July 3, 2024

RUSSIA: US Military Under Biden's Command Dropped Cluster Bombs On Civillian Population On The Beach In Crimea. 6 Dead Includes 3 Children. 150 Injured. Media Distracted By A Terror Attack.

GlobalAwareness101 published US Attacked Civillian Population On The Beach In Crimea, Russia. 6 Dead, 150 Injured. The US keeps pushing the envelope at our expense. We will be the ones suffering the consequences of their actions.

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written by Zahid Mahmood, Darya Tarasova, Xiaofei Xu and Mariya Knight
Saturday June 23, 2024

At least five people were killed and over 100 injured when missile fragments scattered over beachgoers during a Ukrainian strike on the city of Sevastopol in Russia-occupied Crimea, authorities say.

“Unfortunately, we currently have 124 victims, of which three [are] dead children and two [are] dead adults,” Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhayev said on Telegram.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said in a post on Telegram that Ukraine carried out the attack using “US-supplied ATACMS operational-tactical missiles equipped with cluster warheads.”

Four missiles were shot down by Russian air defense but another “deviated from its flight trajectory in the final section due to the impact of air defenses, with the warhead exploding in the air over the city,” the post added.

Video footage posted on X shows the aftermath of the strike, with wounded civilians seen being carried from the beach in stretchers before being loaded into vehicles. Beachgoers, some of them still in their swimwear, can be seen evacuating the area.

One of victims killed in the Ukrainian strike was the daughter of Oleg Averyanov, Deputy Mayor of Magadan. Yuri Grishan, the Mayor of Magadan, said Averyanov’s daughter Sofia was nine and on vacation with her parents in Sevastopol.

The casualties were partially caused by the timing of the strike, which came “at a time when civilians, some were returning from work, some had already gone to the beach with their children,” according to Governor Razvozhayev, who has announced a day of mourning.

According to eyewitnesses on the ground, there was no air raid siren which warned of the attack. Many local residents also took to the comment section of official posts to express their dissatisfaction about the air raid siren not alerting them to an incoming attack.

In response to Ukraine’s attack on Sevastopol, the Russian Ministry of Defense said “such actions will not go unanswered,” saying responsibility for the attack lied with Washington.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russian President Vladimir Putin is in constant contact with Sevastopol authorities, adding that the Russian government’s priority is to provide all necessary assistance to victims, RIA says.

Ukraine has not officially commented on the attack, but CNN has reached out to the Ukrainian military for a comment.

Crimea has been occupied by Russia since its forces annexed the peninsula in 2014. Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, it has come under sporadic attack from Ukrainian forces.

Kyiv has previously insisted that its strikes on Crimea, which have targeted Russian naval bases and vessels, are an integral part of their strategy, intended to try to isolate the peninsula and make it more difficult for Russia to sustain its military operations on the Ukrainian mainland, a Ukrainian source familiar with the strategy told CNN last year.

Before Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, Sevastopol – the largest city in Crimea – was a popular tourist destination for Russians. Even after the outbreak of war, Russians have continued to flock to the coastal city despite the dangers.

Reuters News
written by Dmitry Antonov and Guy Faulconbridge
Monday June 24, 2024

MOSCOW - The Kremlin on Monday squarely blamed the United States for an attack on Crimea with U.S.-supplied ATACMS missiles that killed at least four people and injured 151, and Moscow formally warned the U.S. ambassador that retaliation would follow.

The war in Ukraine has deepened a crisis in relations between Russia and the West, and Russian officials have said the conflict is entering the most dangerous escalation to date.

But directly blaming the United States for an attack on Crimea - which Russia unilaterally annexed in 2014 although most of the world considers it part of Ukraine - is a step further.

"You should ask my colleagues in Europe, and above all in Washington, the press secretaries, why their governments are killing Russian children," Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

At least two children were killed in the attack on Sevastopol on Sunday, according to Russian officials. People were shown running from a beach near Sevastopol and some of the injured being carried off on sun loungers. Kyiv did not comment on the attack but denies targeting civilians.

Russia said the United States had supplied the weapons, while the U.S. military had aimed them and provided data.

Russia's Foreign Ministry summoned U.S. Ambassador Lynne Tracy and told her Washington was "waging a hybrid war against Russia and has actually become a party to the conflict".

"Retaliatory measures will definitely follow," it said.

Tracy said Washington regretted any loss to civilian life, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told reporters, adding that Washington provided weapons to Ukraine so it could defend its sovereign territory, including Crimea.

Pentagon spokesperson Major Charlie Dietz said that "Ukraine makes its own targeting decisions and conducts its own military operations."

A U.S. official later said that Ukraine was not targeting civilians. It seemed that the Russians were able to intercept an ATACMS missile that was targeting a missile launcher, and the ATACMS exploded with shrapnel raining down on the beach, the American official added.

President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly warned of the risk of a much broader war involving the world's biggest nuclear powers, though he has said Russia does not want a conflict with the U.S.-led NATO alliance.


U.S. President Joe Biden has ruled out sending U.S. troops to fight in Ukraine and said shortly after the 2022 full-scale Russian invasion that a direct confrontation between NATO and Russia would mean World War Three.

Putin presents the Ukraine war as part of a wider struggle with the U.S., which he says ignored Moscow's interests after the Soviet Union's 1991 break-up, then plotted to split Russia apart and seize its natural resources.

Leaders of the West and Ukraine have cast the war as an imperial-style land-grab. The West denies wanting to destroy Russia, which in turn denies intending to invade any NATO member state.

After the United States allowed Ukraine to direct some U.S. weapons into Russia, the Kremlin sent signals that it viewed this as a serious escalation.

Putin has ordered drills to practise deployment of tactical nuclear weapons, suggested Russia could station conventional missiles within striking distance of the United States and its allies, and sealed a mutual defence pact with North Korea.

Washington still prohibits Kyiv from striking recognised Russian territory with ATACMS, which have a range of up to 186 miles (300 km), and other long-range U.S. weapons.

Putin said on Thursday that Russia might supply weapons to North Korea in what he suggested would be a like-for-like response to the Western arming of Ukraine.

Asked what the Russian answer would be to the attack in Crimea, Peskov recalled Putin's words on June 6 about wider placement of conventional weapons.

"Of course, the involvement of the United States in the fighting, as a result of which peaceful Russians are dying, cannot but have consequences," Peskov said.

"Which ones exactly - time will tell."
GlobalAwareness101 published Israel Government Official Told Russia They Will Pay For Supporting Palestinians. Fyi... I put this together to help me tell a story.

There was an "ISIS" terror attack in Russia today shortly after the US fired missiles at civilians on a beach in Crimea Russia territory. The "Islamist" terrorists serendipitously attacked a Christian Orthodox church and killed a priest and attacked a Jewish Synagogue as well.

I customized this background and added the captions that I proofread for you. The rest is bonus related information.

It's important that you know there are Jewish people who worship the Lord God almighty from the Torah and the Bible, aka the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and there are non-practicing Jewish people looking for the meaning of life like most of humanity, and there are Jewish people who are called Messianic Jews because they believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and there are Jewish people who are Atheist who don't want to be bothered about anything.

So please don't lump all Jewish people together. That is what the Kabbalist Jews in control of everything and accuse everyone of anti-Semitism to censor the world want. They don't worship the God of the Torah and Bible. They make you believe they worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with their outward presence. It's all a pretense, beguiling the public.

This Israel is not the same Israel of King David. Heck, the Star of David has nothing to do with King David either. That's another lie we've been made to believe. It is the magical Seal of Solomon. This new Illuminati Israel was created by the Rothschild family and if you follow Jessie Czebotar, you know what that means.

Bob Larson explains Lilith demon is mentioned in the Zohar, Kabbalistic movement of occult mystical Judaism. Their adaptation of the original Torah. They perverted, blasphemed the holy scriptures of the Torah. (emphasis mine)

"According to the legend of Kabbalistic Judaism (escoteric black magic), the true wife of Adam was Lilith. But Eve sexually seduced Adam to begin the human race and therefore she took the place of Lilith. And those in occult Satanism and Kabbalism Judaism want to restore Lilith to her rightful place." ~Bob Larson

YouTube video 👉 https://youtu.be/tRQBhzIschA

US/UKRAINE Crimea bombing happened around 12pm, then hours later this terrorist attack happen SPECIFICALLY TARGETING a Christian church and a Jewish Synogogue. The media didn't report about the US dropping cluster bombs on civilian population on a Crimea beach. Nope because the planned "terrorist attack" happened to distract all of the media's focus and the media broadcasters completely ignored the cluster bombs raining down on civilians having fun on the beach in Crimea. I believe without a doubt, it was US/ISRAEL/Ukraine people behind the church and synogogue attacks. The "terror attack" that happened at a concert hall in Russia where 144 were massacred by shooters was also a false flag attack blaming Islamist militants. When it is quite obvious Ukraine, US, Israel have their hand in that attack too. (emphasis mine)

Reuters News
written by Staff
Monday July 1, 2024

DAGESTAN - The leader of Russia's mainly Muslim Dagestan region where gunmen last month staged deadly attacks in two cities said on Monday that the security threat was coming from "international terrorist organisations".

State media quoted Sergei Melikov as saying 22 people had died in the June 23 attacks, whose targets included churches and synagogues.

Western security experts said the attacks were further evidence that Russia, preoccupied with its war in Ukraine, faces a growing problem with Islamist militant violence at home. But Melikov insisted the threat was an external one.

"The main threat factor influencing the situation in the republic remains the increased activity of international terrorist organisations," state news agency RIA quoted him as saying.

"And no matter how they try to convince us that the events in Dagestan happened internally, I, for one, will never believe this."

He said there was direct and indirect evidence pointing to the role of "our direct enemies" in the attacks, but did not specify who they were or what the evidence was.

"And in this regard, it is not necessary for Western or other instructors to be on the territory of Dagestan, because today these special services and leaders of terrorist organisations use the Internet, social networks, and may well influence both the training and the ideological state of people who are capable of such crimes," he added.

The attacks in Dagestan came three months after gunmen stormed a concert hall near Moscow, raked it with automatic weapons fire and set it ablaze, killing 145 people in a massacre that was claimed by the militant group Islamic State.

Russia, without providing evidence, has pointed the finger at Ukraine for that attack. Ukraine has dismissed that allegation as absurd RIA quoted Dagestan's senior Muslim cleric as saying during a meeting with Melikov that a religious decree, or fatwa, would shortly be issued to ban the wearing of the niqab face veil. Reports following the attacks on June 23 said one of the gunmen had planned to escape wearing a niqab.

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