July 3, 2024

FRANCE: France First Center-Right Party Notches Massive Wins In Key Snap Elections Against Macron’s Liberal Wing. People Are Tired Of The Globalist BS.

Remember, anything on the right side of the far-left is considered "far-right extremist". Because that's how they label any opposition to their radical Commie globalist political ideology. Hilarious that the mockingbird media refers to Commie globalist Macron as a "centrist". The people in France are fed up with Macron the current president sending billions to Ukraine and diluting their french culture. Meanwhile, he raises French workers retirement pension age from 62 to 64 and the retiree has worked at least 43 years MINIMUM. Imagine you're a French person who was excited to be turning 62 and the French government tells them "sorry you are forced to work 2 more years to qualify for your government pension". I would be pissed off too. French government are financially screwing their own people who pay their salaries just so they could financially support another country who never did shit for them. Also, the French farmers are fed up with Macron Commie globalist government forcing their stupid irrational "climate change" policies on them. The French are not stupid like their government officials think they are. The French people understand clearly sending billions to Ukraine is a money laundering scheme for a war Ukraine can never realistically win against SUPERPOWER Russia. (emphasis mine)
CNN published June 30, 2024: Far right wins first round of France’s parliamentary election, projection shows. Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally (RN) party has taken the lead in the first round of France’s parliamentary elections, initial projections showed, taking it closer to the gates of power than ever before. After unusually high turnout, the RN bloc won with 34% of the vote, while left-wing New Popular Front (NFP) coalition came second with 28.1% and President Emmanuel Macron’s Ensemble alliance slumped to a dismal third with 20.3%, according to initial estimates by Ipsos. While the RN appears on track to win the most seats in the National Assembly, it may fall short of the 289 seats required for an absolute majority, suggesting France may be heading for a hung parliament and more political uncertainty.
TalkTV published July 1, 2024: "The Left Always Get A FREE PASS!". Marine Le Pen Right-Wing Party Soars In French Elections. Talk’s Julia Hartley-Brewer is joined by French journalist Anne Elisabeth-Moutet to discuss the latest in the French elections.

Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally (RN) party scored historic gains to win the first round of the parliamentary election. The RN and allies had 33% of the vote, followed by a left-wing bloc with 28% and President Emmanuel Macron's centrists with just 20%, official results from the interior ministry showed.

That was a huge setback for Macron who had called the snap election after his ticket was trounced by the RN in European Parliament elections last month. Labour and European parties need to address the everyday concerns of disaffected voters and show that only progressives have the answers, Sir Keir Starmer has said.

“The lesson that I take from nationalism or populism wherever it is across Europe – obviously we’re seeing the results emerging from France – but we also see the situation in other countries across Europe and across the world.”
Channel 4 News published July 1, 2024: France’s historic far-right election victory explained. As the French prime minister warned that the far-right was now at the 'gates of power' - the country's left wing and centrist parties are frantically trying to stop that happening.

Daily Caller
written by Jake Smith
Monday July 1, 2024

France’s premier right-wing party won massively in the country’s first round of snap elections on Sunday, delivering a blow to President Emmanuel Macron’s liberal coalition.

The right-wing National Rally party won 33% of the votes in the parliamentary elections across France on Sunday, leaving Macron’s Renaissance party with only 21% of the votes, according to The Wall Street Journal. Though the elections won’t be finished until later this week, the National Rally’s initial win signals a major shift in the French population’s political priorities and a departure from Macron’s policies.

The second round of voting will take place on July 7th. If the National Rally party wins more than 289 seats — the number required to take the absolute majority in parliament — and shoves Macron’s Renaissance party out, it would significantly hamper Macron’s ability to wield power and give the National Party a major say in the country’s legislative decisions; Macron would also be forced to appoint the party’s choice for prime minister.

“Democracy has spoken and the French have put the he (National Rally) and its allies at the top, practically wiping out the Macron camp,” Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally, told her supporters after the first round ended on Sunday, according to multiple reports.

Voter turnout was at a decades-level high this weekend, with a 67% participation rate compared to the 47.5% participation rate in 2022, per The New York Times. Final votes are still being tallied, but the National Rally is projected to win somewhere between 255 and 295 seats in the 557-seat legislative body, while Macron’s party is expected to win 90 to 125 seats, according to the WSJ.

Other left-wing and green parties did similarly poorly compared to the National Rally, but Macron’s party lost the biggest margin of votes.

Macron called for the sudden snap elections after his party was delivered a previous defeat in a separate round of European Union parliamentary elections in early June, hoping to provide an opportunity for voters to throw their support behind his party.

Officials inside the Biden administration are reportedly concerned that Macron’s party is set to lose power in this week’s elections, as President Joe Biden and Macron share similar views on policy, officials familiar with discussions previously told Politico. Biden officials were reportedly puzzled that Macron called for snap elections and risked losing the vote as his party had shown signs of losing political favor.

That round of voting will be “one of the most decisive in the history of the Fifth Republic,” Jordan Bardella, a leader in the National Rally and Le Pen’s pick for the country’s next prime minister said on Sunday, according to the WSJ.

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