May 7, 2024

ISRAEL: Israel’s Military Intelligence Chief Resigned Over Failure To Prevent Hamas Attack On Oct 7. Chose To Ignore Hamas Document OUTLINING THE ATTACK PLANS Obtained Year Prior To Incident.

Israeli officials ALLOWED Hamas terrorists to cross into Israel and massacre Israelis and allowed Hamas terrorists to kidnap Israelis for 7 HOURS. THE Israeli government is to blame for not protecting Israelis and then worse NOT SEND THEM HELP FOR 7 HOURS. Hamas terrorists have always been terrorists and have always hated Israel right. Think about it. Israel government didn't do anything to stop Hamas terrorists.

I'm going to use the Mexican Cartel who are the same as Hamas terrorists as an example. Imagine Mexican Cartel crosses into United States and massacres Americans for 7 hours and takes American hostages. Well who would you blame? Mexican Cartel has never changed their vicious ways. The US government intelligence is aware of who they are and what they do. I would blame American officials who are responsible for PROTECTING and DEFENDING American people.

Israel government ALLOWED Hamas terrorists to do whatever they wanted IN ISRAEL FOR 7 HOURS and watched on their high tech surveillance cameras that can see everything. Then when Isreal did finally arrive, the Israeli military was ordered to carpet bomb the entire area where Hamas was. They didn't care that Israelis were in the area too AND Israeli military were ordered to shoot every person on sight meaning Israelis were casualties of IDF too. Those Israeli civilians killed by the IDF were included in the Hamas death numbers.

Now Israel has been bombing civilians en masse in Gaza and has destroyed two thirds of Gaza housing, hospitals, cemetaries, schools, places of worship from the North to the South. That is like USA bombing Mexico infrastructure and killing Mexican civilians who had nothing to do with the Mexican Cartel attack on US soil. Israel wants to wipe out Gaza and the people living there so they have no place to return to and Gazan population is wiped out for Israel to take over and build Israeli resorts along the coast. (emphasis mine)
GlobalAwareness101 published I stitched together several videos to help me tell a story. IDF were told to stand down for 7 hours.
GlobalAwareness101 published Israel’s Military Intelligence Chief Resigned Over Failure To Prevent Hamas Attack On Oct 7. Conspiracy "theorists" were right again. Israel military intelligence knew in advance that Hamas was going to attack as they always had in the past. He gets to retire with full pension and no penalties. He's still being honored by Israel.

I typed a transcript for you below of the 3 news broadcast video I put together in my video above. Each one has different information.

Sky News: And on that Israel's military intelligence chief has taken responsibility for officials failures leading up to the October 7 attacks and has resigned. Major General Aharon Haliva is the first senior figure to quit over those Hamas attacks. Israeli military and intelligence officials missed OR IGNORED multiple warning signs leading up to the Hamas attacks on October 7th.

Havliva says he will carry the horrible pain of the war with him forever. He will retire once a successor has been selected.

Dawn News: In a significant development, Major General Aharon Haliva, the former head of Israel's military intelligence resigned attributing his departure to the failure to prevent a deadly surprise attack orchestrated by Hamas. His resignation marked the first instance of a senior official taking direct responsibility and stepping down in the aftermath of the incident. Haliva emphasized in his resignation letter that the intelligence division had fallen short of its responsibility. (NO SHIT) Acknowledging a substantial oversight that enabled Hamas to execute a large scale assault within Israel territory.

Notably Israel had obtained a Hamas DOCUMENT OUTLINING THE ATTACK PLANS a year prior to the incident. Additionally, military supporters stationed near Gaza had reported SIGHTINGS of Hamas battalions MAKING PREPARATIONS FOR A POTENTIAL ASSAULT in the weeks and months leading up to the infiltration.

Despite these warnings, leadership chose to disregard the looming threat operating under the belief that Hamas' primary focus was on managing affairs within Gaza.

The strategic miscalculation proved costly ultimately leading to Haliva's resignation as a testament to accountability within the military heirachy.

News Nine: Aharon Haliva the head of Israeli military intelligence who last year accepted responsibility for the failure THAT ALLOWED the homicide attack on Israel on October 7th has resigned.

Haliva was one of the number of senior Israeli commanders who said that they had failed to foresee and prevent the most devastating attack in Israel's history. Having served in IDF for over 38 years. Haliva will leave his post as soon as his successor's appointed.

"The intelligence division under my command did not live up to the task we were entrusted with. I've carried that black day with me ever since." He said in resignation letter released by the military.

During the October 7th attack, thousands of fighters from Hamas and other groups BROKE THROUGH THE HIGH TECH (high end state of the art) SECURITY BARRIERS AROUND GAZA, surprising Israeli forces and rampaging through the communities around the enclave.

So 1,200 Israelis and foreigners were killed in the attack. Most of them civilians and 253 were taken into captivity into Gaza where 133 remain as hostages.

Since then Israel's war on Gaza has killed over 34,000 Palestinians and injured 76,000.

The attack badly tarnished the reputation of the Israeli military and intelligence services perviously seen as virtually unbeatable. The head of the armed forces Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi and the head of the Domestic Intelligence Agency Shin Bet Ronen Bar Both accepted responsibility in the aftermath of the attack but has stayed on while the war in Gaza has continued.

By contrast, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so far has not accepted responsibility. Although surveys indicate that most Israelis blame him for failing to do enough to prevent or defend against the attack.

Haliva's resignation is seen as the lynch pin into what could be the first of many high profile resignations. Especially since the war in Gaza is only escalating.

Haliva was considered most vulnerable as he was calling on the morning of the attack and was informed of updates on the same. BUT WAS MISSING FROM THE CONVERSATIONS AFTER AS HE WAS ON HOLIDAY AT A RED SEA RESORT. [He didn't believe it was important enough to rush back from his vacation for the "worst attack on Jews since the holocaust? emphasis mine)]
written by Staff
Sunday October 29, 2023

Faced with sharp criticism from allies and opposition alike, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on October 29 apologized for an earlier statement in which he blamed the security services for failing to prevent the Hamas attack on October 7.

"I was wrong. The things I said following the press conference should not have been said and I apologize for that," Mr. Netanyahu said in a post on X, shortly after deleting his original statement on the same social media platform.

"I give full backing to all the heads of the security services. I am sending strength to the [IDF] chief of staff and the commanders and soldiers of the IDF who are on the frontlines and fighting for our home,” the Israeli prime minister further said.

Late Saturday night, Mr. Netanyahu in a post on X said that he never received any warnings of Hamas' “war intentions” at any stage, and stressed that “all the security services, including the head of military intelligence and the head of the Shin Bet, were of the opinion that Hamas was deterred and wanted to come to a settlement”.

His comments evoked sharp criticism following which it was deleted.

At a press conference on Saturday evening, reporters repeatedly asked the Israeli prime minister if he accepted responsibility for the failure, a question he evaded saying that there would be a thorough enquiry about it after the War and everyone would have to give answers, "including me".

Several security chiefs have accepted responsibility for the massive failure, but Netanyahu, Israel's longest-serving prime minister who has been at the helm of affairs since 2009 except for a brief 13-month gap, has desisted from taking any blame for it.

The spokesman for the Israeli Army, Daniel Hagari, tried to brush aside the controversy, saying "I will not answer that question. We are now in a war and are focused on it”.

"We in the IDF and Shin Bet will conduct a thorough investigation of the truth and present everything to the public,” Hagari was quoted as saying in the local media.

“Now we are fighting and focused on the war,” he emphasised.

Netanyahu's ally National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir criticised the Prime Minister for the post but said that this was not the proper time "for an accounting".

“The problem isn’t specific warnings, but rather the entire mistaken concept. The policy of containment, the imaginary deterrence, and buying temporary quiet for an exorbitant price” are the root of the entire problem, Ben Gvir said in a post on X, referring to Netanyahu’s post.

Ben Gvir, the leader of the far-right Otzma Yehudit party, however, said that such a discussion “is not for now,” but that there will be “a lot of time afterwards for an accounting”.

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid said that the prime minister has “crossed a red line” by blaming the security and defence services.

"While IDF soldiers and commanders are fighting valiantly against Hamas and Hezbollah, he is trying to blame them instead of backing them up,” Mr. Lapid wrote on X.

“Such attempts to evade responsibility and place the blame on the security establishment weakens the IDF while it is fighting Israel’s enemies,” he said, demanding, “Netanyahu must apologize for his words”.

National Unity chairman and former Defence Minister Benny Gantz, who joined Netanyahu's government to boost war preparation efforts, called on the Prime Minister to retract his comments.

"This morning in particular I want to back and support all the security forces and IDF soldiers, including the IDF chief of staff, the head of military intelligence, the head of the Shin Bet,” Mr. Gantz said.

“When we are at war, leadership needs to be responsible, to decide to do the right things and support the [security] forces in a way in which they can carry out what we demand of them. Any other action or comment harms the resilience of the people and its forces," he asserted.

"The Prime Minister must retract his comments from yesterday and stop dealing with this issue,” Mr. Gantz stressed.

Meanwhile, the IDF intensified attacks on Hamas bases in Gaza, saying that it struck some 450 targets belonging to the organisation over the past day.

The targets included Hamas command centres, observation posts, and anti-tank guided missile launch positions, the IDF said.

The Israeli army also expanded ground operations in the Gaza Strip overnight, reinforcing with additional troops.

More than 1400 Israelis were killed and around 230 were taken hostage when Hamas carried out a dastardly attack infiltrating several communities in the south of Israel.

The health ministry in Gaza run by Hamas has claimed that more than 8,000 people have been killed in the coastal Strip since Israel launched a retaliatory campaign to eliminate the militant group.
The Grayzone
written by Wyatt Reed
Wednesday January 3, 2024

A note explaining the retraction of the claim that Hamas militants had specific orders as to “which commander should rape which soldiers” indicates the publication censored itself at the behest of the Israeli government. The Washington Post has quietly removed an outlandish claim by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant that Hamas battle plans included specific instructions on which Israeli troops should be raped during their October 7 incursion.

In the original article, which was published on November 12 and promoted as a Washington Post “exclusive,” Gallant is quoted as telling the outlet: “We know from interrogations that Hamas came in with detailed plans of their attack, including which commander should rape which soldiers in different places.”

A day later, the allegation disappeared from the piece, which had been amended to include the following “correction”:

“A previous version of this article included a quote from Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant that was not authorized for publication. The quote has been removed.”

The act of self-censorship was seemingly first spotted by a social media user who suggested that the embarrassing incident was the result of what they described as “the Israeli way” of propaganda: “Privately lying to a journalist to shape her coverage, then scrambling to correct the record when the journalist accidentally prints the lies you told her in confidence.”

So far, not a single supposed victim of what one Associated Press headline insisted were “‘widespread’ sexual crimes by Hamas” on October 7 has come forward to publicly testify about the allegations. But this has not stopped senior US administration officials from accepting Israeli claims at face value.

US President Joseph Biden has condemned as “appalling” what he described as “reports of women raped — repeatedly raped — and their bodies being mutilated while still alive — of women’s corpses being desecrated, Hamas terrorists inflicting as much pain and suffering on women and girls as possible and then murdering them.”

But as The Grayzone has revealed, many of the most incendiary claims of sexual violence appear to have been fabricated by Israeli soldiers or members of ultra-Orthodox “rescue organizations” which immediately exploited their newfound prominence to raise millions of dollars.

Further, many residents of frontline kibbutzim and attendees of the Nova music festival were killed by Israeli forces.
UPDATE 5/7/24 at 5:57pm: Added info below.

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