May 26, 2024

USA: Serial Rapist Caught After Deputies Heard A Woman Screaming From Inside His 'Rape Dungeon On Wheels' While Rape Was In Progress Up In The San Gabriel Valley Angeles National Forest Area.


FOX 11 Los Angeles pubilshed May 17, 2024: 'Rape dungeon on wheels' filled with condoms, cell phones; suspect arrested. Authorities gave FOX 11 exclusive access to a van belonging to an alleged serial rapist that they called a "rape dungeon on wheels" which was outfitted for his alleged attacks.
FOX 11 Los Angeles published May 21, 2024: UPDATE New evidence shared in 'rape van on wheels'. More alleged victims have come forward against alleged serial rapist Eduardo Sarabia. Two family members, including one child claim they were victims of his. Investigators have shared more of the evidence in his so-called "rape dungeon on wheels."

Fox11 News, Los Angeles local
Inside the 'rape dungeon on wheels': Condoms, children's toys and more
written by Hailey Winslow and FOX 11 Digital Team
Friday May 17, 2024

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Calif. — FOX 11 got an exclusive look inside the vehicle deputies are calling a "rape dungeon on wheels," after they caught a man, who they called a serial rapist, in the act in the San Gabriel Mountains earlier this week.

Inside the van, deputies said was "rigged for rape" was condoms, ropes, bungees, children's toys, multiple cell phones and hard drives and more. In the back, a metal partition, which was locked from the outside, with a worn and stained mattress.

All the evidence has been processed in the case. What FOX 11 saw left in the van was what was left after the investigation.

It's in that "cage" in the back of the van, where deputies said Eduardo Sarabia kept his victims, when he took them to a remote location in the Angeles National Forest to rape them. And it's where deputies said they rescued a 26-year-old woman after deputies patrolling the area found the van, stopping a rape in progress and taking Sarabia into custody.

Sarabia was arrested Monday, and arraigned Tuesday on two felony counts of sexual assault for forcible rape of two women this week alone.

Deputies said Sarabia lived in the 2015 Ford Transit van, and would offer women rides, saying he was camping in the San Gabriel Mountains before taking them to an area off mile marker 21 on Highway 39, where there's no hope for a cell phone signal.

Because of the elaborate setup of the van, detectives believe Sarabia may have had more victims. Anyone with information about the case was asked to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.


Fox11 News, Los Angeles local
Family members, including child say they were victims of alleged serial rapist
written by Hailey Winslow and FOX 11 Digital Team
Wednesday May 22, 2024

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Calif. — Two family members, including a child, have come forward claiming they were victims of Eduardo Sarabia, the alleged serial rapist who is accused of picking up his victims in what deputies called a "rape dungeon on wheels." FOX 11 is learning more about the evidence found inside that vehicle.

Los Angeles County deputies arrested Sarabia last week in the Angeles National Forest, after investigators said deputies caught him raping a 26-year-old woman at knife point. The van deputies found Sarabia in, they said, was "outfitted" for rape — with a mattress, condoms, makeshift restraints, cell phones and even thumb drives where investigators said they believed he stored videos of his victims.

Now investigators are sharing even more disturbing evidence they found in the van. Deputies said they found a small pair of shoes with blood spattered on the soles next to a small shovel. Law enforcement said the forensic team also discovered multiple pairs of women's underwear tucked into corners of the vehicle, which deputies believe Sarabia kept as trophies, and small pajamas.

The new evidence is raising a lot more questions about other potential victims. Sources told FOX 11 that the family members who came forward since Sarabia's arrest have had concerns about him for years, but were scared to tell authorities because they're undocumented immigrants, and were worried no one would believe them, or they would be deported.

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