May 13, 2024

UKRAINE: Ukraine Has Unveiled Its First AI-Generated Spokesperson That Is A Deep Fake Of A Singer And Former Contestant On Ukraine Bachelor. This Is What SAG-AFTRA Union Was Fighting Against.

THIS WAS THE FORMER UKRAINE SPOKESPERSON until he threatened to hunt down and kill anyone who criticized, spoke negatively about Ukraine's government just like they're trying to do with making it illegal for any person who criticizes Israel and Zionist Kabbalah Talmudic esoteric mysticism cult. Every human on this planet must like them and support them or else they will destroy you. (emphasis mine)
CRUX published September 22, 2023: Ukraine Military Suspends American Spokeswoman After "Hunt Russian Devils" Remarks In Video. Ukraine has suspended Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a transgender American who served as a spokeswoman for its military, due to a controversial video in which she vowed that Russian propagandists would be "hunted down" and "justice served". The video also contained strong anti-Russian sentiments. The Territorial Defence Forces (TDF) of Ukraine disapproved of her comments and launched an official investigation into the matter, suspending Ashton-Cirillo pending the outcome. She arrived in Ukraine as a reporter, later became a combat medic and eventually served as a military spokesperson. Her appointment had sparked controversy, with some questioning her lack of military experience. Republican Senator JD Vance also raised concerns about the use of American resources for her role. Ashton-Cirillo defended herself, claiming she was being targeted and emphasising the importance of countering Russian propaganda.
Breaking Points published September 21, 2023: Ukraine FIRES Spokesperson For BLOODTHIRSTY Rhetoric. Krystal and Saagar discuss Ukraine firing their controversial spokesperson Sarah Ashton-Cirillo who officially announced.
"Next week, the teeth of the Russian devils will gnash even harder, and their rabid mouths will foam in uncontrollable frenzy as the world will see a favorite Kremlin propagandist pay for their crimes. This puppet of Putin is only the first. Russia's war criminal propagandists will all be hunted down and justice will be served."
Firstpost published May 2, 2024: Ukraine Unveils Its First AI-generated Spokesperson | Vantage with Palki Sharma. The digital model called Victoria will be Foreign Ministry's spokesperson. Victoria's image is AI-generated but her statements will be written by humans. Kyiv says the move will save resources and time of its diplomats. Some others are thinking along the same lines. British singer FKA Twigs is creating a deepfake of herself. Twigs will use the deepfake to interact with fans and journalists while she focuses on music. Humans are increasingly delegating work to AI avatars. After all, artificial intelligence is capable of simplifying complex tasks. But delegating work to artificial intelligence comes with ethical concerns. So where do we draw the line? Palki Sharma tells you.
The Guardian, UK
written by AFP staff

Friday May 3, 2024

Ukraine on Wednesday presented an AI-generated spokesperson called Victoria who will make official statements on behalf of its foreign ministry.

The ministry said it would “for the first time in history” use a digital spokesperson to read its statements, which will still be written by humans.

Dressed in a dark suit, the spokesperson introduced herself as Victoria Shi, a “digital person”, in a presentation posted on social media. The figure gesticulates with her hands and moves her head as she speaks.

The foreign ministry’s press service said that the statements given by Shi would not be generated by AI but “written and verified by real people”.

“It’s only the visual part that the AI helps us to generate,” Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian foreign minister, said, adding that the new spokesperson was a “technological leap that no diplomatic service in the world has yet made”.

The main reason for creating her was “saving time and resources” for diplomats, he said. Shi’s creators are a team called the Game Changers who have also made virtual-reality content related to the war in Ukraine.

The spokesperson’s name is based on the word “victory” and the Ukrainian phrase for artificial intelligence: shtuchniy intelekt.

Shi’s appearance and voice are modelled on a real person: Rosalie Nombre, a singer and former contestant on Ukraine’s version of the reality show The Bachelor. Nombre was born in the now Russian-controlled city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. She has 54,000 followers on her Instagram account, which she uses to discuss stereotypes about mixed-race Ukrainians and those who grew up as Russian speakers.

The ministry said that Nombre took part free of charge. It stressed that Shi and Nombre “are two different people” and that only the AI figure will give official statements.

To avoid fakes, the statements will be accompanied by a QR code linking them to text versions on the ministry’s website. Shi will comment on consular services, currently a controversial topic.

Ukraine last week suspended such services for men of fighting age living abroad, making it necessary for them to return to their country for administrative procedures and potentially face the draft.

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