until I started singing it aloud, and it made my heart smile. So I needed to share this song with you so that you can smile too. Consider this a lovely intermission song in the midst of all of the chaos happening around the world and in our lives. Sending you lot's of love and I'm giving you a great big hug...❤

by Maurice Chevalier, 1929

Wonderful! Oh, it's wonderful
To be in love with you.
Beautiful! You're so beautiful,
You haunt me all day through.

Every little breeze seems to whisper "Louise."
Birds in the trees seem to twitter "Louise."
Each little rose
Tells me it knows I love you, love you.

Every little beat that I feel in my heart,
Seems to repeat, What I felt from the start,
Each little sigh
Tells me that I adore you, Louise.

Just to see and hear you
Brings joy I never knew.
But to be so near you,
Thrills me through and through.

Anyone can see why I wanted your kiss,
It had to be,
But the wonder is this:
Can it be true,
Someone like you Could love me, Louise?

Innocent! You're so innocent
And gentle as a dove.
Heaven sent! You were heaven sent,
An angel from above.

Every little breeze seems to whisper "Louise."
Birds in the trees seem to twitter "Louise."
Each little rose
Tells me it knows I love you, love you.

Every little beat that I feel in my heart,
Seems to repeat, What I felt from the start,
Each little sigh
Tells me that I adore you, Louise.

Often when I'm gloomy
And in my lonely room.
Thoughts of you come to me,
Like a sweet perfume.

Anyone can see why I wanted your kiss,
It had to be,
But the wonder is this:
Can it be true,
Someone like you Could love me, Louise?

Life Is Not Serious

Osho, Beyond Enlightenment, Talk #27
[source: Osho International]

Every event that is happening has its own humorous side, you just need a sense of humor. No religion has accepted the sense of humor as a quality. I want a sense of humor to be a fundamental quality of a good man, of a moral man, of a religious man. And it does not need much looking; you just try to see it, and everywhere....

Once I was traveling in a bus when I was a student. The bus conductor was in trouble because there were thirty-one passengers and he had money only for thirty tickets. So he was asking, 'Who is the fellow who has not given his money?' Nobody would speak. He said, 'This is strange; now how am I going to find out?'

I said to him, 'Do one thing: tell the driver to stop the bus, and tell the people that unless the person who has not given the money confesses, the bus will not move.'

He said, 'That's right.' The bus was stopped. Everybody looked at each other, now what to do? Nobody knew who the person was...

Finally one man stood up and said, 'Forgive me, I am the person who has not given the money. Here it is.'

The bus conductor asked, 'What is your name?'

He said, 'My name is Achchelal.' Achchelal means 'a good man.'

And I was surprised that out of thirty people, nobody laughed! When he said 'Achchelal' I could not believe it-a 'good man' doing such a thing... and nobody seemed to see the humor in it.

Seriousness has become almost part of our bones and blood. You will have to make some effort to get rid of seriousness, and you will have to be on the lookout-wherever you can find something humorous happening, don't miss the opportunity. Everywhere there are people who are slipping on banana peels-just nobody is looking at them. In fact, it is thought to be ungentlemanly. It is not, because only bananas slip on banana peels.

Laughter needs a great learning, and laughter is a great medicine. It can cure many of your tensions, anxieties, worries; the whole energy can flow into laughter. And there is no need that there should be some occasion, some cause.

In my meditation camps I used to have a laughing meditation: for no reason, people would sit and just start laughing. At first they would feel a little awkward that there was no reason-but when everybody is doing it... they would also start. Soon, everybody was in such a great laughter, people were rolling on the ground. They were laughing at the very fact that so many people were laughing for no reason at all; there was nothing, not even a joke had been told. And it went on like waves.

So there is no harm... even just sitting in your room, close the doors and have one hour of simple laughter. Laugh at yourself. But learn to laugh. Seriousness is a sin, and it is a disease. Laughter has tremendous beauty, a lightness. It will bring lightness to you, and it will give you wings to fly. And life is so full of opportunities. You just need the sensitivity. And create chances for other people to laugh. Laughter should be one of the most valued, cherished qualities of human beings-because only man can laugh, no animals are capable of it. Because it is human, it must be of the highest order. To repress it is to destroy a human quality.

More Zen Humor To Help Lighten The Mood! ;)

Laughing Monkey Pictures, Images and Photos
God's Favorite Sound Is LAUGHTER!

Q: What do you call a schizophrenic Buddhist?
A: Someone who is at two with the universe.


A Buddhist nun, an atheist and a Catholic Priest are on the Titanic when the ship hits an iceberg. So they all run out on deck to get into a lifeboat.

"Women and children first!" yells the Buddhist.
"Screw the women and children!" yells the atheist.
The Catholic Priest yells,"Do you think we really have that much time?".


So the Zen master steps up to the hot dog cart and says: "Make me one with everything."

The hot dog vendor fixes a hot dog and hands it to the Zen master, who pays with a $20 bill.

The hot dog vendor puts the bill in the cash drawer and closes the drawer.

"Where's my change?" asks the Zen master.

The hot dog vendor responds: "Change must come from within."


Q: What is the name of the best Zen teacher?
A: M.T. Ness


Disciple: Oh wise and all knowing one, show me the place of perfect peace.
Master: If I show it to you it will no longer be peaceful.

Q. Have you heard of the cow who attained liberation?
A. It was dyslexic and kept on repeating OOOOMMM !


A new monk arrives at the monastery. He is assigned to help the other monks in copying the old texts by hand. He notices, however, that they are copying copies, not the original books. So, the new monk goes to the head monk to ask him about this. He points out that if there were an error in the first copy, that error would be continued in all of the other copies.

The head monk says "We have been copying from the copies for centuries, but you make a good point, my son." So, he goes down into the cellar with one of the copies to check it against the original.

Hours later, nobody has seen him. So, one of the monks goes downstairs to look for him. He hears a sobbing coming from the back of the cellar, and finds the old monk leaning over one of the original books and crying. He asks what's wrong. "The word is 'celebrate'," says the old monk.


Q. What happens when a Buddhist becomes totally absorbed with the computer he is working with?
A. He enters Nerdvana.


Three monks decided to practise meditation together. they sat by the side of a lake and closed their eyes in concentration. Then suddenly, the first one stood up and said, "I forgot my mat." He steeped miraculously onto the water in front of him and walked across the lake to their hut on the other side.

When he returned, the second monk stood up and said, "I forgot to put my other underwear to dry." He too walked calmly across the water and returned the same way. The third monk watched the first two carefully in what he decided must be the test of his own abilities. "Is your learning so superior to mine? I too can match any feat you two can perform," he declared loudly and rushed to the water's edge to walk across it. He promptly fell into the deep water.

Undeterred, the wet monk climbed out of the water and tried again, only to sink into the water. Yet again he climbed out and yet again he tried, each time sinking into the water. This went on for some time as the other two monks watched.

After a while, the second monk turned to the first and said, "Do you think we should tell him where the stones are?"


Four monks were meditating in a monastery. All of a sudden the prayer flag on the roof started flapping.
The younger monk came out of his meditation and said: "Flag is flapping"
A more experienced monk said: "Wind is flapping"
A third monk who had been there for more than 20 years said: "Mind is flapping."
The fourth monk who was the eldest said: "Mouths are flapping!"

HUMOR: Zen Words of Wisdom... ;)

Zen Words of Wisdom...

Be here now. Be someplace else later. Is that so complicated?

Drink tea and nourish life. With the first sip... joy. With the second... satisfaction. With the third... peace. With the fourth... a danish.

Wherever you go, there you are. Your luggage is another story.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Forget this and attaining Enlightenment will be the least of your problems.

A student goes to the Zen Master:
"Master, what happens when you die?"
Master: "I do not know."
Student: "But you are a Zen Master!"
Master "Yes, but I am not a dead Zen Master."


Hyakujo, the Chinese Zen master, used to labor with his pupils even at the age of eighty, trimming the gardens, cleaning the grounds, and pruning the trees.

The pupils felt sorry to see the old teacher working so hard, but they knew he would not listen to their advice to stop, so they hid away his tools.

That day the master did not eat. The next day he did not eat, nor the next. "He may be angry because we have hidden his tools," the pupils surmised. "We had better put them back."

The day they did, the teacher worked and ate the same as before. In the evening he instructed them: "No work, no food."

Philosophical Humor: Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? LOL! :) Thank God We're Not Clones. This Shows Us 'Individual' Perspectives On Life. ♥

Independent, Objective, Critical, Free THINKERS of the World UNITE!

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
[source: Space and Motion]

Plato: For the greater good.

Machiavelli: So that its subjects will view it with admiration, as a chicken which has the daring and courage to boldly cross the road, but also with fear, for whom among them has the strength to contend with such a paragon of avian virtue? In such a manner is the princely chicken's dominion maintained.

Jacques Derrida: Any number of contending discourses may be discovered within the act of the chicken crossing the road, and each interpretation is equally valid as the authorial intent can never be discerned, because structuralism is DEAD, DAMMIT, DEAD!

Timothy Leary: Because that's the only kind of trip the Establishment would let it take.

Douglas Adams: Forty-two.

Nietzsche: Because if you gaze too long across the Road, the Road gazes also across you.

Oliver North: National Security was at stake.

B.F. Skinner: Because the external influences which had pervaded its sensorium from birth had caused it to develop in such a fashion that it would tend to cross roads, even while believing these actions to be of its own free will.

Carl Jung: The confluence of events in the cultural gestalt necessitated that individual chickens cross roads at this historical juncture, and therefore synchronicitously brought such occurrences into being.

Jean-Paul Sartre: In order to act in good faith and be true to itself, the chicken found it necessary to cross the road.

Ludwig Wittgenstein: The possibility of "crossing" was encoded into the objects "chicken" and "road", and circumstances came into being which caused the actualization of this potential occurrence.

Albert Einstein: Whether the chicken crossed the road or the road crossed the chicken depends upon your frame of reference.

Aristotle: To actualize its potential.

Buddha: If you ask this question, you deny your own chicken- nature.

Salvador Dali: The Fish.

Darwin: It was the logical next step after coming down from the trees.

Emily Dickinson: Because it could not stop for death.

Epicurus: For fun.

Ralph Waldo Emerson: It didn't cross the road; it transcended it.

Johann von Goethe: The eternal hen-principle made it do it.

Ernest Hemingway: To die. In the rain.

Werner Heisenberg: We are not sure which side of the road the chicken was on, but it was moving very fast.

David Hume: Out of custom and habit.

Jack Nicholson: 'Cause it (censored) wanted to. That's the (censored) reason.

Pyrrho the Skeptic: What road?

Henry David Thoreau: To live deliberately ... and suck all the marrow out of life.

Mark Twain: The news of its crossing has been greatly exaggerated.

Zeno of Elea: To prove it could never reach the other side.

Wordsworth: To wander lonely as a cloud.

Blake: To see heaven in a wild fowl.

Dr Johnson: Sir, had you known the Chicken for as long as I have, you would not so readily enquire, but feel rather the Need to resist such a public Display of your own lamentable and incorrigible Ignorance.

Oscar Wilde: Why, indeed? One's social engagements whilst in town ought never expose one to such barbarous inconvenience - although, perhaps, if one must cross a road, one may do far worse than to cross it as the chicken in question.

Kafka: Hardly the most urgent enquiry to make of a low-grade insurance clerk who woke up that morning as a hen.

Swift: It is, of course, inevitable that such a loathsome, filth-ridden and degraded creature as Man should assume to question the actions of one in all respects his superior.

Macbeth: To have turned back were as tedious as to go o'er.

Freud: An die andere Seite zu kommen. (Much laughter)

Hamlet: That is not the question.

Donne: It crosseth for thee.

Critical Thinking Is Self-Guided, Self-Disciplined Thinking

written Linda Elder, September 2007
[source: The Critical Thinking Community]

Critical thinking is self-guided, self-disciplined thinking which attempts to reason at the highest level of quality in a fair-minded way. People who think critically consistently attempt to live rationally, reasonably, empathically. They are keenly aware of the inherently flawed nature of human thinking when left unchecked. They strive to diminish the power of their egocentric and sociocentric tendencies. They use the intellectual tools that critical thinking offers – concepts and principles that enable them to analyze, assess, and improve thinking. They work diligently to develop the intellectual virtues of intellectual integrity, intellectual humility, intellectual civility, intellectual empathy, intellectual sense of justice and confidence in reason.

They realize that no matter how skilled they are as thinkers, they can always improve their reasoning abilities and they will always at times fall prey to mistakes in reasoning, human irrationality, prejudices, biases, distortions, uncritically accepted social rules and taboos, self-interest, and vested interest. They strive to improve the world in whatever ways they can and contribute to a more rational, civilized society. At the same time, they recognize the complexities often inherent in doing so.

They strive never to think simplistically about complicated issues and always consider the rights and needs of relevant others. They recognize the complexities in developing as thinkers, and commit themselves to life-long practice toward self-improvement. They embody the Socratic principle: The unexamined life is not worth living, because they realize that many unexamined lives together result in an uncritical, unjust, dangerous world.

The Courage To Be Myself... ♥

Back in 1994, while on a ski trip in Breckenridge, Colorado, I ran across this poster in a gift shop. The title of it caught my attention. Curious, I began to read it. The message touched my spirit so profoundly that I had to buy it. The funny thing is, I had to lug that poster with me on the airplane back to Los Angeles, California. I didn't care. It was a long poster attached to cardboard backing. I didn't want to bend or roll it up because I wanted to hang it on my wall just as it was. I still have it hanging right next to the door frame of my bedroom. So everytime I exit my bedroom it's right there for me to see. I've had it for so long, I admit that I don't read it everyday. However, on occasion my spirit stops me and I unconsciously begin reading this message. I'm grateful that my spirit knows what it needs and at those times it's nourishment.

I hope this message touches you as it touched me. May it bring you peace, love, understanding and acceptance of who you are. Enjoy!

The Courage To Be Myself
By: Sue Patton Thoele

I have the courage to ...
Embrace my strengths ~ Get excited about life ~
Enjoy giving and receiving love ~
Face and transform my fears ~
Ask for help and support when I need it ~

Spring free of the Superwoman/man trap ~ Trust myself ~
Make my own decisions and choices ~ Befriend myself ~
Complete unfinished business ~
Realize that I have emotional and practical rights ~

Talk as nicely to myself as I do to my plants ~ Honor my own needs ~
Communicate lovingly with understanding as my goal ~
Give myself credit for my accomplishments ~

Love the little girl/boy within me ~
Overcome my addiction to approval ~
Grant myself permission to play ~ Quit being a responsible sponge ~
Feel all of my feelings and act on them appropriately ~

Nurture others because I want to, not because I have to ~
Choose what is right for me ~
Insist on being paid fairly for what I do ~
Set limits and boundaries and stick to them ~

Say "yes" only when I really mean it ~ Have realistic expectations ~
Take risks and accept change ~ Grow through challenges ~
Be totally honest with myself ~
Correct erroneous beliefs and assumptions ~

Respect my vulnerabilities ~ Heal old and current wounds ~
Favor the mystery of spirit ~ Wave good-bye to guilt ~
Plant "flower" NOT "weed" thoughts in my mind ~
Treat myself with respect AND teach others to do the same ~

Fill my own cup first, THEN nourish others from the overflow ~
Own my own excellence ~
Plan for the future, but live in the present ~
Value my intuition and wisdom ~

Know that I am lovable ~
Celebrate the differences between men and women ~
Develop healthy, supportive relationships ~
Make forgiveness a priority ~

Accept myself just as I am NOW!

Don't You Quit!!!

Don't You Quit
An Inspirational Poem
written by C. W. Longenecker

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit-
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a fellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don't give up though the pace seems slow -
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man;
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor's cup;
And he learned too late when the night came down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out -
The silver tint in the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It might be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit -
It's when things seem worst that...
You Must Not Quit.

The Way of the Warrior by John Cali and Spirit ♥

GREAT video message from "rules of the road" from John Cali and Spirit. Very uplifting and empowering. I typed a transcript below for for my international readers who need to translate and for those of you who can't view video. Enjoy! :)

Music by Sacred Spirit - Chants and Dances of the Native Americans.


The Way of the Warrior is simple. However, as you have often heard me say, it may be simple but it's not always easy.

Rules of the Road. Today I would like to give you a few of my simple guidelines or "rules of the road" if you will. And that road is the Way of the Warrior.
  1. Speak Her Truth: The Warrior always speaks her truth - no matter what the circumstances.
  2. Detached: The Warrior is totally detached from what others think and say about her. This is absolutely necessary if she's going to observe the first rule above.
  3. See the Divinity: The Warrior always does her best to see the Divinity in all that is. In this way, she shall never have any desire to own, control, manipulate, misuse or abuse any of the Great Spirit's creatures.
  4. Follow the Highest Path: The Warrior always follows the highest path as dictated by the highest authority in the Universe ~ herself.
  5. Surrender to Life: The Warrior totally trusts in and surrenders to the flow of her life. She knows all is as it should be. Therefore, she must always completely trust in and surrender to her Higher Self, her Soul, the Great Spirit.
  6. All is Within: The Warrior knows all Love, all Wisdom, all Power lie within her - within her heart, her mind, her body, her Soul. There is nothing to seek, nothing to find, nowhere to go - except WITHIN.
  7. There Are No Mistakes: The Warrior knows with absolute certainty that she has never made a mistake - she can never make a mistake. All of her life is simply a lesson in this classroom called Planet Earth. She learns as she goes. All is as it should be.
  8. Don't Take Life Too seriously:  The Warrior never takes life too seriously. It's all a game, after all, a game in the classroom of Planet Earth. And games should be FUN. Enjoy the game, it won't last forever!
  9. Always Full Heart: The Warrior's heart is always full and always grateful. She never knows lack or emptiness. Except that is, when she creates those illusions by getting too infatuated with the Great Illusion - the human experience.
  10. Interesting Challenges: The Warrior knows the Great Illusion creates some highly interesting challenges. For example, the challenge to rise above the Great Illusion.
  11. The Great Illusion: As she rises above the Great Illusion, the Warrior knows this experience is as it should be, she has chosen it. And in this choosing, she is remembering her way back to the Light - back to her Home. That was the only reason for choosing the Great Illusion in the first place.
  12. Different Paths: The Warrior knows all her brothers and sisters on Planet Earth have the same destination she does - Home. But each may take a different path. And the Warrior knows that's okay! All will get Home - no matter what path they take. It cannot be otherwise, for all paths lead Home.
  13. The Way of the Wind: The Warrior knows the way of the wind. But she knows she cannot capture it - she cannot own it. She can love it, luxuriate in its presence, glory in its energy. But if she tries to capture it, it becomes something other than what it truly is... it becomes still and stagnant air. She can never possess it completely - unless she refuses to ever own it - unless she refuses to ever have sovereignty over it. She can possess it ONLY by letting it be free - by letting it be what it is.
  14. It cannot be otherwise. The Way of the Warrior IS The Way of the Wind.

The Way of the Spiritual Warrior - What is Your Spiritual Path? WOW! I Just Came Across This Amazing Written Piece I'd Like To Share With You! I'm Deeply Moved ♥ (re-post 11/15/10)

The Way of the Spiritual Warrior - What is Your Spiritual Path?

Does the term "spiritual" seem inappropriate combined with the idea of a warrior? There is a spiritual tradition in many cultures that describes the warrior of the higher path. The Tibetans, Buddhists and Yaqui Indians are most known for this description of the spiritual journey. In today's New Age Daanan Perry writes and speaks about the Warrior of the Heart, this very concept, and so does Dan Millman in his "The Way of Peaceful Warrior". I love that book! It is the book that got me started on this path of mine and is a HUGE reason why I do what I do now - sharing the greater light and wisdom that is available to all of us.

The Spiritual Warrior braves hardships, loneliness and ridicule to help others, improve the world and live the spiritual way. The path of Spiritual Warrior includes having the courage to know yourself - looking at or into the dark sides of yourself and its hidden shadows. Being a Spiritual Warrior means having the courage to face our own fears and create change in our lives. The Buddhists know it takes courage to stay committed and follow the eight fold path to enlightenment. The American Indians make decisions for the tribe by remembering and being responsible for seven future generations.

The average human lives either avoiding conflict to keep life nice and pleasurable or, in "fighting for control of life" by stepping on others, beating them out and getting Earth's treasures for the ego self. This flight or fight response to life's situations has created victor tyrants and abused victims, neither are happy or feeling complete and satisfied within. We see this in our homes and around the world between nations and races. Doing what "seems" expedient for the now - beating someone up physically/emotionally or retreating and avoiding conflict - only leaves the problem to continue. The spiritual path includes working to solve problems for all time!

But don't be deluded into thinking that we will get rid of conflict on our learning path. Conflict is a constant challenge facing us all. It will continue to be so as long as we have something to understand and learn or until we no longer wish to give the gift of helping others. Conflict is especially more pronounced in the life of a Spiritual Warrior because he or she has chosen and committed to a life of growth, transformation, helping others and creating a greater quality life. Being on Earth is conflict - we are powerful infinite spiritual beings experiencing an infinite limiting physical world. If darkness does not exist, there will be no great appreciation of Light. The conflict between darkness and light will always "be", but it only you and me that can choose how we want to feel.

If there's one thing you will remember and integrate into every cell of your body and mind, it is this - "LET US STOP EQUATING CONFLICT WITH SUFFERING". Conflict in life is a way to stretch our spiritual, mental, emotional and even physical strength. It is a call to growth and learning. A warrior answers the challenge and moves forward despite seeming difficulties. If we say we want to learn, we have taken up the banner of warrior. But let us be loving wise warriors working (not fighting) for good for all unto the seventh generation.

To eliminate suffering we can follow the Buddhist eight fold path of right views, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration.

Buddha taught, "Now, the cessation of suffering is to cease from attachment. Attachment originates in craving, and craving originates in ignorance. To cease from suffering, cease from attachment; to cease from attachment, cease from craving; to cease from craving, cease from ignorance."

The eternal conflict is learn and grow or suffer. The path of the spiritual warrior includes surrender of personal ego to spiritual direction, surrender of what no longer serves you or Spirit, surrender of what is no longer true, surrender of what isn't loving and surrender of ignorance so we can be wise. On this path we will risk being misunderstood, hurt, not looking good or even feeling foolish. It means being willing to be a "learner" or "beginner" in life no matter what our earthly age.

The Avatars of this world were (and still are) spiritual warriors, as are our cultural heroes of every era. By joining the group of spiritual warriors today we work to help our own progress, we support others in what is good and we bless the world (and all the Universe).

A Parable: Safe Passage Home

The following is a beautifully written parable that I have borrowed from the book "Fire In The Soul":

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, before even Grandfather Sky had given birth to the stars, there was only One Being. One pure consciousness of LOVE resting in the completeness of its own untold Stories and mute Songs unsung.

Then, one day, for reasons no one remembers, if in fact anyone ever knew, the One became restless. Some say It decided to play a cosmic game of hide and seek, splitting its LIGHT into tiny sparks, each with the full potential of the Whole. In this way the One could know itself and grow itself.

So each spark was clothed in a costume of flesh and its LIGHT and wisdom hidden deep within its heart. The challenge of the game was for all parts of the the Whole to discover their way back Home again having lived all the Stories and sung all the Songs that would make them wise and compassionate co-creators and companions to the One.

The fledgling souls took many roads Home. Each Way had its own Story and each soul responded to that Story with the gift of FREE WILL, embroidering new stories on the dream-tapestry of the One Great Dreamer. And the sun rose and the the sun set. The tides came in and the tides went out. New flesh was born and old flesh went back to the earth. And the One saw new stories grow in the Theater of the Many.

Some of these stories led closer to Home. These were the ones in which fear was conquered by LOVE. Some of these stories led down blind alleys. These were the ones in which LOVE was hidden by fear. The plays were long and the distractions many. One by one most souls forgot that they were on a journey at all. They fell asleep to the first stories that the One had left as eternal roadmaps and guides so that each soul could find its way back Home.

Believing that they were alone and separate these lost souls wandered in a strange land dominated by the illusion that death was real and that love was as transitory as a shadow. Some sought solace in money, others in power. Some found it in food or drugs or alcohol or anger or television or possessions, gossip or judgment or a jealous god who whispered lies. You are special, you are saved, there is only one way Home and this is it.

In its LOVE and mercy for its lost parts of itself the One sent alarm bells out into the Universe to wake its sparks up from their dreams of fear and to guide them back into paths of LOVE and longing for reunion with the Great Cosmic Beloved. These wake-up calls of pain roused the souls from their sleep of forgetfulness.

And their cries for help were heard by their brothers and sisters throughout the Universe. Seen and unseen helpers came whenever they were drawn by the intent, the powerful pull of will of any soul who appealed to the Source with a true longing for reunion, forgiveness and love. And they helped those souls to become FREE from the bondage of limiting beliefs and past unloving or ignorant actions so that they could find safe passage Home.

They will give you safe passage too, if you ask with faith, even the size of a mustard seed, and if you are patient and willing to listen to the directions of the Universe, even if they are not what you wanted to hear. Thy will, not mine, be done --- this is the understanding that will bring you Home.

Fire In The Soul... ♥

I've posted this message many times before. The first time I shared this book in December 2007. Nevertheless, the parable described in this book keeps playing in my spirit. Therefore, I am re-posting this book followed by the parable for all of my new readers.

"Fire in the Soul" is a great book written by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. back in 1993. I randomly chose to read this book out of a list of books given by my English 101 Professor for a book report. It's said that there is NO such thing as coincidence. I truly believe that. Because after only reading the preface, and without even knowing, it was precisely the book/message I needed to read at that time. Here is a little excerpt taken directly from the book. Enjoy! :)


This is a book about freedom, about breaking the chains of old beliefs and fears that keep us in bondage to the illusion that we are separate from each other and from All That Is.

Freedom is the destiny of every living being. We become free by waking from our dreams of fear, scarcity, blame and guilt, by taking responsibility for acting, to the best of our knowledge, with care and loving-kindness that we may kindle the LIGHT of love within and by that LIGHT see our way home and serve as beacons for others along the way.

It is most often suffering that kindles love, loss that deepens understanding, hurt that opens the eyes of the heart that see forgiveness as a way of life and peace of mind as our birthright.

The Road Less Traveled (Re-post from 12/29/07)

This is such a fantastic book written by M. Scott Peck. I read this book in my early 20's and it was revolutionary thinking for me. It was one of the many books that helped me become a better person. I highly recommend this book to everyone, including teenagers.

The Road Less Traveled, published in 1978, is Peck's best-known work, and the one that made his reputation. It is, in short, a description of the attributes that make for a fulfilled human being, based largely on his insights as a psychiatrist and a person.

In the first section of the work Peck talks about discipline, which he considers essential for emotional, spiritual and psychological health, and which he describes as "the means of spiritual evolution". The elements of discipline that make for such health include the ability to delay gratification, accepting responsibility for oneself and one's actions, a dedication to truth and balancing.

In the second section, Peck considers the nature of love, which he considers the driving force behind spiritual growth. The section mainly attacks a number of misconceptions about love: that romantic love exists (he considers it a very destructive myth), that it is about dependency, that true love is not "falling in love". That type of love is cathexis, it is a feeling. Instead "true" love is about the extending of one's ego boundaries to include another, and about the spiritual nurturing of another, in short, love is effort.

The final section describes Grace, the powerful force originating outside human consciousness that nurtures spiritual growth in human beings. To do so he describes the miracles of health, the unconscious, and serendipity—phenomena which Peck says:
  • nurture human life and spiritual growth
  • are incompletely understood by scientific thinking
  • are commonplace among humanity
  • originate outside conscious human will
He concludes that "the miracles described indicate that our growth as human beings is being assisted by a force other than our conscious will".

Taking responsibility for our problems is perhaps the most difficult. Only by accepting the fact that we have problems can we solve them. An attitude of ‘It’s not my problem!’ will not take us anywhere. Neurosis and character-disorder are the two disorders of responsibility. Neurotics assume too much responsibility and feel culpable for everything that goes wrong in their life. The latter instead, shirk responsibility, and blame others for their problems. ‘Neurotics make themselves miserable, character-disordered people make everyone else miserable.’ All of us are neurotics or character-disordered at some time or the other. Neurotics must realize that they need not be excessively guilt-ridden, while character-disordered ones must learn to take things in stride, instead of becoming a yoke to the society. The words of Eldridge Cleaver, “If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem”, hold good for all of us.

Dedication to the TRUTH comes next. We ALL have a certain worldview that MUST be constantly UPDATED and REVISED as we find ourselves EXPOSED to new data. If our viewpoint is NARROW, misleading and outdated, then we will be LOST. The same applies to our life experiences. A bitter childhood can leave a person with the false idea that the world is a hostile and inhuman place. Yet, if the person has to grow, he must set aside this prejudice and revise his worldview. Being true also implies a life of genuine self-examination, a willingness to be personally challenged by others, and total honesty to oneself and others.

July 20, 2016

Full Moon in Capricorn Tuesday July 19th and 20th. Courage and Fire by Tania Gabrielle

Full Moon July 19, 2016
Courage and Fire
written by Tania Gabrielle
[source: CrystalWind.ca]

Welcome to the powerful Capricorn FULL Moon!

This exciting lunation occurs on July 19 in the Americas, close to midnight on July 19 Universal Time (London 11:56 pm) and on July 20 in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

The big message with this full moon is to never hold back – go internal for inspiration and courage, get adventurous with your career and play time, and confidently implement your spiritual mission.

Capricorn rules the Career sector in Astrology – so pay close attention to big shifts in how you go forth and express your calling!

Other highlights:

A T-square between the Sun and Moon and Uranus is freeing us – breaking the shackles that we’ve been carrying for so long as we move forward freely, completely uninhibited and independent of outside opinions.

The Full Moon forms the most gorgeous triangle with Mars. Mars is the initiator, Mars helps us act and move forward and get things done… so, anything goes – the sky’s the limit… you can do anything you set your heart on!

Be sure to catch your fabulously fortunate July 19th Full Moon Forecast!

Much Love,
Tania Gabrielle

Lady Bug & Princess Leia meet Moo the barn cat

just because...❤

Capricorn Full Moon Tuesday July 19th. Love What You Do by Kelley Rosano

written by Kelley Rosano
she can be contacted at: http://www.kelleyrosano.com
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[source: CrystalWind.ca]

There is a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19. The Capricorn Full Moon may bring to light where you have gone too far in one area. Have you been too focused on work at the expense of your personal needs? Have you been too occupied by your relationships and your work is suffering? What supports your balance? What makes you feel healthy and strong? What do you need to feel safe and secure? Your first world service is to you. Without you, what do we have? You are not here just to work and pay taxes. You are here to live your Best Life. This includes emotional freedom. Feeling excited and alive with what you are doing. Yes, there is nothing like reaching your goals. Being smart. Taking your work to the top of success. Basking in the glory of a job well done. Sweet success. You deserve it. Just do not forget to include you in your life. This is the Full Moon message.

The plot thickens. Uranus is in a challenging aspect to both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) New truths are being revealed. This Moon will bring to light the inconvenient truth. You can expect the unexpected. There could be surprises. Your Feelings could be intense at this time. You may have mood swings. You go from happy to sad with the news. Take good care of you. Keep the focus on you. Trust your instincts. Feelings never lie. Feelings are neither right nor wrong. What are your feelings telling you? Uranus encourages you to be who you really are. Be authentic. When you align with your Truth, this empowers your freedom. This makes your life so much easier. Break the rules. Do not break the laws. Break the rules.

This Full Moon is a game changer. It is a turning point in your evolution. You want to be honest with yourself. You want to be honest with other people. The truth may be revealed in the most awkward ways. Now is the time to stand in your truth. It is not the time to be lukewarm. Or to be on the fence. Be true to yourself. Uranus will be poking at your insecurities and vulnerabilities. He is rooting out your core issues that have held you back. This is not necessarily a negative event. Only if you are resisting. What you resist will persist. Real growth can be painful at times. Let go. and flow with the changes. This will make your life easier. July is stirring up your feelings around self-love and self-worth. The truth will be revealed. It can be shocking and surprising. It may be enlightening. The truth will set you free. Remind yourself not to judge. Practice patience and compassion. Center yourself. Where is your journey taking you? What is your truth? What does your soul desire?

Mars is in positive energy flow with the Full Moon. This is good news. There is a healing grand water trine with the Sun in Cancer. Mars is in Scorpio. Chiron is in Pisces. Take your life at a slower pace. Do not be in a hurry. Good things come to those who wait. This is your opportunity to heal old wounds. Nurture you. Love you. Heal your soul. Your soul is wise. Take the time to be quiet and listen. The answers you seek are inside of you. Do what makes you feel good. Release and let go of what no longer serves you. You will be liberated and free. A true Sovereign being. This is your destiny.

Venus enters Leo on July 12. Mercury enters Leo on July 13. They are in perfect harmony with Saturn at the Full Moon. This is good news. This energy empowers your creative self-expression. Things that you are doing now can be successful. Your heart and head can work as one. Love and business can work hand and hand. The Sun enters Leo on July 22. The Sun rules Leo. It loves coming home. It is time to be courageous. It is time to follow your heart. Love is the answer. Love you. This love lasts. What would you do if you were ten times bolder? Make a new friend. Join a new group. Play and have tons of fun. Travel the world. Love. Open your heart.

The Capricorn Full Moon means that you may be going back in your life to move forward. Something from your past may be very prominent in your life now. Make friends with change. Change is your friend. Release what is not working. Let go of what is not serving you. Create the space for new love to enter your life. Make time for you. Get ready for what your heart desires. Love you.

The Capricorn Full Moon means for you to be your own authority. You are the authority of your life. Own your power. Do not give it away to others. That is the job, the children and so on. You want to empower yourself. Do what makes you strong. Does your relationship make you feel stronger or weaker? Does your work take over your life? Yes, you want to be successful. But, not at the expense of your health and well-being. Life is a journey. You are here to love life. You want to love the journey. Recognize your limitations and use them as your ally. Your limitations then become your strengths. Set your priorities. Talent is not enough. You have to be willing to fight for your dreams. It is easy to walk away from a big dream. This is why the reward is so sweet. Never give up. Keep the faith. Dream big. Do what empowers you. Love you. Be Blessed. Be safe. Be well. Be kind. Be here now. Speak your truth. Do great work. Do what you love. You are loved. All Are One.

Love and Peace,
Kelley Rosano

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you have not found it yet, keep looking. Do not settle. As with all matters of the heart, you will know when you find it.” — Steve Jobs

Capricorn Full Moon Tuesday July 19th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

Running of the Goats lol why? Why not? They're so adorable.
Did they make you smile? Ah come on. Lighten up a bit. Enjoy them.
Capricorn's zodiac symbol is the goat. :)

Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com
[source: Crystal Wind]

Dear Friends,


Work with the earth during this full moon. It is a time to ground and anchor new truth, new personal practices, new intentions, new resolutions, new relationships and new ideas. If you are still operating out of old structures, they may take the opportunity to self-destruct.

In fact, this full moon could bring in a time of witnessing the self-destruction of old outdated structures. On the other hand, it can also bring in a new frequency of energy that invites us all to play in that higher emotional center. It is a time when all of these snippets of inspiration and exciting new ideas can be anchored into a more grounded reality. The key will be balance.

Focus on balance especially balancing time for yourself and self care with what you put out for others. What you gift yourself during this time will truly nurture you at a deep physical level.

Focus on love! For yourself and for others.


Astrological Notes:

Capricorn Full Moon
Sun in Cancer 27º~ Moon in Capricorn 27º
Tuesday, July 19 4:56 PM Mountain Daylight Time
(July 19, 10:56 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Cancer is the sign of nurturing, The Mother, and as the Sun passes through this part of the heavens our inward focus for self nourishment of the emotional body is prominent and in need of our attention. Capricorn is her opposite balancing partner, a cardinal, earth sign to Cancer’s cardinal, water quality. Capricorn, The Father, embodies the qualities of the outer masculine, showing up in the outer world, and seeks to take spiritual energy and make it manifest right here on Earth and channel it into building for the security of the future. While Cancer rules the home, family and private life, Capricorn and the tenth house are about your accomplishments and success in a public way, about your responsibilities to maintain the structures of society, giving back so the greater good perpetuates.

Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler strengthens this sign’s focus, determination, and restraint. The symbol of Capricorn is the Sea-Goat with access to two realms from the bottom of the sea to the top of the mountain and when this determined one sets its sights on accomplishment nothing detracts it from its purpose – nothing! Not delays, detours, disappointments. They just put one foot in front of the other and keep their eye on the outcome. That’s their recipe for success. They are the CEO’s, administrators, executives and elders of the zodiac. Saturn helps them stay the course, and their values tend to be on the conservative side to preserve the wisdom of those that have gone before.

Our task at present seems to be how to balance that element of our society that has gotten so far afield from its natural function of protecting, guiding, and providing safety and abundance for all. The Capricorn-ruled structures that form the skeleton of our society include the economy, business practices, corporations, financial institutions, and government functions and representatives. And what planet do we find in Capricorn? PLUTO! And Pluto, the great Transformer, has been making a long, intense journey through Capricorn since election of President Obama and the economic crash in November of 2008. Pluto is exactly midway through its time in Capricorn 15º and will not move into Aquarius until 2023.

In fact, our country, the United States of America, was founded when Pluto was in the last degrees of Capricorn. Pluto’s cycle is 248 years long, and in about 2022, Pluto will return to the original point where this country began for the first time. 1776 was a time of revolution and resistance of oppressive circumstance, of embracing new ideals of the ‘inalienable’ rights of all, of balancing the power of the few over the many.

Pluto in Capricorn has exposed the corruption of power in the areas it rules for all to see. Pluto in this Full Moon Capricorn chart is in positive relationship to the North and South Nodes – our destiny points (our point of growth and learning and our point of karma we have brought in to resolve). We’re on the right track; the story is changing; the balancing influences of the feminine are becoming ever more visible, our intentions are gathering strength and focus.

We again have the powerful influence of a Grand Trine with planets in all three water signs – Sun in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces 25º exact two days before Full Moon, but still a strong, positive energy connecting us with our emotional bodies and with any nurturing and healing that is needed especially issues with the masculine (Mars). With both Mercury and Venus in Leo, we can find the courage to express ourselves vividly and with authority if need be.

Beautiful Venus has just begun to reappear from behind the Sun’s magnificent light in the evening sky in the west. She has completed her journey to the underworld. We’ve missed her beautiful presence and she will now rise higher and brighter in the night sky until March 2017.

Only about 6 more weeks of Jupiter in practical Virgo, so reaffirm your vow to get organized and get rid of the unnecessary, and let go of feeling unworthy of love, joy, abundance, so you will be ready to start Jupiter’s year-long cycle in partnership-oriented Libra in early September.

Let’s access our retrograde situation:
  • Saturn retrograde until Aug 13 (5 mos.)
  • Neptune retrograde until November 20 (5 mos.)
  • Pluto retrograde until September 26 (5 mos.)
  • Uranus turns retrograde on July 29 until Dec. 29 (5 mos.)

So, at least Mars is out of retrograde and slowly moving towards August 22nd when it regains the degree where it began retrograding from and that should kick the energy up. The big planets continue to counsel use what you know, go inside, slow your life down, reconvene your inner counsel of elders and allies and listen to what they offer.

Neptune in Pisces insists on stretching us to the limits of what we can hold compassion for ~ and then asks more of us. At the same time Saturn and Neptune are squaring and moving towards their last exact meeting on September 10th. This cycle culminates in 2020 and now, in the closing square phase pressures us to evolve; there’s no escaping it. The square of Neptune and Saturn began in November of 2015. We are being tested and strengthened and sometimes our fearful, addicted self is loud and needy and sometimes our humble, mature, disciplined self is showing up and reaping rewards, and all the while we’re getting a little higher ‘up the mountain’, and a little closer to where we want to be, while noticeably more awake and conscious in our daily lives.

The eclipse period is on the horizon coming in September ~ solar eclipse on September 1st and a lunar eclipse on September 16th. The next visible total solar eclipse in the USA is on Aug 17, 2017.
The following are all Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)
  • 07/22 Sun enters Leo 3:30 AM MDT
  • 08/02 Leo New Moon 11º 2:45 PM MDT
  • 08/18 Aquarius Full Moon 26º 3:27 AM MDT

July 19, 2016

And Like The Phoenix... I RISE!

The Phoenix
A poem by Rebecca Wiles

Beautiful, glorious and sacrificing self for renewal,
you build a pyre and set yourself ablaze.
For the sake of self.
Red bird of fire you come forth through
your ashes a new bird shedding the old self
which no longer is needful.
You embrace your new strength and
fly to the heights of the sky to the city of the sun
and give the ashes unto the alter of the sun god for your immortality.
Embrace yourself for you are a child of the sun
and will live eternal through birth, death, and renewal!
The spirit never dies!

and my spirit is roaring back like a lion!

No weapon formed against me shall prosper!
I AM protected by the shed blood of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.
In Jesus mighty name, AMEN! ♥

Awesome message by Jentezen Franklin "Check Mate".

The thief (the enemy/darkness) comes to steal, kill (murder) and destroy.

When the enemy whispers checkmate, You need to know that you know that you know that you know... God and all of heaven will stand in front of you and tell the enemy "I don't think so. The King has one last move."

Pikachu Power! ❤ I'm BAAACK. :D



I missed you SO MUCH...❤

July 4, 2016

Twilight Zone Marathon On The Syfy Channel WooHoo!!! Happy Camper :D The Obsolete Man. This Is My #1 Favorite Twilight Zone Episode :)

This is actually starting to unfold right before our very eyes in America.

Rod Serling intro: "You walk into this room at your own risk. Because it leads to the future. Not a future that will be, but one that might be. This is not a new world. It is simply an extension of what began in the old one. It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time. It has refinements, technological advances and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom. But like every one of the super States that preceeded it, it has one iron rule, LOGIC is an enemy and TRUTH is a menace."

Rod Serling closing statement: "The Chancellor, the late Chancellor was only partly correct. He was obsolete. But so was the State, the Entity he worshipped. Any State, any Entity, any Ideology that FAILS to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man, that State is obsolete. A case to be filed under M for MANKIND in the Twilight Zone.

HAPPY 4th of July Everyone!!! I Hope You Have A FUN And Safe Day Celebrating Our Independence Day From England Monarchy!