April 24, 2024

USA: The Son Of An Emmy-Winning Hollywood Producer Killed Wife And His In-Laws, Dismembered Wife Alive. But Her Head And Her Parents Are Still Missing. Wife Financially Supported The Family.

Playing catch up. When I mentioned people dismembering their family in my previous post, I thought of this story and realized I had not shared it here. So this is why I'm posting now. But this gruesome story does fall in line with my most recent posts of people having sudden psychotic breaks and killing entire family. (emphasis mine)
KTLA 5 published November 11, 2023: New details released on missing Tarzana family, woman’s torso found in dumpster. New details were released Friday in the case of a missing family and a woman’s torso that was found in an Encino dumpster on Nov. 8. A man scavenging for recyclables discovered the woman’s torso in a parking lot near Ventura Boulevard and Rubio Avenue in Encino. The torso was found inside a black bag that had been placed in a duffel bag and tossed in the dumpster. Inside Edition published November 14, 2023: Son of Former Hollywood Agent Charged in Wife’s Murder. Son of powerful Hollywood agent Sam Haskell was charged with the gruesome murders of his wife and in-laws. The 35-year-old’s father was the agent whose long list of clients included George Clooney, Whoopi Goldberg and Dolly Parton. The crimes were uncovered when several workmen say Samuel Haskell IV hired them to haul away bags of trash. Inside Edition’s Jim Moret has more. KTLA 5's Carlos Herrera reports.
KCAL News published December 8, 2023: Man accused of murdering, dismembering family in Tarzana makes shirtless appearance in court. Samuel Haskell, who has been charged with three counts of murder for killing his wife and her parents, then stuffing bags filled with dismembered body parts into a dumpster in Encino made a bizarre and shirtless appearance in court on Friday. Tom Wait provides the latest, including when his next appearance will be after having arraignment postponed until the new year.
COURT TV published April 3, 2024: Sam Haskell's Wife Decapitated While Alive: Report. A report says Sam Haskell may have allegedly decapitated his wife while she was still alive. The son of an Emmy-winning producer has pleaded not guilty to killing Mei Haskell and his in-laws, then dismembering their body parts into trash bags.
Nancy Grace published March 29, 2024 Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Did Hollywood Brat, 35, DISMEMBER WIFE ALIVE?

On Tuesday, November 7, Sam Haskell IV hires a couple of day laborers to take three bags of rocks to the dump. The bags don't feel like rocks, they feel like meat.

A block away from Haskell's home, the men open a bag. Seeing a belly button, the men returned the bags and the money to Haskell who claims they saw Halloween props. The workers go to the police to tell their story, but end up having to call 911 from the parking lot of the police station.

By the time cops get to Haskell's place to investigate, Haskell is gone and so are the supposed bags of body parts. An investigation starts. The next morning at 6:15 a.m., a 911 call comes in from a homeless man who was dumpster diving when he found a headless body.

The headless torso of a female identified after an autopsy, confirmed to be the wife of Sam Haskell IV. According to the autopsy report, it was a "dismembered torso with a single sharp force injury at the base of the anterior neck."

No fatal injuries were found on the torso. The report further states Haskell's "head, majority of the neck, and majority of all four extremities" were absent and the "amputation sites" were "remarkably smooth," which suggests a sharp power tool was likely used.

One of the most shocking facts found in the autopsy report is that Mei Haskell may have been alive when her head was severed from her torso. According to the autopsy report, "there was no definite indication that dismemberment occured antemortem."

However, "the possibility that the head and neck removal was initiated prior to death cannot be entirely excluded."

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