April 21, 2024

USA: Republican Speaker Mike Johnson Passes $61 Billion Ukraine Aid Saturday Afternoon, Violates Hastert Rule Again. Democrats Were Chanting Ukraine And Waving Ukraine Flag When It Passed.

GlobalAwareness101 published Republican Speaker Mike Johnson Surrenders To Democrats. So there you have it. Can it get any more clearer. And again today I'm out running errands listening to talk radio and I hear Ben Shapiro defending Speaker Johnson because he wants to send 10s of billions to Ukraine and Israel and screw Americans to defend their borders and help their people and line the pockets of everyone defending this bill. Then Ben Shapiro had the nerve to call America First Republican Freedom Caucus A BUNCH OF CLOWNS! Go listen to Ben Shapiro's show today Friday April 19, 2024.
GlobalAwareness101 published Republican Speaker Johnson Sold Us Out. He is compromised.
GlobalAwareness101 published Democrats Waiving Ukraine Flags On House Floor When $60 Billion For Ukraine Passed.
GlobalAwareness101 published The TikTok Ban Just Passed In The House. They Snuck Into Israel Aid Bill. I stitched together several short videos all related to desperately wanting to ban Tiktok because they can't have young people sharing information that might influence other young people. That's censorship. So I don't understand how congress claims to be afraid of one foreign influence but not the other that wants to ban this popular platform? Then they badmouth China Communist censorship but not the other NWO Commies? And Americans are still getting the shaft from Commies either way. I added the captions to this video I put together to help me tell a story.

written by Bradley Jaye
Saturday April 20, 2024

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) delivered President Joe Biden a $61 billion gift on Saturday afternoon, reversing his months-long pledge to never advance foreign aid without first securing America’s border.

Multiple Democrats — and possibly a few Republicans — cheered; shouted, “Ukraine;” and waived Ukrainian flags as the Ukraine aid vote closed.

“It is in violation of decorum to waive flags on the floor,” Johnson scored Democrats.

The Ukraine portion of the foreign aid passed 311 to 112. One representative, Republican Dan Mauser (R-PA), voted present.

Johnson, once again, violated the Hastert Rule. Only 101 Republicans voted with Johnson, while 112 — a clear majority — opposed.

Republican House members circulated a document outlining a timeline of Johnson’s repeated insistence that the House would not advance a foreign aid package before securing America’s southern border.

Johnson had begun publicly wavering in early March after a February 28 meeting at the White House.

His reversal follows months of grooming by both the White House and establishment Republicans.

“We’ve been working with him for months to try to get him there,” one anonymous lawmaker told Politico, which said Johnson’s Ukraine bill would “grant Biden a major foreign policy victory that has eluded him for a year.”

The White House and intelligence state reeducation of Mike Johnson began before his seat warmed. According to Politico, “the administration held several closed-door briefings for Johnson and other lawmakers to update them on the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, starting just days after Johnson became speaker.”

Officials involved in those briefings included CIA Director William Burns and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

The Ukraine bill will be bundled into a larger foreign aid package that does not include border security.

Johnson held a vote on a border security bill earlier in the day, but Johnson moved that bill under suspension of the rules, which meant it required two-thirds support to pass.

It received 215 votes to 199 in opposition and, therefore, failed.

The Senate is expected to act on the bill soon after receiving it.
UPDATE 4/21/24: Added videos below.
GlobalAwareness101 published Colorado Democrat Rep Jason Crow Talking To Zelenskyy Assuring Him The $60 Billion Aid Bill Will Pass. I added the captions and her TikTok name to this video. Since when have you seen our US representatives so excited to help the American people?

UPDATE 4/21/24 at 5:07pm: Added info below.
GlobalAwareness101 published Fink CEO of BlackRock and Ben Shapiro Believe Americans Should Never Retire that it's a waste of taxpayer money. Ugh 😒 BUT these two who had no problem sending 100s of billions to Ukraine and Israel, say we need to work more years because they need to send billions more to Ukraine and Israel to pay for retirement pensions and luxurious lifestyles and their infrastructure for the people in Ukraine. AND give billions more towards climate change scams and transgenderism propaganda, mutilation and sterilization.

And furthermore, under President Bill Clinton, the federal government siphoning money from social security to pay for Child Protective Services. Stop this payment and we should have no further problems paying Americans retirement payments.

Also FYI... CEO of Blackrock is on the Board of Trustees for The World Economic Forum (WEF) the transhumanists who hate human beings and refer to us as USELESS MEAT EATERS and pushing 15-minute cities.

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