April 28, 2024

USA: BODYCAM Of TRIGGERED New Yorker. He Keyed Trump Supporter's Car In Florida And Then This Happened. Ha. Instant Karma. Sweet Justice.

The CrimePiece published April 23, 2024: BODYCAM of TRIGGERED New Yorker. He keys Trump supporter's car in Florida and then this happened.

So we have a New Yorker in Florida at his vacation home. He goes to the market to purchase a few things and get's triggered by a 'Let's Go Brandon' bumper sticker.

He thought nobody would know what he did in the parking lot...then the cops show up at his house. He gets embarrassed in front of his wife who had no clue what he'd done.

The charge was : 1. DAMAGE PROP-CRIM MISCH - 1000 DOLS OR MORE Statute: 806.13 1b3 Felony Third Degree

He was let go with no bond after a night in jail, case is still pending.

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