April 7, 2024

WORLD: 7 Wild Things Happening On April 8th PLUS It's Prophetic Solar Eclipse! CERN and The Return of the Nephilim.

Deep Believer published April 6, 2024: 7 Wild Things Happening On April 8th PLUS It's Prophetic Solar Eclipse!

In this eye-opening video, Jim Staley delves into the seven wild things that are set to happen on April 8th, 2024 and its Solar Eclipse. From CERN's mysterious plans to a looming invasion of cicadas in the USA, Staley uncovers shocking revelations that will leave you on the edge of your seat. But that's not all - Staley also sheds light on the true significance of the letter X streaking across the sky, the often misunderstood concept of the separation of church and state, the real story behind Christopher Columbus and American history, the hidden secrets of Little Egypt, the mysteries of the Hebrew calendar, and much more. Don't miss out on this must-watch warning from Jim Staley - prepare yourself for the unexpected events that await on April 8th, 2024.

I typed a transcript of a snippet from the video above.

Deep Believer Host: Question and then I want to get to something else you just mentioned. What's so special about Little Egypt? Because you said right before the Solar Eclipse goes into its fullest state, it's going to hit Little Egypt before.

Jim Staley: Yeah. Jacob City before it goes into ...

Deep Believer Host: I'm sorry Jacob City. So what's so special about that? Why does it matter?

Jim Staley: So it matters for a couple of reasons. Number one the whole entire exodus story starts in Egypt where God calls His people out of Egypt at Passover. Now what's incredible about this eclipse is that it's happening on Nissan One. What's Nissan One Pastor Jeff? Nissan One is the first day on God's prophetic calendar. His New Year's, is on Nissan One. 14 days later, His son died on a cross on Passover. All right and so this day is also the day where Nehemiah left Babylon to rebuild Jerusalem AND it's also the day that they cleansed the temple AFTER IT WAS DEFILED in the time of Solomon.

And so, this day historically God has set apart for rebuilding, cleaning, and for exodus, getting His people out of Egypt. So the whole story of the Passover in Egypt revolves around this time period right now.

So the solar eclipse is happening at the exact same time that God said in the Old Testament, "This is the day I'm choosing to cleanse my temple." and God says that judgement starts in the household of God. And I believe this solar eclipse is a prophetic warning saying, "Now is time you better cleanse your temple." The Bible says we're the temple of the Holy Spirit. This is the time.

Deep Believer Host: April 8th is not just the solar eclipse. Could you tell us everything you're doing because people may be shocked. It's not just uhh let's look at the sky, let's look at the sun go over the moon. Okay. Could you tell everybody what else is happening.

Jim Staley: Yes. As a matter of fact if you want all the details definitely go to our YouTube channel Passion Truth Ministries and look for that video. You'll see it. It's right up there. All the things that are happening on April 8th. So I'll just go through them quickly.

Of course you have the eclipse we've been talking about that. Lesser known is CERN. Now CERN which is in CERN, Switzerland is a 17 mile underground 300 feet underground tube Hadron Collider where all the top scientists in the world are going to be taking 2 electrons and they're running them at 7 miles an hour at the speed of light in opposite directions and they're firing up on all days. They're firing up on April 8th and they want to collide these 2 atoms and make them explode so that they can find the dark matter. They want to find out, get this Jennifer this is crazy, scientists want to know what's holding the universe together. 

Deep Believer Host: It's called Jesus.

Jim Staley: It's very simple. You just said it. It's Jesus. It's the Word of God right. But they know it's dark matter. There's something holding and they want to figure out what that is and capture it.

Now what's really happening is that they want to open up the time space continuum. There's not really any evolutionist at the top of the tier anymore. It doesn't exist. They know it's not true. Mathematically they have found the spiritual realm. They have found it. They know there's other dimensions and they're trying to get into them.

As a matter of fact let me give you this quote. This is incredible. This is a quote by, from let's see who is this guy, this is Sergio Bertolucci. He's the Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN. He says, "Something may come through dimensional doors at the Hadron Collider and out of this door might come something or we might send something through it."

They're tyring to basically go back in time. They're trying to bend time and figure out how the universe started. The problem with that is you can create a miniture black hole. They don't know what could happen. They also don't know what's going to come through. So that's happening on April 8th.

What else do we have? NASA is launching 3 ships into outer space to observe this solar eclipse and the name of the mission is the APEP Mission named after the serpent deity of ancient Egypt which is the nemisis of Ra the sun god. Where the serpent deity APEP eats the sun. Okay. Yes. You can't make this stuff up. That's happening on April 8th.

On April 8th, in that time period we have the cicadas coming out. This is a double brood of 2 different types of cicadas, THE LOCUSTS are coming out of the ground simultaneously by the billions. It's going to cover the entire midwest and south part of the United States.

Deep Believer Host: Wait. Are you serious?

Jim Staley: I'm dead serious. You guys can look this up online. You'll see it everywhere by the billions. News organizations are talking about it everywhere in those states. It's going to cover 17 states.

The last time this happened, was 1803. This doesn't happen. It's never happened in our lifetime or our father's or our father's father's lifetime. 1803 and they're coming out by the billions. Like a plague out of the ground.
GlobalAwareness101 published So I Had This Visitor Today At An Interesting Moment. My cats were going nuts as I'm typing a transcript for you about tomorrow's eclipse on my Globalawareness101.org website. I looked up and see my cats trying to grab this thing that attached itself outside my window. I'm listening to this guy talk about locusts being unleashed and one comes to visit me at that very moment. This is so crazy. It's still there. Grasshoppers are smaller than locusts. Regardless this is an interesting visitation and timing. This fella is still outside my window at 8:50pm.
There's going to be a comet aligning with 5 other planets on April 8th and the comet's name is Devil Comet and it hasn't been here in 71 years. Same circumstances back in 1811 when we had 2 solar eclipse and a comet in the sky when the New Madrid fault went off. The national guard is being deployed.

And this is crazy. The red heffer. They're planning on sacrificing the red heffer in Israel. Which I don't know if you've been talking about this with your viewers. For sure be educated on that.

The antichrist desecrates the temple according to Daniel chapter 9 and all prophecy. And that starts the Great Tribulation, the last 3 1/2 years of mankind.

You can't stop a sacrifical system that hasn't started yet and if you know the front of the book the only way to start a temple sacrifice is through a cleansing ritual cleansing process and you have to have the ashes of a red heffer to do that.

And for the first time in 2,000 years they have pure bred red heffers without a single grey hair, white hair on them. And they're planning on sacrificing them this year hopefully around Passover. I have some friends that are in Israel that are connected with that and I'm going to verify when exactly they're going to do this. Because when they do that and they already have the altar built, they already have all the utensils, they have everything even the priests were born at home 20 years, had been groomed for this moment.

When that happens it's going to open up the pages of history like 1948 when Israel was born and it's only a matter of time before they start the daily sacrifice which then really will wake up God's people. Because it's a very short time period after that. The temple sacrifices get stopped and then the rest of hell is unleashed on earth.

Deep Believer Host: Wow. So do you believe that's going to start the tribulation?

Jim Staley: It's not a belief. It's the Bible. Like there's not even a debate on that. It literally begins the last 3 1/2 years on earth when the antichrist is revealed.

Deep Believer Host: Wow. Okay. So what would you tell everyone watching now. Some people are afraid now. Which God has not given you the spirit of fear. What would you tell those right now watching or are concerned about April 8th because God has told people not to have the spirit of fear. He did not give that spirit.

End Times Productions published April 2, 2024: CERN and The Return of the Nephilim. Could it all be just one big coincidence? CERN: Where Science and the Supernatural Collide CERN, The Large Hadron Collider and the Supernatural. There is a strange convergence between modern science and ancient gods of the old world.

What is really going on here? Strange Events at CERN I sat down with Dr. Thomas Horn and asked him to share his thoughts and opinions regarding the goings-on at CERN, the LHC, and the strange connection with the Gotthard tunnel, fallen Angels, The Bible and the ancient ones. In this video, Tom Horn shares his unique perspective on the CERN laboratory, where science and the supernatural collide.

Tom Horn is an author, filmmaker, and speaker who has a unique perspective on the CERN laboratory. CERN is where scientists work on some of the most cutting-edge research in the world, and Tom's upcoming documentary, End Times Productions, will explore this unique facility in depth.

If you're interested in understanding the relationship between science and the supernatural, then this video is a must-watch. It will leave you with a deeper understanding of the CERN laboratory, and what scientists there are working on today.

I typed a transcript for you below.

Dr. Tom Horn: There is something more Supernatural on the drawing board at CERN than what is being admitted. Even Adam Barker at Tech Bubble wrote of CERN a while back that with the LHC, CERN are expecting to find other dimensions and open portals to these dimensions.

If you have the image of Stargate in your head right now, you're spot on that's what he said.

Then he went on to draw parallels to the Biblical story of Jacob's ladder. Perhaps you remember the dreams that says, "Behold there was a ladder set up on the earth and the top of it reached to heaven and behold the angels of God were ascending and descending on it." Then Jacob wakes up from his sleep and he says, "Surely the Lord is in this place and I did not know it." He was afraid and he says, "How awesome is this place. This is none other than the house of God. This is the gate of heaven." Genesis 28. 

Now this ladder describe in the first book of the Bible describes something like a portal from heaven to earth from which God's angels, interdimensional and spiritual beings from another reality were traveling. When Jacob wakes up, he refers to the location as a gate much like today's trendy terms Gateway or Stargate.

One of CERN's goals is to recreate Jacob's ladder according to Barker and to reopen a portal.

Now Sergio Bertolucci who is the official Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, he was asked a while back about this extradimensional doorway by The Register which is a London and New York operated Science and Technology Journal. He didn't hesitate with an enlightening response. He said, "Yes, out of this door might come something OR we might send something through it."

Now prophecy in numerous parts of the Bible referred to a coming day when portals will be open and spiritual entities are going to pass through and come to the earth. Now if that's true and if those verses are accepted for their literal meaning and not written off as some kind of poetic allegory as some scholars have claimed. Then the idea of CERN playing with gateways is a major concern and if as CERN claims they're only out to explore space time matter particles and the origin of our known universe and planets from exclusively a scientific or darwinian related perspective.

If their agenda is unrelated to Bible prophecy entirely then what is it with all this mystical symbolism that they knowingly are associating themselves with? Wouldn't it be more appropriate for them just to proudly display a polished statue of a particle or some artist depiction of the Big Bang, instead of the statue of Shiva?

For those who have not yet heard about this controversial piece of art that CERN proudly exhibits between buildings 39 and 40 near the main building of their operation. It stands as really the most visible and celebrated imagery behind their work, Shiva. This is the Hindu god of destruction. 

In 2004, the government of India which has had a long-standing friendship with leaders behind the CERN project even before the completion of the large Hadron Collider. They gifted CERN with this bronze work of an art depicting Shiva as Nataraja, lord or sometimes king of the dance. This dance that Shiva performs in the sculptor is the one that provides the source of the creation cycle in Hindu mythology. The preservation of al life and existence and the termination of all life and existence. The Rudra Tandava is a dance that especially displays Shiva's sadistic personality as he reigns down the ultimate destruction upon a weary planet. 

The plaque at the side of the statue however reads in part "hundreds of years ago Indian artists created visual images of dancing Shivas in a beautiful series of bronzes. In our time physicists have used the most advanced technology to portray the patterns of the cosmic dance. The metaphor of the cosmic dance thus unifies ancient mythology, religious art, and modern physics."

So right there out in the open for all to see is a direct correlation between the Hindu perseption of Shiva hundreds of years ago which is the concept of destroyer that I explained a moment ago and our time "ancient mythology, religious art, and modern physics."



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