May 30, 2024

USA: 26yo Man Martha's Vineyard Resident Stabbed Four Girls At An AMC Theater In Braintree, MA. Then Stabbed 2 McDonald's Workers In Plymouth. He's Connected To Murder In CT Hours Before.


WFSB 3 published May 27, 2024: DEVELOPING: Person found dead in Deep River; suspect arrested in Massachusetts. Police in Massachusetts said Jared Ravizza stabbed four girls at a theater. Sources told WBZ that he's connected to a death in Deep River.
NBC Connecticut published May 29, 2024: CT state police connect suspect in Massachusetts stabbings to Deep River death investigation. On Tuesday, Connecticut state police connected Jared Ravizza to an investigation into the death of 70-year-old Bruce Feldman, of West Hartford, in Deep River. They said criminal charges in Connecticut are pending.
FOX 61 pubilshed May 27, 2024: Connecticut State Police discover person dead in Deep River, connection to Massachusetts stabbings. Connecticut State Police from Troop F in Westbrook found a person dead at an address in Deep River on Saturday afternoon, state police said. A source told FOX-affiliate Boston 25 that the death investigation is connected to two Massachusetts stabbing incidents on the same day. Connecticut State Police said they responded to a report of a suspicious incident at a property in the town around 3:36 p.m. The deceased’s identity has not been confirmed, as the investigation is in its preliminary stages, according to CSP.

CBS News
written by Neal Riley, Louisa Moller
Tuesday May 28, 2024

PLYMOUTH - Jared Ravizza made his first appearance in a Massachusetts courtroom Tuesday morning to face charges in a weekend stabbing spree at a movie theater and McDonald's on the South Shore. He was ordered to undergo evaluation at a psychiatric hospital after a court doctor said he is experiencing "very serious delusions."

The 26-year-old Martha's Vineyard resident is accused of going into the AMC Braintree 10 without a ticket on Saturday evening at about 6 p.m. and stabbing four young girls inside a theater. The girls were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Jared Ravizza suspected in movie theater, McDonald's stabbings

The mother of three of the girls stabbed said their attacker was "laughing the whole time." AMC said it is conducting a "thorough review" of the incident and will have a visible security presence at the theater for the near future.

About an hour later, authorities said Ravizza pulled up to a McDonald's drive-thru in his black Porsche. A prosecutor in Plymouth District Court on Tuesday said he "briefly stepped out of the vehicle and publicly urinated."

During an argument with a male employee at the drive-thru window, Ravizza lunged out of his car and stabbed the worker in the forearm with what appeared to be a long kitchen knife, the prosecutor said. After that, Ravizza was said to have parked his car, walked into the restaurant and stabbed a female employee behind the counter three times. Both workers are in stable condition after being treated at the hospital.

"He stabbed me ... and then I run to the safe room," the 21-year-old female employee told WBZ-TV. It was her first day on the job. "I don't feel good. I don't feel safe in this city," the victim said.

Ravizza was eventually arrested after a fiery crash in Sandwich.

Ravizza experiencing "serious delusions," doctor says Appearing in a Plymouth courtroom in a green jumpsuit with shoulder-length bleach-blond hair Tuesday morning, Ravizza faced charges of armed assault to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and indecent exposure in connection with the McDonald's attack.

The defense requested a competency evaluation for Ravizza. The court doctor interviewed Ravizza and said he is experiencing "very serious delusions," such as believing his family is in the Mafia and that he is "being controlled by outside sources."

"He is evidencing signs and symptoms of an active psychotic illness," Dr. Kimberly Bistis said.

A not guilty plea was entered on Ravizza's behalf while he undergoes further evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital. His next hearing in Plymouth is scheduled for June 17.

Ravizza is still due to appear in a Quincy courtroom at a later time to face charges in the movie theater stabbings.

Ravizza has a different persona online. A website lists him as the CEO of a renowned full service digital marketing agency who resides between Beverly Hills and Martha's Vineyard.

Murder investigation in Connecticut

Connecticut State Police on Tuesday connected Ravizza to a murder investigation in Deep River. Police said that hours before Saturday's events in Massachusetts, Ravizza was at 15 Maritone Lane where 70-year-old Bruce Feldman was found dead.

"The investigating Trooper learned that a suspect approached the residence on Merriwold Lane, threw a shovel through the front door window pane and then left," State Police said in a statement. "The complainants identified the suspect as someone they had recognized who was staying nearby on Maritone Lane."

Ravizza's personal items were found at the scene, police said. Troopers gave Massachusetts law enforcement agencies a description of his vehicle.

WBZ-TV has also obtained court documents showing that Ravizza allegedly assaulted his father on Martha's Vineyard in April. Ravizza's father told police he had a "mental break." Police signed a form to have Ravizza held at a hospital, but the hospital said a mental health professional's examination found that he didn't meet their standards to be held and he was released.
I took this screenshot from Martha's Vinyard Times article.
dated December 27, 2021.

Before he was even a teenager, Jared Ravizza began working with people with disabilities. Now as an adult, through the Ravizza Global Initiative, he’s continuing that work, but has expanded its scope.

Ravizza has been coming seasonally to Martha’s Vineyard, Cotuit, and other areas on the Cape and Islands since he was a child. Growing up in Massachusetts, Ravizza learned to ski at an early age — a skill that became a passion and led to a professional career. Now, through his Initiative, Ravizza is sharing his passion for the mountains and the ocean.

Ravizza doesn’t see the Initiative as volunteering, but as a way of life. This lifestyle started when he was 12 years old on a mission trip to Alaska. It was there he did relief work and ran programs for children with disabilities in a community that had been hit hard by a storm.

“That’s where my call started to be cultivated,” he said. “I was inspired by that whole experience, and I took those dreams. I would sit by the ocean on the Vineyard and continue to be inspired. That turned into our work with people with disabilities, cancer, and other illnesses: exposing them to surfing and skiing and exercising,” Ravizza said.

Today, his initiative work is a resource for people with autism, disabilities, and illnesses. He works with adults and athletes, providing mentorship and exercise, among other things. Part of the philosophy of his work is to help people get connected back to nature. 
WFSB 3 published May 28, 2024: Jared Ravizza's history.
New York Post published May 28, 2024: Jared Ravizza pictured with man he allegedly murdered before stabbing spree. Deranged Jared Ravizza is the prime suspect in the murder of his roommate and his dogs, who were found by police on Saturday afternoon as the maniac went on a stabbing spree in Massachusetts. NY Post reporter Ronny Reyes shares this story.
These 3 Screenshots from this NY Post article below.
New York Post
Thursday May 30, 2024

No one knows what happened inside the home on Lakeview Circle, in Agawam, Mass., during the height of pandemic lockdowns — but neighbors wonder if something may have turned Jared Ravizza into a monster right out of a horror movie.

They said that Jared’s father, Jason, went through a “bizarre” transformation as well.

The 26-year-old allegedly went on a stabbing spree last weekend, knifing four young girls watching the movie “IF” at a theater outside Boston and another two people at a McDonald’s.

“Jared and Jason got very bizarre,” a next-door neighbor said of the accused stabber and his 57-year-old father. “Something drastic took place during Covid. I don’t know what happened inside the house.”

Ravizza looked like a clean-cut preppy in photos taken on Martha’s Vineyard just a few years ago.

But when he was arrested last Saturday night after the stabbing of the girls at a theater in suburban Braintree, Mass., Jared looked more like — as many online commenters opined — Buffalo Bill, the fictional serial killer with flowing blond locks from the 1991 film “Silence of the Lambs.”

Ravizza allegedly laughed as he stabbed the girls, ages 9 to 17. A witness to the McDonald’s attack said Ravizza had a “big expression” on his face and compared it to Jack Nicholson’s character in “The Shining.”

He’s also suspected of attacking his roommate Bruce Feldman, on May 25 although he has not yet been charged. The two shared a Deep River, Conn., vacation rental. Feldman was fatally stabbed to death along with two dogs that were in the house, at least one of which belonged to him.

The roommates were not thought to be in any kind of romantic relationship, neighbors said.

Ravizza and his psychologist father abruptly up and left their Agawam home two years ago, decamping for Martha’s Vineyard. They left behind Jared’s mother, Kim, who was reportedly battling cancer and had to rent out rooms after their departure, neighbors told The Post.

The younger Ravizza was arrested in April on Martha’s Vineyard for allegedly attacking his father. Jason claimed his son suffered a “mental break.”

Jason told cops that his son had assaulted him and wrecked his office, according to records in Edgartown District Court. On the scene, an officer stated in the report, “[Jared] Ravizza began screaming that he hopes his father dies, and began frothing out the mouth as he spoke.”

Island residents told the Martha’s Vineyard Times that Jared reportedly had “several bizarre and hostile interactions” in public settings. He was known for his long blond hair, a penchant for wearing aviator sunglasses and frequent claims that he was a model in Los Angeles, the outlet reported.

Island residents, who all asked that their names not be used because of of fear for their safety, said Ravizza was quick to anger and often seemed unhinged. Two people were said to have contacted police about his behavior and concerns that he was capable of violence.

Three neighbors of the Ravizza family in Agawam told The Post that they saw a metamorphosis in both Jason and Jared during Covid. Indeed, Jared’s Instagram account shows a clean-cut, preppy looking young man in khakis, seersucker and dock shoes in 2018.

By 2022, he appeared to be an overly tanned, ultra-fit surfer dude — with long, seemingly bleached blond hair, fingernail polish, and feminine makeup and jewelry — using the “she” pronoun.

The Post spoke to three different neighbors who said that his father, who is seen with close-cropped brown hair in videos from a few years ago, started to look just like his son with the same long dyed blond hair and flashy teeth.

“Their appearance was like they should be living in California or Hawaii, not Massachusetts,” the neighbor, who did not want to give his name, told The Post.

“Eventually you couldn’t tell father and son apart from a distance,” that same neighbor recalled.

The father-son duo “were very close” and “huge into fitness” and would go on long walks and sunbathe together, another neighbor added.

Yet, last month, Ravizza filed paperwork in Massachusetts to legally change his name to Jared Love Jones, public records show.

Jason Ravizza returned home to his wife, Kim, as suddenly as he left about two weeks ago, neighbors in Agawam said.

“Jared’s a weirdo,” one of the three neighbors told The Post, adding that he and Jason are “different, that’s for sure.”

According to his own website, Jared Ravizza portrayed himself as a wealthy, globetrotting “serial entrepreneur,” artist, model and skier who was the CEO of “Ravizza Jones,” a “leading global digital marketing & social media management agency” with branches in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Manhattan, Greenwich, Palm Beach, Paris and Milan.

There’s no evidence of the Ravizza Jones company anywhere other than on Ravizza’s website, which is fronted by a photo of the harbor at Monaco. A gushing profile in Beverly Hills magazine described Ravizza as an international “serial entrepreneur and media mogul,” and “a man with an innate desire to bring out the best in other humans in the most beautiful way.”

An article in ThriveGlobal — a website founded by Arianna Huffington — described Jared three times as a “professional big mountain skier,” although there does not seem to be any other record of him as a pro skier.

A designer and model told The Post that she had an unsettling run-in with Ravizza at the Beverly Hills Hotel in April.

Alyona Shikhova, 30, was holding a photoshoot for her Ashik clothing brand on April 14 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, when, she said, Ravizza talked his way onto her shoot and began hitting on her — proposing almost immediately and suggesting they should have kids together.

“He said ‘I’m gonna be a good husband, you’re gonna be my wife,’” Shikhova said. “I think he liked me and he was used to getting what he wanted.”

She claimed that Ravizza started to brag about his wealth, showing her pictures of him and his father, with whom he said he had just been on a vacation in Hawaii. He also also showed off different houses he claimed to own around the world.

For his part, Jason Ravizza is listed as a licensed mental health counselor who has held positions as a counselor at Springfield, Mass., public schools as well as Crosspoint Clinical, a mental health counseling organization specializing in “faith-based care.”

A devout Christian, Jason also co-authored a 2011 book, “The Waging War Within: A Devotional for Winning the Daily War,” which focused on “the realm of spiritual warfare and the strategies to counter the attacks of Satan.” He has a small publishing company for religious books called Abba Father Media.

In a second, separate LinkedIn profile, he calls himself “president” of Ravizza Sports Psychology. Like his son, Jason has presented himself as a high-flying international success story.

In that profile, Jason claims to be “a highly trained performance & psychology consultant, training the minds of athletes & entrepreneurs, at the highest of levels for the past 35+ years. Jason is the President & Founder of Ravizza Sports Psychology, consulting both within the United States and globally. From London, over into the the eastern sea board on Martha’s Vineyard, to Los Angeles.”

Ravizza Sports Psychology does not appear to exist as a functioning entity.

Jason may or may not be related to the LA-based Dr. Ken Ravizza, who, until his death in 2018 at 70, was considered one of the leading sports psychologists in the nation. Dr. Ravizza was described as a “guru of sorts for dozens of major league baseball players.”

Jason left a note of condolence on Dr. Ravizza’s obituary, referring to him as his “uncle.”

Dr. Ravizza’s website includes a disclaimer reading “The Ravizza family does not endorse any use of the Ravizza name for sport psychology or social media services. Anyone using the Ravizza name for these services is not affiliated with Ken Ravizza.”

Dr. Ravizza’s widow, Clare, did not return calls from The Post.

Tuesday, Jared Ravizza pleaded not guilty in Plymouth District Court to two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault with intent to murder, and other charges and was ordered to be held for a mental health evaluation.

He is in custody at Bridgewater State Hospital, a medium-security facility for male patients that is surrounded by high fences and multiple coils of barbed wire.

Neither he nor his father were reachable for comment.

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