April 24, 2024

USA: Father Killed Wife After Argument Then Went Throughout The House And Killed 3 Of His 4 Sons In Yukon, Oklahoma. Then Killed Himself.

As I wrote in my last 2 posts, there seems to be a pattern as you will see with the posts I'm going to share following this one. This is starting to become a common tragedy. Different variations of the same story playing out across America. People are snapping, having a psychotic break as if they're being taken over. At first I thought this could be linked to the jab ingredients affecting them. But the woman who killed her boyfriend in Woodland Hills and 2 daughters was antivax. The media made sure to point out that she was an antivaxxer conspiracy theorists and paranoid spiritualist and the next news story I'm going to share, the media keeps making sure to reference the suspects affiliation with a Christian church who already said they have no connection to them and condemn what they did.

People are stabbing their family to death, shooting their family to death, or dismembering their family. What do you guys think is going on? It just seems all too common nowadays. :/ (emphasis mine)
NBC News pubilshed April 22, 2024: 5 people, including 2 children, found dead in Oklahoma City home. Authorities say the five people, including two children, who were found dead I an Oklahoma City home all “died violently.” KFOR reports.
KOCO 5 News pubilshed April 23, 2024: OCPD releases names of 4 victims, suspect found dead Monday morning at Yukon home.
KOCO 5 News pubilshed April 23, 2024: 'Never expected this': Yukon neighborhood shocked by family massacre.

KOCO5 ABC News, Oklahoma City, OK local
written by Jonathan Greco
Wednesday April 24, 2024

YUKON, Oklahoma — A homicide investigation continues after Oklahoma City police say a 10-year-old found five family members dead inside their Yukon home on Monday.

An initial investigation shows that a 42-year-old man shot and killed his wife and three of his children before turning the gun on himself. Below is what we know about the case, the suspect, the victims and what is unknown as of Wednesday morning.

WARNING: The details of the shooting are graphic and disturbing.

The Victims

The Oklahoma City Police Department identified the four victims as 39-year-old Lindsay Candy, 18-year-old Dylan Candy, 14-year-old Ethan Candy and 12-year-old Lucas Candy.

Lindsay Candy was married to the suspect, and Dylan, Ethan and Lucas Candy were his children, according to police.

Mustang Public Schools also sent out a statement saying one of the victims was a sixth grader attending Meadow Brook Intermediate School and another was a ninth grade student at Mustang High School. A third victim graduated from Mustang Public Schools in 2023.

The Suspect

The Oklahoma City Police Department identified the suspect as 42-year-old Jonathon Candy. He was the husband and father to the four victims.

Police said his body was among the five found on Monday, and investigators believe he turned the gun on himself after shooting and killing his wife and three of his children.

OCPD officials said there was no history of police responding to the home and there were no calls regarding domestic abuse.

Police added that Jonathon Candy worked at the Paycom Center as a part-time employee for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Friends and neighbors told KOCO 5 that he was at Sunday night's Thunder-Pelicans playoff game just hours before the shooting.

The house where the bodies were found

Police found the bodies at a home in the 2800 block of Mirage Street, which is in the Czech Hall Estates neighborhood near the intersection of Southwest 29th Street and Czech Hall Road in Yukon.

What happened

At 9:35 a.m. on April 22, Oklahoma City police received a call from a 10-year-old saying that everyone inside a home in the 2800 block of Mirage Street was dead.

When officers arrived, they found five people dead inside. Police said all five people had been shot to death.

According to a news release, investigators believe the deceased suspect, 42-year-old Jonathon Candy, shot and killed his wife and three of his children before turning the gun on himself. The 10-year-old child who called 911 was unharmed and later placed with relatives.

MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department said Jonathon Candy was involved in an altercation with his wife sometime during the overnight hours and shot her multiple times, killing her. The 42-year-old man then went through the home, shooting and killing their children.

The victims' bodies were found in multiple areas of the house, with police finding two bodies upstairs and two others downstairs. At least one child was shot in bed, according to police.

Knight called the scene a massacre. He also said he's unsure if there were signs of struggle from any of the slain children.

Authorities said it's still unknown what caused Jonathon Candy to murder his wife and three children. Police also said they are unsure if the shooting was planned or spontaneous.

Knight said investigators don't know why the 10-year-old son was left unharmed, adding that "in the end, nobody's ever going to know the answer to that."

Why is OCPD investigating in Yukon?

While the house where the five bodies were found is listed as a Yukon address, it is in an area of the metro that receives services from Oklahoma City. Some of those services include the Oklahoma City police and fire departments, as well as utilities. The home also is in the Mustang Public Schools district.

Mustang Public Schools statement

It is with a very heavy heart that I share some very sad news with all of you today. Earlier today, we confirmed that a tragedy occurred at a home within our District, and we can now confirm the deaths of two of our students (a 6th-grade student attending Meadow Brook Intermediate and a 9th-grade student attending Mustang High School) along with a recent (2023) MPS graduate.

We are shocked, and our hearts are broken; this tragedy simply defies understanding. While this has been a very difficult year for the MPS Family, both students and adults may struggle with managing their feelings and reactions to this news. Our Crisis Response Team has been present at schools today and will continue to be in place moving forward for as long as they are needed.

Even if your child did not know the student(s)/family, they may be impacted by this sad news. Feelings of anger, hurt, guilt, and sadness are natural. Common grief reactions include sleep disturbances, temporary loss of appetite, anxiety, and fears about the health and safety of friends and family. Some suggestions for dealing with your child’s questions and concerns include:
  • Listen to your children and let them know that you are available to answer questions and be there for them at any time.
  • Encourage your children to express their feelings and talk about your own feelings.
  • Talk to your children about your beliefs regarding death and loss.
  • Monitor your children in case they exhibit any significant changes in behavior or mood over the next few weeks (e.g., loss of appetite, difficulties sleeping, heightened sadness). If you notice something, talk to them about it, as it could be a sign that they are struggling.
This website provides resources to help with these difficult conversations; in addition, the MPS website also has many links to resources in our area.

As the greater Mustang school community processes this news, we would like you to know that students of Mustang Public Schools have access to counseling support. To utilize these services, students/families should simply contact their school counselor or administrator. We are here to help and partner with you. This is a difficult time for everyone, but I know our students and staff will lean on each other through this time.

What we don't know yet
  • The motivation behind the quadruple murder-suicide
  • Why the 10-year-old son was left unharmed
  • How many guns were used in the shooting or in the home
  • Where the murder weapon was found

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